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Korean Spa

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Going to a Korean spa inspired what happened that night


Nudity among the guys in my family has been normal all of my life. Although, I have never seen my dad erect, he has seen me numerous times. He sometimes would make a crack about it but mostly ignored it. My dad started going to a Korean spa in Atlanta. He had told me about it. Seemed interesting. I asked if I could go. he took me on a Saturday. When you get there, you are sent to the men's room, given a ugly uniform and a locker. You get to the locker room and all the guys are naked. Nothing wild, just the culture they say. Most of the guys are smooth Asians. there are some older white men, and even some little boys. I was nervous at first, but stripped and went into the "wet" area. There are three pools, a sauna, and a steam room. There is also an area where they give massages and body scrubs. My dad said the body scrub was awesome so I gave it a try. An Asian man in briefs actually scrubs your entire body. It is like a massage. you feel great when it is done.

I saw my best friend, Shaun, at church the next day and was telling him about it. he thought we were crazy, but on Friday, he said he would like to go if we went again. Now I had never seen Shaun in anything less than a swimsuit. Not that I was looking, but he would always hide his privates with a shirt when changing. He had never seen me either.

My dad could not go on Saturday, but said we could go if we wanted to. So we went. When we got into the dressing room, Shaun started to look pale. I told him we could leave, but he said he wanted to stay. We both got our lockers and started to strip slowly, giggling like girls the whole time. Then down with the briefs. We both were growers, not showers. neither of us was showing much. We took a little glance at each other and shrugged it off. We went into the steam room first, but could only handle it for about two minutes. I had not noticed the first time, but there were men in there checking us out. We both did a body scrub and once it again it was awesome.

Since there was no school on Monday, I spent the night with him Sunday night. He has his own bathroom. After his shower, he came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel around his neck. I said "Dude", He said " We are past that already. I went to take my shower. when I came out with a towel around my waist, he was still naked. I asked if we were going to stay that way all night. he said, "Why not? That is how he lives when in his bedroom and since we spent most of the day Saturday naked together, what would it matter. I agreed and dropped the towel.

We started talking and Shaun asked me if I had noticed this old guy that kept touching his penis in the sauna. I told him I wasn't looking down, although I really was. He told me that he almost got a boner. I told him that was gross, but he told me I had nothing to worry about. I asked him what he thought that man wanted. He knew a lot more about what guys do together than I did. as he was telling me, I started to get hard. so was he. I covered it up with a pillow, but he did not. I just kept looking at him. he knew it and it was getting him more hard and me too.

He told me that we should get rid of the hard ons. (we had already talked about jacking before, though we had never watched each other). I started to get up to go to the bathroom. He asked me where I was going. He thought it would be cool if we did it together. I moved the pillow. He started to jack himself. So I started. It would not take long, but he told me to go slow. I was dripping precut like never before. He said, "watch this" and he took his finger, wiped it across the head of his dick and then licked his cum off of his finger. Gross! but I tried it and it wasn't bad. (kind of got to be a habit now). Then he stopped and said wait. I just wanted to finish.

He suggested we play a game of cards and whoever lost had to touch the other guy. by now I was game for anything. I lost so I reached over. Shaun was sitting Indian style and his dick, about 8 inches was sticking straight up. I put my finger on the side of it. we played another round. This time, whoever lost would grab the other guys dick. He lost. I too was sitting Indian style with about seven inches sticking straight up. He grabbed it and held it for about 15 seconds. Then something made me grab his. We started stroking each other and I came, all over the cards. Shaun finished himself. It got all over both of us. It was so awesome.

We have not talked about it again, but he keeps saying that this summer, we should go on an overnight hike. Shaun is a lot naughtier than I ever knew. Overnight hike, the possibilities has me hard right now!



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