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Kitty and the Girls

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Never too old to enjoy life to it's fullest.


Kitty and the girls

It is getting late and it is time to shower, brush my teeth and get ready for bed. As I dry myself off, I stand in front of the full length mirror to admire my trim and fit body with a flat tummy and small perky breasts with hard nipples that feel so good when I tease them with my finger tips.

I had been on the computer viewing free nipple and breast sites and watching erotic breast and nipple stimulation. Some even show lactating nipples which gets me excited with envy. I feel a stirring in my own breast as my nipples start to harden. My hands begin to wander and hold my 'girls' that are not as big as some of those that I have been looking at but they nicely fill my lacy under-wire A cup bra with the cut outs for the nipples to poke through. I am so proud of my 'girls' The feel of the firm flesh captured in the silky lace makes me excited and my nipples stand up begging for attention. They are much bigger and harder than the proverbial pencil eraser, standing out more than one half inch on soft puffy areola when I gently tickle the tips of the nips, alternately lightly pinching and tugging to see if I can make them grow even bigger. I settle nude in bed and relax caressing my girls and enjoying my soft smooth handfuls of warm flesh.

This is sooooo erotic! Now one hand begins to explore other parts of my being, going down the flat athletic abs and carrying the excitement down to find the pubes. The middle finger seeks out the folds that lay beyond. The other fingers and thumb wrap the warm fleshy folds around that finger as it searches for the magic button. Voila, there it is, but a little dry so now the finger goes to the mouth for saliva lube to start the flow of the natural nectar that begins to lubricate my clit. The stimulation that began this experience, has spread up and down the whole body and has begun to invade the mind which in turn pervades the whole being, touching and feeling the many erogenous areas of my body. Enjoying this Tantric sexual odyssey envelopes my total being, body and soul.

My finger is now completely engulfed deep in the folds and thoroughly saturated ready to get back to work on the magic button. Like any other skill, it takes study and practice, so what better place than to watch Internet videos of how to learn to do the job correctly. There is a Solo Touch link that will lead to sites where I watch skilled practitioners of the art of female masturbation. After many hours of observation I too have become adept at stimulating the button with a circular motion and varying the speed. There is a little spot just under the pearl which loves to be tickled in 'come hither' fashion. Sometimes I use my silver bullet on it and hold it between my legs so that my hands are free to play with both nipples. Then as the inner feeling mounts and the hips can no longer remain still, the famous finger goes in deeper to the last knuckle and apply more pressure on that deep internal area pressing against the inner walls. The muscles begin to contract and that wonderful internal feeling builds up and up, like an explosion, and then floods everything and then I begin to relax. The finger in the folds feels the warm wetness and doesn't want to leave so I roll on my side in sort of a fetal position, the warmth dripping, and one hand holding the wetness between my legs and the other one hugging and hold one of my 'girls' and playing with the nipple as I drift off to sleep along side the love of my life. I am pleased with what I just done and who I am, knowing that I am loved by her and myself without guilt.

When I awake after a relaxing night's sleep I have to pee so I sit on the commode and feel the warm gush through the folds and then wipe with tissue to get ready to start another day. Before I get dressed, I line my panties with a panty liner because sometimes I leak a little while doing my daily yoga and work-out exercises. My exercises are performed nude except for the panties in front of full length mirrors so I can admire myself while I make sure that I do them correctly. My body is firm and muscular, it belies its age and gives no outward hint of my sexualty and my 'mons pubis' is predominate in my tight panties and my bra-less breasts are full and perky with big hard nipples that will proudly show through my tight tee shirt and I enjoy the admiring glances by men and women when I go out in public.

A glorious new chapter in my book of life is being written as I am now able to experience the joy of sex as woman does in a way that is so different from that of my younger years and now when I have an orgasm, it builds up in waves and the climax is just wet and slippery, not thick and messy like it was earlier in life. No longer are there any performance issues. No mess to clean up. I am at peace knowing how good it feels deep down inside enjoying the orgasmic bliss of a woman pleasuring herself! My loving partner taught me how to Jill and tease the clit before she went off HRT after her breast cancer treatment so sex for her is uncomfortable. We still masturbate together but now we both do it together jilling the way women would and sometimes we help each other achieve that glow that comes with the climax. I am a healthy active senior retired professional that I am known as to the world at large but inside the home at night in bed, I am a sexually driven lady.

Oh, I didn't tell you that I am married and a many year survivor of prostate cancer. My prostate is still intact since I had radioactive seeds instead of prostate surgery but erection is no longer possible. My libido is still strong at 82 but my sex life has changed dramatically for reasons like aging and diabetes and hormone deficiency. I feel like I have been truely transgendered. My penis has shrunk and retracted and is now beyond recognition and looks and feels more like a clitoris. My breasts have gotten larger and are much more sensative. My orgasms are more intense, last longer and are better than they ever were. when I had an erect penis. I can now relate more to my wife's needs and feelings and our love life has never been better. I now know what it feels like to be a woman. But isn't that where I started early in the womb before testes developed?

So now I have enjoyed the best of both worlds. Live life to the fullest however you do it!



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