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Kenyan Housekeeper (2)

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I related previously an experience I had in a hotel in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. This story takes place about three weeks later in the same hotel, with the same member of staff.

I spent about three weeks up country in the Samburu area of Kenya living in tents etc so by the time I returned to Nairobi I was really looking forward to a long soak in the bath and a nights sleep between clean sheets. I checked into the hotel to the usual warm and friendly greetings from the reception staff which assured me that the girl from housekeeping certainly hadn't complained about a naked man in the room and probably hadn't said anything to anyone in fact. As I alighted from the lift I noticed the housekeepers cart outside one of the doors I had to pass before getting to my room and looking into the room I saw that it was the same girl whom had 'caught me naked' tending to the rooms. Whilst up country I had thought many times of my 'accidental' flashing of the maid and decided to try for a little more fun if possible.

In the room I ran through the options; I could phone housekeeping with some request and that would probably assure me that the same girl would 'tend to my needs' however I really wanted the whole thing to look like an accident. I decided that I would bide my time and take the chance that she would be doing the turndown service in the evening. After a soak in the bath and a drink etc I then began to hatch a plan.

I knew approximately what time the turndown service took place so about 15 minutes before I estimated she would arrive I got myself ready. I dropped a wet towel at the end of the bed as though I had dumped it there after a shower and laid down on the bed feigning sleep. I placed my iPod headphones in but didn't actually turn it on ensuring that I would definitely hear her arrival and made sure that I had a foot visible from the door of the room. All I had to do then was wait! As I laid there waiting I couldn't help but keep stroking my cock which took no time at all to become fully erect; In my head I had decided that I would just lay there in a 'natural state' however my body had better ideas so I had no option to run along.

After a little while I heard a knock at the door which was followed a few seconds later by the door opening and the words 'housekeeping'. At this point I wasn't sure that it was the same girl but at least I now knew that it was certainly a female entering the room. I gave my rampant cock a last stroke before moving my hand and closing my eyes. I left them open very slightly so that I could still see if she came into my part of the room and I wasn't disappointed.

I expected that she would see my foot laid on the bed and the towel at the foot of it and would repeat her call of 'housekeeping' but she made no further noise. Instead she just came into the main part of the room and stood near the end of the bed and just looked at me laid there, it was the same girl! Even at this stage she made no effort to call out to rouse me and just stood there. I made my cock twitch as I laid there and then opened my eyes as though I had just woken up. I looked directly at her and immediately sat up as though I had been surprised and reached up to pull the headphones from my ears. She made no effort to apologise for walking in on me like that and just smiled and called 'housekeeping' before moving towards the curtains to close them. I pretended to be embarrassed by her catching me naked and apologised and told her that I hadn't heard her knock on the door. She just smiled, said 'that's ok' and carried on with her tasks and asked how long I was going to be staying for.

I stood up off the bed and made sure that I took my time moving round to the end to pick up the towel I had dropped there. As I moved towards the towel I told the housemaid 'this is the second time you have caught me with no clothes on, do you make a habit of catching men naked?' She just replied by smiling and saying 'I can't help it'. Although I picked up the towel I didn't make any effort to cover myself with it and just stood there with it in my left hand whilst talking to her. I decided not to just blatantly wank myself in front of her but tested the water by saying 'well, I'm not bothered if you're not, I'm not shy'. She just responded by laughing and saying 'neither am I, a naked body is a naked body'.

I spent most of the time with my body at an angle to her so that I could stroke my rock hard cock without being too blatant however as she came round to my side of the bed I was caught completely with my dick pointing straight at her. She looked down at it but only for a second or so and when she looked at me again she had a smile on her face. She then left the bedroom area and went in to sort out the bathroom. I stood by the door so that I again was slightly hidden and carried on stroking my cock whilst chatting to her. