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Kissing Cousins

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I'll show you mine if you show me yours 25 years later!


Well this is what happened around this time last year, My wife & I went for a holiday to my old hometown of Sydney, Australia. it was the first time back home since I left Australia and that was just over 20 years ago. We were staying at my single female cousin Amanda's place, she's three years my junior me being 39 so that puts her at 36.

We had been at her place for over two weeks now, and we could come and go as we pleased. So one day during the week after a beautiful hot sunny day of sightseeing and going around Sydney, showing my wife all the places of the city, we got back to my cousins place and my wife decides to take a nap from being out all day, so she can have fun later at night and I had to go to the bathroom really bad and take a piss, so being in a rush I just opened the bathroom door and walked in lift the seat up and proceeded to pee, not thinking about anybody else being home, and didn't notice that Amanda was already home from work and having a bath.

After I finished peeing, she said "it's gotten a lot bigger since I saw it last" and I turned round shocked to see her in the tub completely naked. She covered her breasts with her arm and had crossed her legs, I was completely apologizing and embarrassed not to mention stunned at how awesome Amanda's body looked naked, I could see she had grown to a beautiful woman, underneath all those frumpy clothes she wears. I asked her what she meant by it being bigger, so she then says to me "I'll show mine if you show me yours, do you remember that?" and like holy Shit, we used to go hide in the bush when we were young and her friend at the time who was a year or two older was with my cousin and I, she dared me to show my penis to her & my cousin, and they will show their vagina's to me.

Being curious kids we did that and I think I even let her friend touch my dick. And I'm like wow she remembered that all after all these years. Anyhow I wanted to see more of adult Amanda's beautiful body so I said Okay and undid my pants dropped my boxers and showed her my dick, She dropped her arms and uncrossed her legs and was instinctively rubbing her freshly shaved pussy with her right hand, that gave me a hard on instantly and I started stroking my now fully erect dick, so there we were masturbating in front of each other, she was liking it, then she said it was ok to for me too shoot to cum in her bath water and I did.

Wow, I said I can't believe this just happened after I finished jerking off into her bathtub and she said not too worry we'll keep this between each other, maybe we can do it again before you go back home. So later that evening my wife decided that the three of us should go out for dinner, so we went to a pub for dinner later that night and we sat in a booth, my wife and I are always in the habit of sitting across from each other and this was no exception, So Amanda decides to sit next to me in the pub and my wife looks at as us and says, "you guys look like Kissing Cousins!" as a joke, Just because out of all of our family Amanda & I were the only ones with Blonde hair.

I then said to my wife as a joke, Yeah we are, we like to keep our genes in the family, and then Amanda just spits out the drink she was sipping on and then grabs my crotch under the table and bursts out laughing, just as I start to laugh too, my wife thought that was weird. But she didn't think anything of It, and she still doesn't know to this day about any of adventures Amada & I had shared.

As for Amanda & I well we never did go for a 2nd round and now I'm back home and almost a year has gone by I don't really hear from her much anymore. But I did invite her to stay with us in Florida.



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