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Know Your Neighbor

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I love this site and I love to masturbate. Everybody keep on keepin' on!


I love to masturbate so much that I start to get hard just writing about it. But here goes anyway.

I jerk off at least once a day, sometimes two or three times in a day. I have been jerking off ever since my 14 year old next-door-neighbor taught me how when I was 11. He told me to use Vick's Vap-o-rub to get hard and then just grab it and move your hand up and down. He said it would feel real good but he didn't tell me about orgasms. I found that out on my own.

I also found out that I could get hard by looking at girlie magazines that I found belonging to my neighbor and to my brother, who was also 14 at the time. They also had paperback books that had the nastiest stories in them, from which I got much hornier than the pics. The stories in the paperbacks gave a pre-teen all the information needed to really get started having sex. Problem was, I didn't reach puberty till almost 15 years old!

Needless to say, I had a frustrating few years there. I could masturbate to orgasm, ejaculating small amounts of clear liquid only. I remember one weekend at my cousin's house when I was around 13 (he was 11) where we jacking off together all day long. I must have cum five times that day. He got tired of it and quit after two or three jacks. We touched each other a little, but nothing major.

Other than getting hot and bothered in the car with my best friend in high school when we went to a late-night porn drive-in near our rural town one night. We didn't jerk off, but I know I wanted to - and did when I got home.

I didn't jerk off with another guy until I was just out of college and living in a duplex. The guy on the other side lived alone and loved to watch porn on his big-screen TV. One night after my girlfriend left he (I'll call him James) knocked on the door and invited me over to watch some sports on his big-screen TV. He soon asked me if I liked porn. I said sure and he started a video. Soon I had a raging hard-on, even though I had fucked my girlfriend about an hour before (James probably heard us through the wall!).

James asked did I mind if he jerked off. I said I didn't and he then told me that I could take my cock out and give it a breather if I wanted to. He could see it was big in my pants. I was happy to release it and started to jerk off slowly while we watch the big-breasted girl on the screen. He said he liked my cock and enjoyed watching me. Then we talked a bit about circle jerks. I said I had never been a part of one, so we had our own little jerk, both of us standing in front of the big screen, looking at the hot action and jerking our hard members.

Soon we sat back down and kept on jerking and talking about the hot girls before us. After about an hour of holding back I really needed to cum. He said to hold on and wait for him and he started jerking faster. I jerked a little faster myself, really needing to cum-and then I did! Huge, white ropes flung up and onto my chest as I came harder than I had cum in months. I groaned loudly and James came at that moment, my orgasm having triggering his. I felt really flushed and horny. I think it was that I enjoyed being watched so much. I'm so glad he didn't want to touch me, only watch. I know I'm thoroughly heterosexual, so I enjoyed it as much as James.

We jerked together a few more times until I moved away. I still love to jerk off and would love to find an audience, especially a female one. But alas, that is the dream of many men online it seems.

In the meantime, I really enjoy your site and come here often to cum! Ladies, I really enjoy your stories, especially the ones where you get horny looking at hard cock! Keep up the good work!



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