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Sorry this is so long. Lars is the only male I have ever jerked off with, and that junior year in high school we must have done the deed over 500 times.


In 1972, my family hosted Lars, an exchange student. The Friday he arrived, I showed him our room and as he unpacked he said he would like to take a shower and sleep. I started to leave the room, but he kept talking, and as I listened to him, he undressed, without a care in the world. I learned quickly that Swedes had no hangups about nudity like we did, and had to stop him from going into the hall buttnaked. He was as amazed that in America you didn't walk around naked in front of your family, as it was that in Sweden he, his parents, and his sisters did it all the time. Lars was also not circumcised, which I had never seen before. He saw me staring at his dick, and I quickly told him I was sorry, just had never seen an uncircumcised one before, a word he didn't understand. So I whipped out Mr. Friendly to show hime what I meant, and he looked, and said he wasn't Jewish, which made me laugh. I told him I wasn't either, and that everyone in the USA was cut. He shrugged and went to take his shower.

That night when we went to bed, I got my second shock. Lars moved the tissue box from my dresser to the night stand between our beds. He stripped off all his clothes, and got into bed. Shortly after the lights went off, I could hear him jerking off five feet away from me. I didn't say anything, just listened to the rhythmic squeaks for about five minutes, then him exhaling, followed by the sound of tissues being pulled from the box, then Lars flopping over to his side. Part of me was disgusted, but I also had a hard on from listening to him. I woke up at 3:00am to the familiar squeak. Again about five minutes, a sigh, and tissues being pulled.

In the morning, I woke up to the squeak again. I was staring at my wall, not believing this. I rolled over, and in broad daylight Lars was tugging one out. His eyes were closed, his jaw jutting up, his one hand around the base of his dick, and his other swirling around the head. His foreskin was fully retracted, and his dick looked normal, however I was surprised how large it was. Soft, he looked about the size of mine, but hard it was a good deal longer than me, and also fatter. His hips were thrusting as he rubbed, making that squeaky noise. I watched as he thrusted his hips up, and then watched cum spurt onto his stomach, followed by the familiar sigh. He opened his eyes, reached for the tissues, and saw me looking at him. Without a bit of embarrassment, he smiled, said good morning, and wiped his cum off his stomach. He stood up, picked up the two other wads of tissues between our beds, his still hard dick pointing eye level to me, just a few feet away. He grabbed his bathrobe and went to the shower. I was speechless. I was also hard. So I quickly jerked off, the first time in my life not thinking about a girl, but of what I had just watched. I came fast and hard, cleaned up, and felt incredibly guilty for some reason. Lars came back from the bathroom, shed his robe, and he was back to soft state. I started to explain to him that we don't jerkoff with other people in the room in the US, and he gave me a quizzical look and asked why.

We are boys, we need to do it, it is OK no?

Lars English was still very rough, but we spent the next two hours talking about the differences here and there, when it came to sex. The entire time, he sat naked on his bed. I learned he and his brother jerked off whenever the moment hit them. He also said his sisters did it in their room, that his parents were ok with him having sex with his girlfriend when they were home. I explained how different things were in Illinois, and he had a hard time understanding that if you wanted to have sex, you had to hide it from your parents. It opened my eyes that life was a lot more fun in Sweden than Illinois. Lars asked me where I jerked off, and I told him in my bed, but with the door locked, and alone. He asked what I would do if I needed to, and he was in the room, and I told him I would use the bathroom. He thought that was crazy, and like a light went off, he said, just tell me, and I will leave!

That night I woke up in the middle of the night with a rager. I quietly started to rub one out, when I hear Lars whisper should I leave? I had to laugh he was so fucking sincere. I told him no, just stopped. I couldn't sleep, still was hard, so I went ahead and finished off. As I rolled over, his bed started squeaking, and he whispered again, this is better than leaving all the time, and I laughed again. I got used to him jerking off, and used to doing it while he was in his bed, but only in the dark when he couldn't see me. He would still do it in the morning, and I noticed his techniques were a lot more varied than mine. He took his time, alternated hands, would pump sometimes, and sometimes just trace his finger around the head. He played with his nipples, he rubbed his thigh, lots of things. I was a grip it and rip it style, He would go on much longer than me also. I was a two to three minute guy, he sometimes went a half hour. He always kept his eyes closed, and I always knew when he was about to cum, as his normally saggy balls would practically disappear just before he shot. I was watching him one morning, when he opened his eyes, and saw me staring at him. He kept playing with himself, and rubbing his nipples, and smiled and told me he was thinking about Sara, a really hot girl in our class. Then he started saying his fantasy out loud, talking about how wet she was, and how good her pussy felt. I started rubbing myself under the sheet, and told him to hurry up, I wanted Sara's pussy next. I pulled the sheet down and jerked off in front of him for the first time. When he said Sara wanted to feel both of us in her together, I shot the hardest I ever had. He came right after me, and we both cleaned up. That was good he said, and I agreed. After that morning, I had no more issues jerking off in front of Lars.

