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Lake Night

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It was amazing.


I am nineteen and I am a sophomore at college. There were these two guys who I was really close with, one of them was my room-mate. We had a long weekend off from college, so the three of us decided that we needed to get away for a little. My family has a house in New Hampshire on a fairly private lake, so we decided we would go up there for the weekend.

My room-mate, Trevor, and I have seen each other naked all the time before and are pretty open about jacking off in our dorm room. However we had never really had an experience together, the most we had done was watch porn together, but we usually masturbated separately. Our other friend who we went on the trip with, Jack (ironically) had also seen us naked, and us seen him naked, in the showers, and he had come over to our dorm to watch some porn before, but the three of us never jacked off before.

We drove up to New Hampshire and got to the house. We had finished dinner and it was still only about 6:00pm and pretty light out. The lake that the house is on has a couple other houses, but they are not within sight of ours, and it was early fall so we weren't going to run into anyone. We decided to just go sit out by the water and do whatever.

We sat out on the dock on some fold out chairs. There was a beautiful sunset that made the whole lake purple, it was amazing. The three of us got to talking as usual, and Trevor and I started to question Jack about his new girlfriend. She was one of the hottest girls on campus, and we wanted to know more about her. He told us that they had had sex the first night they started dating, and that was basically what started their relationship. We kept questioning him because she was just so hot, and we wanted to know about the sex. 'We usually start out just by looking at each other, and then we get this feeling. I get really hard just thinking about her, and as soon as she sees my hard on she starts pulling off my pants. I start to undress her too, and we leave my boxers for last. Finally, she slowly pulls my boxers off. She grabs my cock in her hand and starts rubbing me down. Then she gives me a fucking mind blowing blow job, and by then I'm usually leaking cum. We then have mad intercourse, and I cum like crazy. She lets me rub it into her breasts, and we just sit there staring. My cock is always throbbing, and if she hasn't climaxed yet, sometimes I lick her till she comes. It's fucking awesome.'

Trevor and I sat in shock. That Jack was having sex with this girl was amazing, we couldn't get enough of hearing about it. We all had shorts on, and it was clear that all three of us were really hard from his description.

'But,' Jack continued, 'I don't cum as hard as when I jack off with another guy. It only happened once before in high school with another guy, but it was amazing.'

We all looked at each other and smiled. The three of us knew we needed to jack off right there right then.

'I'll go run and get some lube' I said. I ran to the house and grabbed a bottle of lotion and went back to the dock.'

The three of us were sitting in a row looking out over the lake. I had brought back the lube and we were all just sitting there silently, not knowing what to do.

'Well' I said, 'what's the issue. We all know what each other's cocks look like, so there's no issue there. And I can tell you that I for one am damn horny.'

Trevor unzipped his fly and just popped his penis through. He had the kind of cock that made you think 'damn, if I were gay and he were gay, we could be a VERY happy couple.' It was light tan color, cut, with a beautiful round head. He was at least 7 inches, and fairly thick. He shaft was super smooth. It just sat there, his cock head turning red, slightly bobbing back and forth.

Jack was next. He just slid off his shorts and boxers all in one. We were sitting, so his dick stood straight up. He was 6 or 6.5 inches or so, average thickness. He was uncut, which made Trevor and me jealous, but his erection covered that up right now. His penis was fairly dark, and had a vein running right up the center. His balls though, they were amazing. They hung low, really low. They fell perfectly beneath his dick. He started to play around with his dick and balls: 'this is what makes her sooo happy' he exclaimed, motioning to his hard cock.

Right then, I unzipped and pulled all my stuff off. My penis was throbbing and already starting to slightly pre cum. I am about 6.5 inches too, pretty thick, nice round head as well. I had that feeling in my dick head that you get when your supper horny but haven't really started to jack yet... just that slight but fabulous pleasure sensation.

Trevor pulled the rest of his shorts and boxers off too.

We all just sat there with our dicks in the open air. It felt exhilarating to sit out in the middle of nature with your cock totally exposed and two of your best friends. We felt super manly. Our testosterone was certainly flowing.

'Oooh' said Jack, and I looked over and saw that he had starting dripping pre cum. None of us had started masturbating though.

'I'm fucking ready guys' said Jack, looking down at his dick. I got the lube and poured it down on my cock. It felt good to feel the cool lotion drip onto my balls. I gave it to Jack and Trevor, who lubed up too.

But we all still just sat there. It was weird, but it was like we were waiting for someone else to start. We just stared at each other's cocks for a long while.

Without thinking, I just reached over and grabbed both Trevor and Jacks dicks, as I was sitting in the middle. I rubbed them really slowly, and they both started moaning in pleasure. I was jealous as no on was rubbing me, but it was pleasurable just touching both of their hard cocks, feeling their warm pre cum mix with the lotion. None of us talked. I moved on to their balls, just rubbing them between my fingers, and then back to their cocks. As soon as I moved back to their cocks, Jack yelled as loud as he could (we were in the middle of no where, so it was a good time to do it) 'ahhhhh, I'm going to cum'. I kept rubbing as she shot a huge load of cum all over himself and my hands. There were huge thrusts of his body with every shot of his ejaculation. I let go of his cock, my hands covered in cum. Just then, Trevor started breathing hard, moaning and moaning. He just closed his eyes and starting to dump a load. It was so forceful some reached the lake, making little splashes in the water.

At this point, both my hands were covered in their cum and my dick was just sitting there absolutely flowing with pre cum. I was amazing I hadn't already jacked off from excitement.

'My turn' I said. They each turned to me and wiping some of the cum off my hands to use as more lube on me, Jack starting massaging my balls, which felt amazing as I was extremely close to ejaculation at this point, and Trevor got to work rubbing my dick up and down. It was not more that twenty seconds when I starting cumming in buckets. Mine shot into the lake far beyond Trevors, and was all over their hands.

We all just sat there, covered in cum and lube, breathing deeply.

We were so horny from it that our hard ons would not disappear, so we decided to jack off one more time. This time, we all helped each other out and sometimes rubbed alone, and it didn't take to long to cum again for all of us (I cummed within about 30 seconds, I was sooo horny from rubbing them both). After we had shot our loads, we noticed that we were absolutely covered in our cum.

'Let's jump in' Trevor suggested. We were all already naked, so we stood on the ledge of the dock, our cocks still pretty hard but starting to soften.

'One, two, three' we counted and all jumped in the lake. It was cold but felt good, our balls got really tight. We played around the water for a while, grabbing at each others cocks when we could just for the fun of it. We then left our clothes at the dock and walked naked back to the house where we showered off, and still naked got in the hot tub to rest. It felt so good.

We slept like babies.

We repeated this a couple of times that weekend, not always me in the middle. We played masturbating games (who can shoot the farthest) and had an amazing weekend with other stuff as well. Each time we jacked off was fun, but we all decided at the end that we had never cummed as hard as that first night on the dock.

A couple of weeks later we got together in our dorm at college to have a jack off session with the three of us, which we now have *quite* regularly. We admitted to all thinking about the night on the lake when we masturbated alone... and even considering Jack's super hot girlfriend, we all agreed-nothing was like that night. Nothing.



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