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Kyle and I

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This happened with a guy I met in my gym. Comments would be appreciated !!!


Kyle and I had met, innocently at the gym where we both work out. Kyle was about my age (22) and it was obvious we had both been into the weights for some time. Kyle stood about 5'11: had kind of a mousy brown hair, green eyes, and a tight and toned body, with a killer smile and personality. We started working out together about three times a week, and became fast friends as well as workout partners.
One day after we got done, Kyle invited me over. We had been to each other's places several times, and everything was always really cool. We had a lot in common, I was glad to have made a new friend, and Kyle always seemed to enjoy the company. This night, I suggested we rent a movie and Kyle agreed. We stopped, rented the video, and bought a 6 pack on the way.
Once at his house, I went to the bathroom, changed into a fresh pair of mesh shorts and put on a fresh tank top which I usually had with me in my gym bag. Kyle went to his bedroom to do the same. We both came out, sat in the living room and talked for a few minutes. I got up, turned on the TV, and went to the VCR. Kyle apparently forgot he already had a tape in the machine, and when I hit eject, out popped a tape that had a pretty common name, but 'XXX - ADULTS ONLY' under the name.
I joked around with Kyle a little, asking him if he was that lonely at night. I said something like 'Man, with a body like yours, I'd have thought you'd be fighting the girls off daily.' Kyle said that no, unfortunately, he hadn't 'been with anyone' for some time. He said 'Well, I guess we all gotta have an outlet......' and then reached for the tape I had in my hand. He looked flushed, and quite nervous. I said 'Kyle, it's OK, and besides this tape looks a lot more interesting than the one we had got at the video store...why don't we watch a couple of minutes of it. (The XXX) ' Kyle said to stop screwing around, just put in the other movie, and again reached for the XXX. I told him not to be embarrassed, I enjoyed a good porn movie every now and then, and asked if he liked this one. He said 'Yea, I like it but you probably won't it's pretty boring....just put in the other one.' I asked Kyle to let me be the judge of that.
Kyle got really sheepish, and said that he had something to tell me. Kyle was really apologetic, and said that he was going to tell me this when we had gotten to know each other better, because he didn't want 'it' to spoil our friendship or offend me. I told him not much offended me, and asked what it was. Kyle said the reason he didn't want me to see the tape was because it was an all-male (gay) tape. He went on to say that he was Bisexual, and knew it since he was about 14. Kyle said he still had girlfriends, and that he hadn't acted on any of his urges for a long time, and that the gay tapes were his outlet to deal with it, most times masturbating to an all-male tape. Kyle said he really hoped this wouldn't screw up our friendship. I said I wasn't offended at all, and that he was still the same person I liked 20 minutes before he shared his 'secret.' I also told him that when I was in college, my roommate and I used to mess around every once in a while. I told Kyle I had always wondered what a gay tape would be like, but never had the nerve to rent or buy one. Kyle simply said 'Thanks' shook my hand, and was obviously very relieved. He said he expected me to react a lot differently.
Kyle asked now that I knew, did I still want to watch the tape. I said 'Hell, yea ...besides, where else was I going to get the opportunity to see an all male tape. Kyle made me promise that if I was offended or felt uneasy, to let him know. With that, he popped in the tape, and he sat on the couch while I sat in the chair next to it. Kyle hit the play button.
After the opening credits, two GORGEOUS young hunks walked onto the screen. They initially hugged each other, and spread a blanked out on the grass. Then they started really getting hot and heavy, rolling around, and this scene turned into a full mutual masturbation scene. Both Kyle and I sat silent as it unfolded, with these guys getting undressed, and lying next to one another jerking each other off. The guy with black hair came first in the blond's hand, shooting ropes of cum all the way up his stomach. The the blonde tensed, said he was about to cum, and shot his load into the other guy. Both of them were beautiful and the scene was tender and SOOOOO hot.
Kyle looked at me and asked what I thought, just briefly glancing in my direction. I said 'WOW...that was really hot' Kyle asked 'really??' After seeing the tape together, I don't know what came over me but I was now totally cool about Kyle seeing just how hot this made me. With that I pulled down the top of my mesh shorts, and said 'Really!! See !' showing him my hard cock. I then pulled my shorts back up, and looked over at Kyle. Kyle said 'Dude....me too!' and showed me a peek of his cock pulling his shorts partway down. Kyle said this was one of his better tapes, and asked if I wanted to watch more. I said 'for sure!!!' I hit the play button...
Kyle said 'Dude....I'm so horny right now.....you said you messed around with your roommate before, and I'm not asking that, but would it bother you if I jerked off while you are here?' I responded ' Not if you'll let me join you..' With that we both stripped off our shirts and shorts, ended up sitting next to each other on the couch and slowly began stroking our cocks. After a short time, Kyle made the first move, moving closer to me, and our thighs touched. I thought I was going to shoot right there. I followed suit, and my right hand reached over and touched Kyle's outer thigh. When neither one of us moved, I think we both understood what was happening. I reached over and inched my hand over Kyle's thigh until I replaced his hand on his cock with my own and started stroking him. His cock felt so natural in my hand. Kyle groaned and said that it felt great. Kyle reached over and felt my balls, then replaced my hand and started stroking me. We were both half-heartedly watching the movie as a distraction, but kept stroking. I was getting really close to cumming and told Kyle. He said 'that's good dude, cause I'm gonna be there in about five more strokes.' Kyle rolled onto his left side, switched hands, and stroked me off with his right hand. In about three strokes I think my cock got as hard as it's ever been, and I shot a load of pearly white cum in Kyle's hand and all over my belly. I then re-gripped on Kyle's cock, and stroked him for about ten more seconds when he said 'Dude....Watchin' you shoot got me there....I'm gonna do it....let me cum for you.....stroke my load.' Kyle shot a load like I've never seen, shooting up to and over his right shoulder. I wasn't prepared for what came next. Kyle gently kissed my shoulder, and said 'that was really great.......thank you for being my friend...'
We relaxed for a minute, and then let go of each other's dicks, both pretty spent and tired. Kyle looked at me really seriously and said 'Josh....you must be tired....you wanna stay here tonight?' I said 'Yea....I'd like to. ' Kyle said 'I'll sleep on the couch, you take my bed.....' I said I'd take the couch, but Kyle was having no part of that. Kyle said 'I suppose there's only one way to solve this....if you think you would be comfortable, we'll both have to sleep in my bed. ' I said to him I thought that was a really good idea. It was so nice sleeping with another guy, and I think Kyle felt the same.



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