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Lace Body Stocking and High Heels

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The kinkier the sex, the better the orgasm...


I read Solo Touch all the time and regularly use the techniques and stories here when I need relief. I just had an incredibly hot masturbation experience tonight and had to post it here.

Since a very early age I've had a leg and foot fetish, focusing particularly on nylons and high heel shoes. While I'm a straight male and have no desire to have sex or masturbate with other men I do indulge in anal play and a little private cross-dressing. I've never cross-dressed with a woman but have occasionally found women who would indulge my fetish by wearing nylons and high heels during sex and give me foot jobs with their high-heeled feet. Unfortunately these women have been too few and far between.

The Internet has been a great thing for me and I'm sure for others who share my kink. I'm now able to discreetly obtain the sexy nylons and high heels that previously I could only fantasize about without the embarrassment of going into a store to buy them. Over the past few years I've built up quite a large collection of full-fashion nylons, body stockings and high heel shoes and boots. One of my favorite ways to masturbate is to put on a pair of nylons and high heels then repeatedly build myself up to the verge of orgasm and slow down without letting myself cum. I hold back my orgasm for an hour or two before I finally lose control and let myself have a mind-blowing orgasm. I'm usually so spent by then that I end up falling asleep still wearing my nylons and heels.

Tonight I was in an extra horny mood. I put on a black long-sleeve lace body stocking with an open crotch. I exposed my freshly shaved cock and balls through the crotch opening and gave them a few strokes, shuddering with pleasure and enjoying the silky smooth feeling. I was extra hard since the front of the crotch opening presses down on the top of my dick and acts like a cock ring.

I slipped on one of my favorite pairs of strappy black patent sandals with kinky wide double-buckle ankle cuffs. I walked around the bedroom for a while enjoying the sexy sound of the five inch spike heels on the hardwood floor. Posing in front of my full-length mirror, I admired my legs and feet in the sexy black lace and open toed heels. My cock was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum and I couldn't resist lying down on the bed stroking it for a few minutes.

Feeling hornier than ever, I reached into my bedside drawer and took out my Aneros and lube. I lubed up the Aneros, rolled onto my side and slowly slid it up my ass through the open crotch of my body stocking. I rolled onto my back and began flexing my anal muscles, enjoying the deep prostate stimulation as I stroked my throbbing cock. It was torture, but I forced myself to stop before I could cum.

With my Aneros still deep in my ass I changed into another pair of five-inch heels. These ones are black patent sandals with really narrow strappy vamps and wide ankle cuffs that zip up the back. After strutting around in these and admiring them in the mirror for a while, I lay back down on the bed. I pleasured myself for a while, stopping again before I could cum.

I moved up to some even higher heels next. First a pair of sandals with triple ankle straps, then a pair of 'come fuck me' pumps with ankle straps. I strutted around the bedroom flexing my sphincter muscles causing the Aneros to stroke my prostate. As I posed in front of the mirror I marvelled at how I've learned to walk in towering six and a half inch heels.

After taking a break to stroke my throbbing hard-on and prostate some more I moved up to the ultimate prize in my collection of high heels, a pair of 'hooker' red 'come fuck me' pumps with seven inch heels and the perfect toe cleavage. I teetered around the bedroom a little bit since I haven't quite mastered these ones yet. After admiring the extremely sexy sight of my black lace clad legs and toe cleavage in the sexy red pumps, I lay back down on the bed and began stroking my dick and flexing my ass to stroke my prostate with the Aneros. Lifting my feet in the air so I could see the super sexy high heels I writhed and moaned in ecstasy as I quickly approached orgasm. Barely containing my boiling load, I stopped again.

Fueled and emboldened by my extreme horniness, I wanted to experience the thrill of walking outside in high heels. It was dark outside and my back yard is secluded so I got up the courage and decided to do it. Since I haven't mastered walking in the seven-inch heels, I changed into a pair of soft black leather thigh-high boots with 'sensible' five-inch spike heels. Even as horny as I was I wasn't quite bold enough to walk out my side door where I might be seen and out to the rear of the house wearing just a black lace body stocking and a pair of thigh-high spike-heeled boots. I slipped on a pair of sweat pants and shirt before walking to the side door of the house. I carefully looked outside to make sure no one was around and went outside. I quickly walked to the back of the house, enjoying the sexy click of the spike heels on the walkway and thrill of the risk of being caught.

In the dark and privacy at the back of the house, I walked around the patio for a while, enjoying the sexy tapping of my high heels on the pavement and the kinkiness of what I was doing. The feeling of lace all over my body and the soft leather surrounding my calves and thighs was driving me wild. I reached into my pants and stroked my raging hard-on, turning me on even more. My horniness overcame all my inhibitions now and I quickly stripped off my shirt and sweat pants. I walked around the patio wearing only a black lace open-crotch body stocking and spike-heeled thigh-high leather boots, my shaved cock and balls sticking out and the Aneros still hanging out of my ass. The thrill of doing this was incredible and I began stroking my throbbing cock and flexing my sphincter muscles to stroke my prostate with the Aneros. It only took a few minutes to reach the point of no return. I was so aroused my knees were weak and I had to walk over and lean against the wall as my I finally allowed myself the sweet release of orgasm. I grunted and groaned uncontrollably as my cock erupted and spewed a huge load all over the patio. It was at least a full minute before my orgasm finally subsided. I must have shot a dozen huge spurts onto the pavement.

After the incredibly intense release of the best orgasm of my life subsided, reality quickly swept over me. I was standing outside wearing thigh-high black leather spike-heeled boots, a lace body stocking with my shaved cock and balls sticking out the open crotch and a sex toy sticking out of my ass. I frantically put my pants and shirt back on and quickly went back in the house where I stripped down to the body stocking and boots and masturbated three more times.



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