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Labia Stretching

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FLgirl23, your story is almost exactly like mine! (hence why I 'copied' your username). I too always had somewhat large labia since puberty. They would always bulge in my panties, and since I was chubby throughout school, I never let anyone see my panties, or a swimsuit of course. I also didnt have sex with anyone until I was 20. I know, right?

When I started my second year of college, I got into a fitness craze and had lost 55 lbs within a year. Suddenly all the boys were looking at me differently. (I never forgot that feeling).

Then, I fell in love with a guy and we were in a relationship for about 2 years. About half way through the relationship, we started getting very kinky; I began shaving all my pubic hair (he did too), going commando, we had sex/fingering in public, cum play, anal sex, so on and so on. It took quite a bit of encouraging, but I got my first labia piercing on his birthday during my junior year in college. Five months later we broke up, but I still had both nipples pierced, two in each labia and one in my clit (hood).

Now the reason for the long story is- as soon as my first labia piercings were healed, he suggested stretching my labia. After much thought, and prodding from him, I gave it a shot. I always enjoyed the sensation of pulling/stretching my lips during masturbation and sex play with him, but never considered elongating them. At that point I could already stretch them to 5 and a half inches spread like a butterfly wings.

It began by hanging a padlock through the loop of each labia piercing. It felt really dorky at first, but he assured me it was hot, and I could tell he meant it, so I went for it. I was surprised to find the extremely kinky feeling of doing it in public. It made me SO wet- that my wetness was on the padlock. I was accustomed to the sexy feeling of going pantiless with a skirt, but not with metal hanging from my labia!

With lots of practice, I became accustomed to having 'some-heavy-thing' down there, I almost always wore something baggy or a skirt, and I wore weights all day at work (I was a salesperson at a furniture store throughout most of college, so I wore skirts all the time and was on my feet the entire shift).

Within a month my labia had gained an inch, and the padlock was 'too light'. Then we moved up to 'labia weights' that are for sale on the internet. I quickly got to the biggest weight available and had to have another option. My boyfriend had the next idea. We used a thin bungee cord, and found just the right size to have it around my waist like a belt, but with the hook ends down by my pubic area, and one labia piercing in each hook. It took a while to get the right size cord, and learn to wear it, but it worked. I was able to wear it all day, almost anywhere, and do anything I wanted, because it was easy to hide. Before I knew it, my labia were 'growing' and I had to keep making the bungee cord shorter. I became kind of obsessed with it after he and I broke up, I guess due to the depression or whatever.

By the time I graduated college, I was able to stretch my lips to 8.5 inches apart, and about halfway upward to my belly button.

I am 30 now and my labia are so large that they actually cause me lots of troubles. I cant count how many times my labia popped out when I dont want them to. I have to hold them during sex to prevent pinching, I have to tuck them just right to keep them in my panties, I was extremely embarrassed for my first gyno appointment....

I look good in a bikini, but I have to hide my labia inside my vagina, or wrap them around between my butt cheeks if family is around. I sometimes pull them up out the top of my bikini when I am alone at the beach though. That's really hot to have your lips showing out the top like that.

I can stretch them up far enough that I can connect my labia piercings with my belly button piercing, but it pulls pretty hard on my belly button, so I never do it for long.

I had a goal -by my 30th birthday- to stretch them to 6 inches each. I did it one month early! Now when I am standing up, they usually hang down about 3.5 inches, and can stretch to 6.5 each. When I lay on the bed with my legs up and my knees near my head, we measure them to spread apart 12.25 inches.

The best part? I can get my lips in my own mouth and suck on them. Only a tiny little bit, maybe half an inch, but it is awesome. It feels very slutty and dirty. My fiancee LOVES to watch me do it.

He loves my lips as much as I do. He loves to suck on them and pull on them. We wrap them around his dick for fun... He likes to have me wear short skirts or shorts without panties and have me go out in public and let my lips show. We always get daring, but so far no one has seen.

I'll post more later; this turned out very long. TTFN!



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