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Kissing Cousins

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This story begins several years ago, and doesn't end until many years later.

We have a very large, tight-knit family, with many, many cousins, first, first once removed, and second, all close to the same age, due to the fact that there is an entire generation between the oldest and the youngest siblings. The closest cousins to my age were actually first cousins to my Dad, (and to each other), so they are my first cousins once removed.

This story begins when I was about ten, the first time the older 'cousins' actually started to let me hang out with their 'group', before that I was just the pesky little kid trying to tag along. The first part only involves me and 'Roddy', who was 12 or 13 at the time, (later we add 'Jerry', two years older than Roddy, and 'Cara', two or three years older than 'Jerry'). As each of the older cousins approached their older teen years, they kind of broke off from the group, and we started accepting the younger kids in the 'group'. All we ever did was try to think of things to do away from the 'grown-ups', and experiment.

Once we were at a fish fry at Granny's, and after a lot of the family had left, and the rest of the grown-up's were sitting around playing cards, the kids who were left were outside in the twilight, playing tag and hide and seek and stuff. I ran into Granny's garage to hide, and 'Roddy' followed me. While we were hiding in the back by the side of Granny's freezer, suddenly I felt 'Roddy' put his hand on my butt. I can still hear the sound of his fingernails scratching on the polyester of my track shorts.

Stooped down in the dark, dampness of Granny's garage, I was startled, but pleasantly so, when I felt 'Roddy's' fingers move to my crotch and 'tickle' my cunt. I asked him what he was doing, and he asked me if I wanted to fuck. I had never heard that word before, and asked him what is that? He explained it in a rather innocent way, 'I put my thing in your thing and we wiggle around, and that's how girls have a baby.' 'EWWW!', I said, rather loudly, 'I don't want to have no baby!' Then I jumped up and ran out of the garage.

'Roddy' ran after me, and caught me before I could get around the corner, where we would be in sight of the house. He tackled me on the ground, and sat on top of me, 'Don't start yelling,'Katie', we don't have to do that, you can't have no baby yet, anyway!' Then he reached behind him and put his hand over my crotch again, and said, 'I can show you how to make it feel good, without 'doing it'.' Just then the other kids came around the side of the garage and we just played it off like we were wrestling. I didn't know why, but I knew we shouldn't let the other kids know what we were really doing. Just then our parents started calling to us, that it was time to go, and the other kids ran off.

'Roddy' helped me up, and brushed the grass off my butt, out of my hair, then he kissed me on the mouth and told me to promise not to tell. I said ok, then he kissed me again and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I said, 'EWWW, what did you do that for?' He said, 'That's the way boys kiss their girlfriends'.

Fast forward to the end of the summer. We were at a hog roast on one of the aunt's farm. Again, me and 'Roddy' found ourselves alone in one of the sheds. He started the 'tickling' again. This time he held me on the ground and started with just regular tickling, but moved his hand to my crotch and 'tickled' me there. He put his hand inside my shorts and started to rub me. Suddenly, I had the same feeling I got whenever I climbed the clothes line pole at Granny's, (my favorite pastime since second grade, when I discovered this 'good' feeling I could get when I held myself at the top and squeezed my legs around it).

'How did you make that happen?', I asked him breathlessly. He said 'You just cummed.' 'I just what?' 'You cummed, I made you 'get off'.' 'Get off, what?' Boy, was I stupid. He just shook his head and got up. He went to the back of the shed, 'Stay there, I'm going to 'get off', now'. I said, 'You can make yourself do that?'. He said, 'Yeah, girls can make guys do it, too, but you're too dumb to know how!'. He sounded mad at me! I ran out of the shed crying.

A few minutes later, he came frantically running around the barn, looking for me. 'What?', I snapped at him. 'I thought you were going to tell on me.' 'For what, being mean to me?' He sat down next to me in the tall weeds. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be mean to you, Katie. Just don't ever tell anyone what we did in the shed, I'll get in big trouble.' 'Okay', I sighed. And until now, I never have.

As 'Roddy' got older he got out of the habit of hanging with us 'kids', and we never spoke of, or repeated the incident. Even after we all grew up, 'Roddy' seemed to be avoiding me, I think now he was either ashamed of what happened, or he was embarrassed, and didn't want to take a chance that I would mention it.

