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Large 'Chav' down Country Lane

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Not far from my house is a little dead end country lane. It is used as parking for a historic mill but only at one end. Once you go far enough down it you can't be seen.

I have been aware that men park up here for 'fun' for the last few months and drove down a few times to find no one parked there. To be honest my nerves got the better of me and stopped me waiting about. However I have started taking a book with me whenever I go out in the car so that I will read more if I am early or have some spare time. I chose this as my reading location, knowing that I then had a valid reason for being down the lane-wanting to sit out in the country enjoying a book. And I've since had a couple of experiences down here.

The one I am going to tell you about happened a couple of hours ago just as it was getting dark. I was driving home and decided to pop in on my way past. There was a car just leaving as I pulled up so I put my interior light on and got to reading. (This is the first time I have gone at night due to safety concerns). A van came past, waited deeper into the lane then where I was at the dead end but then left fairly quickly. So I continued reading.

Shortly after the car I had noticed leaving turned back up, turned around just behind me and pulled up. Never wanting to look too suspicious I continued reading. After a while I decided to turn the light of to see if I could get a better look, but I still couldn't see into the other car. After a while of just sitting there I decided to (very nervously) make the first move. I got out the car and locked to door and went for a pee at the side of the lane. I then made a couple of movements trying to deliberately show I was shaking a time or two too many.

I got back in the car, but the other guy made no move so after a couple of mins I decided to drive off. As I did so he went to get out the car-'Damn missed him'.

So I decided to go for a drive and come back, after about a minute or so I found somewhere to turn round and came back on myself-I passed his car so continued back to the lane. Sure enough after just a couple of mins he was back. But still I couldn't see anything in his car-certainly no movement.

A guy, who very much looked like a farmer walked down the lane so I went back to reading. As I got fed up I decided to pretend to get ready to leave again as this had worked last time. And sure enough as the engine turned over he go out of his car and pretended to take a pee himself (or perhaps he really did).

After a moment I got the courage to get out as well being almost but not quite sure that he was interested. He didn't make any sudden movements to get back in his car so I locked the door and slowly walked back over. He was masturbating himself. Perhaps now is a good time to describe him. He was large, maybe late 20s and what we call in the UK a chav or scally. Wearing jogging bottoms a branded hoodie and a cap. I'm not into large guys for intimate sex, but for mutual masturbation, fully clothed it is all about the cock for me. As I reached down it was really thick. Maybe only four inches but thicker than any cock I have held before and his balls were huge. Myself I am not stick thin but not fat either somewhat average. I am told I have a big cock, it's not huge maybe about 7' and has a certain thickness to it (although nothing on this guy's).

Suddenly I realised that there was movement in the lane and the guy who had walked past earlier was doing so again. We covered up and attempted to chat a bit. Must have looked right dodgy but nothing could be proven. When he had gone we got back to business. I loved feeling his huge cock in my hand and I have a thing for big balls-they were perfectly smooth. He was making noises-clearly into it. At the same time he was masturbating me. He decided to take over (which was a shame because I was having fun). But I decided to watch him cum (not easy because it was dark by now). He was making more noises and became more 'chavvy' as he came. He was shaking his head in that certain way that 'chavs' do when something is good etc.

After watching him cum I got to work on myself and came pretty quick (the tension of situations like that sends me over the edge very quickly). We saw a light further down the lane and quickly got back in our cars.

It was an enjoyable experience, maybe I'll see him there again.



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