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Lakeside Education

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By the time I was 17 or 18 I was perpetually horny and although I had plenty of friends I didn't have a steady boyfriend so most of my sexual activity was with myself.

Sometimes however the pressure would build up and I would long for the touch of a boy. I was still a virgin but had developed a deep dark desire to make boys cum with my hands and my mouth...and I loved it!

My parents had a holiday house near a lake, which we used to visit regularly through the summer. The houses were separated by fairly thick forest with pathways running between them and down to the water. One night some neighbours were visiting, sitting around drinking and there was nobody my age around other than the son of one of our visitors, Peter a cute boy about 14.

I said I was going for a swim and my parents said I should invite Peter, so I did.

We walked down to the water along the dark track with just a bit of moonlight to show the way, we got to the lake, I threw off my wrap and ran straight in, turning back to encourage Peter to do the same. He waded out slowly in the shallow water and I thought how nice he looked in the glow of the moon, I playfully splashed him and noticed as his shorts got wet and clung to him that he had an interesting bulge in his pants. I knew then what I wanted to do.

We waded out together in the cool water to where it was deep enough to swim. I started doing things like jumping on his back, trying to push him under and he loosened up and started playing back ...the touching was making me hot and as I 'accidentally' ran my hands over the front of his shorts I could see it was doing the same to him.

I knew he was three or four years younger than me but at that point I didn't care, I swam toward him under the water, looking straight toward his crotch and surfaced right in front of him, so close I could feel his breath. I touched his chest and ran my hand down over his hard stomach to the top of his shorts. He looked nervous..and I loved the control feeling. I asked him if he had ever had a girlfriend? He said no...sheepishly. I asked 'you do like girls don't you?' Yes he said... and I ran my hand down further over his hard cock and I said 'good...I thought so'.

We stood there for awhile, talking, me holding his boner and he looking at me not sure what to do, I asked if he wanted to have some fun...he just nodded. We were in waist deep water so I dragged him out to where it was a bit deeper just in case someone could see us from the shore. I slipped the top of my one piece over my head to expose my breasts, just below the water level. Touch me I said, gently. He did and it felt fabulous, all the time I was pulling him closer to me, feeling his tight buttocks and his now throbbing cock against my stomach. We kissed, it was slow and gentle and I wanted more of him.

I suggested we head back to shore and find a secluded spot in the bushes and he agreed. I pulled my suit back on and he followed me in.

We dried off and found a little opening just down the beach. We could see if someone came looking for us but unlikely they could see us.

We laid our towels down and laid next to each other, his shorts showed a tent from his erection and as he laid back I ran my hand down his pants to free his cock, I needed to see it and feel it. By the light of the moon I exposed his hard cock, he was amazing, almost hairless, not like the other boys I had been with, I stroked his dick and squeezed a little cum from the tip. I told him to lay back and enjoy. I slipped my thumb over the head of his penis and slowly rubbed the entire length. He groaned and immediately started cumming. His cum slowly oozing onto my hand at first then some powerful spurts. I continued slowly jerking him as his orgasm subsided. He apologized... I said what for, I loved it. I rubbed his cum sensuously over his half hard cock, making him hard again almost instantly.

I slowly jerked him to full hardness again, kissing him, I watched his face as the ectasy overcame him and I held his cock straight up as I could feel his orgasm approaching. He came again within about two or three minutes of the first time and I watched an arc of cum shoot into the air and land on his chest. He squirted again and again as I pulled on his cock gently, cum landing on the grass beside us, on our towels and on his face and mouth. I kissed him as he subsided and I tasted his cum in our kiss.

I let him play with me a little and we jumped back in the water to clean off the sweat and the cum. I made myself cum later that night to the vision of his cum spurting high in the air... I still do to this day.

We played some more that summer, I taught him how to make me cum with his fingers just as I had done for him.



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