One night we were in the basement watching Charlie's Angels, and I whipped out when Farrah got me hot. Lars was right next to me on the sofa, and told me I go too fast. I slowed down a little, then right back to my usual pace. He pushed my hand off my dick, and grabbed it. He slowly and delicately swirled his hand around my head, teasing it and driving me nuts for about five seconds. Then he pulled back and said, like that. He wiped his fingers on my shirt, and I looked down and saw precum oozing out, something that never happens with me. I begged him to finish me off, and he went back at it. He played with my nuts, lifted my shirt and teased my nipples every time I got close, ignoring my dick until I came down, then went back at it. Bringing me almost there, then back down. He did that for about a half hour, then finally finished me off with a flurry, telling me how much Farrah wanted me in her pussy. I had the longest strongest messiest orgasm of my life. Cum had shot over my nipples and was on my shoulders, face, and top of the couch. Lars grabbed a towel from the laundry room, and as I panted wiped up my mess.

Better, no?

I slid my hand over his crotch, and he was limp. I was relieved that jerking me off didn't make him hard. He was just helping a friend. It wasn't sexual to him. I asked him if he wanted me to do him, and he said I didn't have to. I told him I wanted to, and he lowered his pants, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I gently rubbed him and he quickly became hard. His dick felt so different than my own. I slowly pulled on him, watching the skin slide up and down over his head, I held the skin back from the base with one hand, and lightly traced the spot where his foreskin was attached at the ring of his head, with my other hand. He moaned, and pulled his shirt up and pinched his nipples until they were hard. I went back to slowly jerking him, and doing the soft swirl, and rubbed his hard nipples. He began that thrusting thing he did, and I cupped his nuts, and saw they were almost disappeared, so I quit his dick, and just rubbed his nipples like he did to me. He twisted, opened his eyes, and told me he needed to finish. But I wanted to torture him the same way he tortured me, and I just said soon. I started describing how much Sara wanted his cock, and how wet and tight she was. He finally came after about 45 minutes, with a load as impressive as mine. I grabbed the towel and cleaned him up.

We did each other a lot after that, and even though it felt better than doing it myself, it was never as strong as that first time on the sofa. Once we actually ground our dicks together, but that really didn't feel right, and we never did it again.

The night before Lars left to go home, we jerked off one last time. While we cleaned up, I saw a tear coming down Lars face. I teared up too, and I hugged him and told him I was going to miss my best friend. We fell asleep on my bed in each others arms, our naked bodies spooning each other. We hugged at the airport, Lars kissing my cheek, then disappearing into the jetway. (The days before TSA security).

39 years later, I had a trip to Stockholm. We had stayed in touch, but as the years passed our communication dwindled. We both were married, with two kids, raised and gone from home. I wrote him, as I had lost his email four years ago, and we arranged to meet at my hotel for a drink. The night before, I jerked off thinking about the first time on the couch. I hadn't jerked off thinking about Lars in all those years, but it was like it was yesterday in my mind. I was nervous waiting in the bar. He walked in, and I recognized him immediately. His long white blond hair was now short darker and peppered with gray, but his smile was the same.

We reminisced and laughed. Lars brought up the couch. I confessed about the night before. He smiled, and said he jerked off the night before thinking about it too. He put his hand on mine, and stared at me. Without saying another word, we paid the bill, and went to my room. As the door shut, we undressed, and laid on the bed. Lars ran his fingers through my chest hair, and commented about it. We slowly jerked each off, just like we did as teens, except for almost an hour. We alternated, getting close, then starting over. When Lars talked about Sara's pussy, I came as hard as I did that night on the sofa.



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