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Kicking around the House

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My family rented a ski lodge and we got ourselves snowed in miles from anywhere.


I was bored beyond words. No phone, no cable TV, nothing to do. I kicked around the lodge all over Christmas getting more and more antsy.

I had masturbated every day, (not unusual for me) but I found it harder and harder to get myself off. I realised I needed something 'bad' to get me over.

That's when I had the idea. My sister's panties! Jessica is nicely developed. I would guess 36b boobs, quite curvy, and I just knew how bad it was, what I was planning.

I wandered to the basement and found the hamper. In there were obviously some of mom's underwear which had no interest for me at all, but soon I found Jess's. There were two pairs there, both had stains in the crotch, and neither had any trace of pubic hair which made me wonder if she shaves.

Oh, but the scent was amazing! Fresh, erotic, horny with a faint after-hint of pee which REALLY got me going. I got myself unzipped and, smelling the more recent pair, wrapped the others around my cock. Just having Jess's pussy around my dick was really horny-just what I wanted. I found her t shirt and bra, both of which smelled that lovely sweaty teenage adolescent smell. I felt myself about to go and made sure the crotch of her panties was right over the end of my cock.

I looked down as I blew my load into my sister's panties, watching the material darken with my wetness mixing with hers.

It was bad, I know, but it was also THE most erotic wank I have ever had. I didn't think it through enough though, because mom obviously had words with her about the state of her underwear, and I think mom thinks she has been messing around.

Thing is, I kinda wanted Jess to watch me so yesterday, (finally mom and dad went skiing) I told Jess how much I hated skiing (so does she) and that I miss my girlfriend. Jess said 'huh, you need a wank I guess!' I said 'Hell, sure. Why? Wanna watch?' She smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

Again, I went to the basement, this time WITH Jess. I got her to sit so I could see up her skirt, and asked her to talk dirty to me. (DAMN I have NO idea where she learned to do it, but holy crap she did it well.) At the crucial moment, Jess had her crotch pulled to one side (so, she DOES shave then) and had a finger inside herself, but it was when she said 'Hmmmmm-mmmmmmmmm- maybe I should get your cock in my cunt' that made me spunk.

We are here for another two weeks. I wonder if anything else is going to happen?



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