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Kissing Cousin Friend Comes To Visit

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My parents had gone to a convention in Vegas so we were on our own for a couple of weeks. Vicky had invited one of her school buddies here. I learned she was Vicky's lover also. Vicky had told me she was Bi but preferred men.


This happened after we moved since my last post here. My parents wanted to get away from the city so we are now in the middle of nowhere now. I found out the rail road used to run through the back part of the property. But they pulled up the tracks. So it makes a great bike trail. This happened towards late summer.

Trish was built just like Vicky was. Tall and bigger boobies than Vicky. 38dd I was told. She also has brown hair that goes to her butt. She was very tanned because she came from Corpus Christi, Texas. She has a very flat belly with her hip bones that stick out. I don't think she has an ounce of fat on her. I will tell more as I go on here.

I woke up to go bike riding, my morning ritual. The girls were already in the kitchen when I got there. I looked and said 'nice tank tops huh.' As they were mine. Vicky said 'sorry, she should have asked first.' Trish had got up and went to fill her glass with more water. I looked at her and saw she was showing her butt cheeks and was not sure she was wearing a thong or not but looked hot in my tank top. Vicky said she had made me breakfast and got up to go to the stove. My tank top was just as small on her as it was on me and I could see she had on no panties. The tease new I liked a nice butt.

I told them I was going to go bike riding as soon as I got through eating. The girls asked if they could come along. I said sure but I would have to check out the other bikes that were in the garage first. They changed into their bikinis while I ate. I told them to find the sport bottles with wide mouths so they could fill them with ice and I checked out the bikes and changed into my riding shorts.

We were well into our ride and since I ride pretty fast I had to let the girls catch me up all the time, so I would coast and let them pass me by. I also got to check out their wet bodies from sweating in the hot sun. Trish's bottoms had worked into her crack and it was hot looking let me tell you.

We had ridden maybe an hour or more and found where the path went down hill. Vicky started to pick up speed as Trish and I followed her. She got to the bottom and jumped off her bike. She looked at us and said 'Damn, that hill made me as horny as hell.' The sweat was just running down her face and body. I had never seen her sweat so much before.

She looked at us again and said 'I got to come bad' and she looked around and said 'you can watch or not, I don't care.' With that she put both thumbs into the waistband of her bottoms and with one slick motion had them to her feet and stepping out of them and sat down in the grass and started playing with her pussy like crazy. Trish just looked and licked her lips.

Vicky was starting to make squishy sounds she was so wet and horny. She looked up at me and said 'I need your fingers now, they are bigger than mine.' So I knelt down and played with her puss and got my fingers wet before I stuck them in. I could not believe the heat around my finger as I was working her and she said 'One more finger, do it now.' I looked over at Trish, by this time she had stripped and was working her pussy.

I had been working Vicky's pussy and she was just humping my hand the best she could. I must have pushed air into her pussy because it started making farting noises and it made me laugh inside. I didn't want to laugh out loud because I thought it would be rude and wreck her climax. So she started to shudder and shake all over and leaned way back with her puss in the air as she came and came she soaked my hand in white cream. Vicky then wrapped her arms around my neck and then kissed me on the lips, wow, she was still dripping with sweat which with all that was going on I thought I was going to come in my shorts.

I heard Trish say she could use a helping hand too. So I moved over to her and saw her pussy for the first time. She was bald and with three piercings. One on the hood just under the clit and the other two down lower, one on each lip. She was already nice and wet and she was working it for awhile so it didn't take long for her to come but it was not as powerful as Vicky just had.

Trish looked at my shorts with my bulge and said how selfish of us Brad hasn't got off yet. I was then attacked by both of them pulling my shorts off. My dick sprung up fast hitting Trish in the nose. She looked and said 'wow, it's so big and thick. I didn't believe it was this big.'

I laid down so I could get off my knees, and they both worked my dick. I lost track of who was doing what because they both would switch from my balls to my dick and then they both grabbed my dick and was stroking me. I couldn't hold back any longer and I sent it flying in the air and it went in their hair, on my chest, and did about four healthy squirts before I was through. Trish said that was amazing and she bent over and licked my chest clean for me. We then got cleaned up and headed for home.

Well that's it, I have more to tell later. This maybe got too long for here.



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