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Kristen's Corruption

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Kristen is one of my ex-girlfriends.


Kristen was my girlfriend for a time in college. I had met her in one of my classes and she was a freshman at the time I was a junior. She turned 18 that November and I asked her out after developing some feelings. Things progressed until we got to sexual activities. She (like probably 90% of other girls) had absolutely no idea how to please a dick with her hand. Her handjobs were bad and I tried to show her how by jerking myself and letting her see my technique.

She did get a little better but it just wasn't enough and I kept trying to get her to suck my dick. She was so concerned that she would be bad at sucking dick that she didn't want to, but I coaxed her into it. Mine was the first cock she ever touched/put in her mouth/made cum, and I trained her pretty well. She would get visibly upset if I did not let her swallow (like if I wanted to cum on her face or tits, etc.) and had developed some good techniques learning off my dick. She did/does this thing where she circles the tip of my cock with her tongue and it's as close as I can get to cumming without having an orgasm.

Anyway, we were dating for maybe a month before she was buying slutty underwear and stockings for my pleasure. One of the first things she bought was a tiny lace black thong. She had worn it to school and when she came over and I finally started peeling her panties off, there were strands of her pussy juices stretching from her pussy to the panties. Had never seen her get so wet and horny and she had to stop me so I didn't make her come too quickly because she wanted to enjoy it more than two minutes.

We dated for awhile longer but eventually I broke it off with her. Some time after that we started dirty-texting each other and my little cumslut was getting hungry. I started hooking up with her every so often. The best time is as follows...

Her parents were out of town, but her older brother was still home. He was in the room across the hall but he didn't give a shit what we were up to. I was in her room with her and she was wearing some black thigh-highs for me. I remember noticing how her panty collection had gone from full-bottomed cottons to sluttier Victoria's Secret panties.

I tied her wrists down with her own pantyhose that I took from her drawer. I blind-folded her with another pair. I sucked on her toes and kissed up her stocking-covered legs to start. She was already horny but I never missed an opportunity to tease my little slut. I'm not sure if I can describe how hot it is when I've got her thrusting her pussy in the air and panting, begging me to make her come.

She had a sex toy. It was a tiny little vibrator with what I can only describe as a tiny child penis. It must have only barely reached her g-spot and there was a portion designed with textures to stimulate her clit while she inserted it. Perhaps it was meant to be inconspicuous. I took her toy and got it in her pussy, inside the green panties she had on. I don't know what kind you'd call them, but they didn't cover the back of her ass, though I would not refer to it as a thong. For 10 minutes I played with the vibration settings, watching her writhe and squirm while I filled her mouth with my cock. It was right around this time I realized how far she had come from being a fairly innocent, naive girl, to this cock-hungry cumslut begging for her pleasure.

I fucked her mouth. Her red lipstick was rubbing off on my cock as I manipulated the vibrator in her panties. I loved the feeling of the pantyhose tied around her eyes (or just pantyhose in general) and held the knot behind her head to guide her mouth back and forth. I reached down into her panties and started playing with her asshole. She would never admit it (she denied it every time) but I know she fucking loves getting her asshole played with because she never comes faster than when I play with her asshole. I finally let her have her orgasm right after I shot my huge load into her mouth. Playing with her asshole sent me over the edge, and she followed right thereafter, her thighs squeezing the life out of my hand between her legs because I pushed the toy up to max as she had her O.

The toy was glistening from her juices, and the whole of the crotch area of her panties was damp. I made her lick her toy clean and I took her green panties when I left.



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