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Lab Rats

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When I was fifteen, my parents sent me out west for the summer to live with my uncle, aunt and cousins. My Uncle Bob and Aunt Pearl were vets and owned an animal clinic out in the middle of nowhere. They had a daughter, Bonnie who was eighteen at the time, and two boys, Dave was sixteen and Earl was fourteen.

They were good people and treated me well. To earn my keep they had me help clean the cages and help with animals as needed. The work was fun and the first two weeks went by fast. On the third week my uncle and aunt had to drive out to a ranch to look at some horses. It was an all day trip. That morning Dave, Earl and I went to clean up the cages and feed the animals. We were outside feeding the horses when one of them began to poop. His butt hole opened up and these huge lumps of poop came out. 'That looks like that would hurt,' I said to the other two. Dave told me that it didn't but if I ever had any questions just ask. He asked me if I had ever seen a human's anus before and I told him I had not.

Dave told me to follow him into the lab and he would show me what one looked like. I was curious and followed him and Earl into the clinic. I was surprised when we didn't head for the office to get a book or something. Instead we went into the back to a big basin that is used to clean larger dogs. Dave took me over to the cabinets and handed me a lab coat as he began putting his on. Then he grabbed a box full off items from the top shelf of his locker and we headed back to the basin.

Earl had removed all of his clothing and was standing nude next to the basin. I was shocked to see him this way. Dave had Earl get up on the table and had him get on his elbows and knees with his head down and buttocks high in the air. 'When working the first rule is always cleanliness,' Dave began. 'Since we don't want any accidents involving poop, before working with the anus we must clean it out.' Dave was sounding like a scientist as he talked. Dave reached into a drawer and pulled out an enema kit.

Dave walked over to the sink and filled the enema bag with warm water and installed the hose, clamp and the tip. First Dave put a pair of latex gloves on, then pulled out a tube of lube from his box and squeezed the clear gel onto the tip and spread it around. Then he put anther glob of the gel on his finger and began to gently rub it around Dave's anus. 'Always go slow,' said Dave. He gently pushed his finger against the center of the anus and it began to slide in. Dave then took the tip and began to insert it into Earl's ass. Once inserted Dave released the clamp and water began to flow. In a few minutes Earl complained of cramps and Dave shut off the clamp, waited for about a minute and opened it again. Earl took in the whole bag. Dave removed the tip from Earl's anus and took it over and disposed of the hose and tip and opened the bottle to dry. 'Never use a tip more than once,' Dave told me.

Earl clenched his butt cheeks together as the water was working inside of him. I noticed at this time that Earl's penis was now erect. Dave told Earl to climb down and stand in the basin. Earl carefully slid off of table and into the basin. He let his cheeks unclench and evacuated himself. Dave took the spray nozzle and began to wash Earl off and washed out the basin at the same time. Dave then handed Earl a towel so he could dry himself off.

'Please get back on the table Earl,' asked Dave. Earl assumed the previous position on the table. 'Now that Earl is clean inside and out we can start with the exam.' Dave handed me a pair of latex gloves and I put them on. He reached into his box and pulled out a proctoscope that was about 13 cm long. Dave then lubricated the proctoscope. Dave then put more of the clear gel and lubed up Earl's anus. When Dave did this Earl's penis became instantly erect. 'As you can see this excites Earl,' Dave said. I was glad I was wearing the lab coat because now I had an erection too.

Dave placed the proctoscope up against Earl's anus and gently pushed. 'Relax Earl and push back.' As he did the proctoscope began to slide in. Dave removed the obturator allowing for an unobstructed view of the interior of the rectal cavity. Dave let me look into the proctoscope. 'Isn't science great?' Dave asked. This was way more than I thought we were going to do when he asked me to look at an anus. 'Wow,' was all I could say. Dave then gently pulled on the proctoscope and pulled it out. 'Give me your finger,' Dave insisted. I lifted up my finger and Dave applied the gel to it. 'Place your finger against the anus and push,' Dave instructed me. I placed my finger against it and pushed. I was surprised how easily it slid in. Now I could really feel my boner. It felt like it was going to rip out of my briefs.