Fast forward several years. Our parents (empty-nesters) started taking annual trips to a cabin in the woods. Us cousins started hearing how much fun they all had getting together every year, and decided us younger ones should all tag along on one of their trips, and rent another cabin nearby. We were all grown, and close enough in age now, to enjoy the same things.

'Cara' was the instigator of all this. She was divorced and trying to recapture the fun and carefree times of her youth. She wanted us all to go up there. When the trip finally came together, it ended up being just four of us. 'Cara', who was about 38, 'Jerry', who was about 35, married, but his wife stayed home with their three kids, 'Roddy' who was also divorced, and about 33, and me, 31, married, but I left my husband at home with my kids, too.

We arrived at this 'cabin' on Friday. My God, it was more like a deluxe chalet!! Cathedral ceilings, stone fireplace, a hot tub out back! It was great! Our parents didn't rent this one because it only had two bedrooms, and their group numbered 10. The rooms both had two double beds each, so me and 'Cara' took one room, and 'Roddy' and 'Jerry' took the other one.

It had been years since we had all been together in the same place at the same time, and the first night we spent getting reacquainted with each other, talking and laughing. A few nights later we all went out dancing and having a ball. When we got back, 'Cara', who was pretty wild, announced that she was going out to the hot tub. But she didn't go get her suit! We followed her out to the deck, and she had peeled off her clothes and gotten in the hot tub naked!

Reasoning with her did absolutely no good, and she taunted and teased us all about being a bunch of boring prudes until, one by one, we all ended up in the hot tub, sans clothing. 'Roddy' and I were sitting on one side of the tub, maybe a foot away from each other, but 'Cara' and 'Jerry' were sitting much closer to each other. 'Cara' started teasing 'Jerry' and making suggestive remarks, that led 'Roddy' and I both to the same conclusion, she and 'Jerry' had 'played around', when they were kids, just like 'Roddy' and I had!

Suddenly, I felt 'Roddy's' hand move between my legs, and he was sitting closer to me than he had been moments before. I reached my hand over and grabbed his cock, while stealing a glance at 'Jerry' and 'Cara'. They couldn't have noticed, they were all over each other!

As 'Roddy' worked my engorged clit, he started to whisper in my ear how he had fantasized about my little hairless cunt for years, ever since the first time he cupped his hand around it. He had never actually seen it, since he worked it from inside my panties, and had only caught a fleeting glance an hour ago, when I got into the hot tub, but now he wanted to look at it, admire it, and see if it measured up to all his fantasies!

My head was spinning, my God, his cock was thick! I couldn't even touch my fingers to my thumb around it! As he continued to rub my clit, he inserted his finger into my cunt, and I let a moan escape from between my lips. I looked over to see if our cousins had noticed, and they were gone! We were alone, 'Roddy' and I, for the first time in years, and we were completely naked sitting in a hot tub, getting each other off!

'Let's go in the house, where I can see you better', he whispered as he nibbled at my neck and my ears. As I slowly stood and my breasts rose above the water line, he let out his breath. 'My God, you have beautiful tits.' He stood and cupped them in his hands, leaned down and suckled them. Fire shot through my pussy. I took him by the hand. 'Let's go.'

We went into the house, into the unoccupied bedroom, and I draped myself across the bed, invitingly. 'You know, we are cousins, and it would be wrong for us to let this go too far,' he said. 'Okay,' I replied while I kept my eye on the prize, his beautiful meaty cock. 'I don't see any reason why I can't get you off, like I did when we were kids, though', he grinned.

'Yeah, only this time, I'm not too dumb to know how to get you off!' 'Oh my God! Are you still mad about that?' 'I never was mad, only my feelings were hurt because it felt like you were treating me more like one of the little kids, and besides, you got to touch mine, and I never got to touch yours!' 'Oh yeah,' he said grabbing his cock and wiggling it at me, 'Well, you can touch it now!'.

'Roddy' jumped on the bed and I pretended to try to get away from him, like wrestling when we were kids. He caught me and held me down and I spent the rest of the night proving I knew how to handle a cock, and he spent the night admiring that (still) hairless pussy he had fantasized about for the last twenty years.



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