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Larry Told Me

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What boy of 17 wouldn't want to get a hand job from a girl. I was certainly no exception. It was then that Larry told me about this girl named Ann.


I was 17 at the time and had always wanted to get a hand job from a girl. But, it never happened. Then, one day at school, Larry told me that he'd had a date with this girl named Ann who also went to our school and that she had given him a hand job on that date. When I heard this I knew I just had to get a date with Ann.

I started hanging around Ann at school and getting to know her and her me. A week or so later I finally asked her out. She accepted. Before going to pick her up I put a box of tissues in my car figuring we'd need it. I also took a wash cloth along. I was ready. I was so aroused about the evening that when I got to Ann's house I was already hard. I had to reach down and move my dick so it wouldn't show. We went out to eat and then to a movie. All the while, nothing happened. At midnight, I had her home. We sat out in front of her house talking. I figured she probably won't do anything on a first date and I figured I'd be taking care of thing myself that night while thinking about the view I'd had on Ann looking down her blouse all evening. I was about to get out and walk her to her door.

Then, all of a sudden, Ann looked down and said 'Oh, I'm sorry. Did I get you like that'? I looked down and saw Ann was looking at the bulge in my pants. My hard dick. I said 'Well, I guess'. She then said 'I can take care of that for you if you want'. I said 'What do you mean' playing dumb. She said 'I'll jack you off if you'd like'. I said 'That would sure feel good'. Ann then reached over and touched my dick. It jumped in my pants with excitement. I then went to undoing my pants. When I was ready to poll them down I ask her 'Are you ready'? She said 'Go ahead. I want to see it'. I quickly lowered my pants and sat there with a girl looking at my hard dick for the first time. She then reached over and put her hand around it. She said 'Nice' as she did this. I laid back in my seat all I could as Ann went to stroking it. I then remembered the tissue and got it for her. She took out several of them and held it. I was so aroused that I didn't last anytime at all when I told her 'I'm going to cum'. Ann held the hand full of tissues up to my dick as I went off. I'd never cum so hard or so much in my life as I did for Ann. She needed to get more.

I kept dating Ann for months after this first date. It was from her that I also got to learn a lot about the female body and other things followed. Ann was quite a girl and take it from me; she was all girl!



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