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Kevin was my best friend at primary school. He looked a bit strange even to me, very large eyes and a very long neck. When he blinked it looked like a tortoise, and behind his back everyone called him giraffe neck. The thing we had in common was our love of music and our hating for football. Being fans of male pop stars like Marc Bolan and not George Best made us outcasts. It wasn't a problem though...well not for me, as I made friends easily and didn't judge on appearance as it seemed my school mates did. I was a pretty good-looking kid!

Later we parted ways as we went to different grammar schools. For over a year we didn't meet, even though we didn't live so far apart.

I had once stayed overnight at Kevin's and we went to bed really early cos it seemed like a lot of fun. Back then we showed each other our penises and even touched each other. Kevin stopped to sleep, but I wanted to play a little more.

About a year after primary school I remembered Kevin had an LP I wanted to borrow, so I decided to call on him. He looked much taller and older than a year before. He seemed indifferent to my visit, but I was invited in. I can't remember what we talked about, but I do remember after a while he told me his bedroom was in another room to help with his studies, and brought me upstairs to see it. He lay on the bed and I sat on a chair. I asked him as if it was the most normal thing in the world if he had any sperm yet. I was very proud as I was, and produced it every day after school. He very matter of factly said yes, and I asked if he had hair yet. I had a little, and I was also very proud of that. Again he said yes and I said 'Show me.' He stood up and pulled down his trousers and underwear. My mouth must have hit the floor with shock. He was a man between his legs, a very big man and tonnes of pubic hair!! I straight away did the same, and I must say my penis felt like a baby finger in comparison to his. I was instantly hard and started to wank. Kevin started to play with himself and produced an enormous hard on. I had seen very few dicks in my life, but this was way bigger than I thought they could be. I asked to hold it and he let me touch for 10 or 15 seconds. The head was massive and very red, the foreskin very thick and long and it felt very heavy. When he pushed my hand away I started to wank myself and came within a minute. Ejaculating was still quite new to me, and I was so sensitive that I held my foreskin over the head of my penis as having it pulled back when I ejaculated was too much, I thought I might faint!! (It's no longer that way, I have it pulled right back now when I shoot!) Anyway, I let my foreskin fill up and after I had finished shuddering I pulled it back to finish off. I looked at Kevin and he very blandly said 'That's not sperm.' My cum was clear, it was a few more weeks before it turned milky. I protested, and then asked Kevin to show me what his sperm was like, but he said 'NO, I don't feel like it.'

That was the last time I saw Kevin and his huge dick. To this day I don't think I have seen anyone so huge between the legs. I heard Kevin had decided to be a priest a few years later, and then last Christmas I met one of his cousins who told me he lives in the USA with his long term boyfriend. All I can say is I have the image of Kevin's gigantic penis burned in my memory. Oh and I'm sure his boyfriend is very happy too!




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