'Move your finger around and get a good feel,' Dave instructed me. Earl seemed to like it as I moved my finger in and out and around. 'Now leave your finger in but don't move it,' said Dave. Dave began to gently squeeze Earl's testicles. Earl began to moan. Dave then reached with his other hand and began to stroke Earl's shaft. Earl closed his eyes and groaned. Earl began to move his hips, slightly at first but with growing intensity. 'Try to keep your finger in,' said Dave. I did my best as Earl began to move around. Earl began to breathe hard and grunt. His rectum squeezed down around my finger as Earl ejaculated. After a few minutes, Earl climbed down and washed himself off in the basin.

Dave then looked at me. 'Remove your lab coat please,' he asked. I hesitated because I was still rock hard. 'Remove your lab coat please,' Dave said in a firmer tone. I removed my coat and dropped it on the table. My penis was pushing up against my zipper. 'Drop your pants,' instructed Dave. I pushed my pants down to my ankles. I could feel my heart pounding. My penis was pushing out of my briefs. Dave and Earl looked at me. 'Will you do yourself a favor and strip down and get on the table please,' said Dave.

I pulled off my shirt and jeans and then closed my eyes as I pushed down my underpants. 'On the table please, and lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your knees together and spread your feet apart,' instructed Dave. My erection was standing straight up. Earl had filled up the enema bag and put a new hose and tip. I felt Dave's finger as he began to put the gel around my anus. 'This may feel uncomfortable at first, but relax and push back.' I pushed like I had to poop and felt his finger slide in. My anus began to loosen up as he wiggled his finger around. Then I felt Dave remove his finger. The tip of the hose began to push against my anus. I pushed back and it slid in. The warm water began to flow. Dave was releasing it slowly. I could feel it began to fill me up. My penis was rock hard as I laid there under the bright lights on the examination table. 'You are doing well, it is almost all in.' It was then that Bonnie walked in.

'Well I see we have a new lab rat,' she said as she walked in. I knew I was naked with a hose up my butt, but I had other things on my mind beside Bonnie seeing me. I watched as Bonnie put on her lab coat and walk over to the table. 'The bag is just about empty,' said Dave as he watched Bonnie approach. Bonnie slipped on a pair of latex gloves and watched the bag collapse. She reached up and began removing the tip from my anus. She lightly pulled until it came out. She looked at me and said, 'You have to hold it for a few minutes.' I clinched my butt cheeks together to hold it in. I really had to go. 'Hold on just a little longer,' she said. 'This is your first enema isn't it?' I just shook my head yes and tried to hold on. 'You will feel better when we are done,' she continued. 'At least I always do.'

Bonnie told me to get into the basin. I carefully slid of off of the table and climbed into the big basin and just let go. What a relief. Earl grabbed the spray nozzle and began to spray me off. Bonnie grabbed a bar of soap and completely lathered me up, which felt really good. Earl sprayed me off again and Dave handed me a towel.

'You know you don't have to go any farther,' Bonnie said. 'You can dress now and we can all clean up and leave.'

'Do I become a lab rat like you guys?' I asked.

'Get up on the table,' Bonnie said. 'Get on your elbows and knees with your head down and your buttocks up.' Bonnie grabbed the tube of lube and put it on her finger. She wiped the gel all around the anus. She then pressed her finger against my anus. I pressed back and her finger slid in. I could feel her wiping the lube inside me. 'I'll need to work your rectum to relax it a bit,' Bonnie said as she messaged it. 'Now here is the deal,' Bonnie said as she reached in her drawer and pulled out a vibrator. 'If you take this in you can be a lab rat.' I watched as she lubed it up. She pressed it against my anus. It didn't want to go in. She turned it on and I felt the vibration against me and I gasped. She began to work it around. 'Now take a deep breath and push,' I took a big breath and pushed back. She kept it slow moving around. I could feel it sliding in, a little at first and then in small increments. She would push it in and then pull it slightly back. I was feeling the vibration deep inside me. Each time she would ease it in a tiny bit farther. My penis was throbbing by now. 'Ok, it is all the way in,' she said. She reached down with her free hand and started to stroke me. I began to ejaculate within seconds. She slowly pulled the vibrator out. She then had me back in the basin for a final clean-up.

Bonnie said she had wanted to try that experiment with the Dave and Earl to see how they would react, but they wouldn't try.



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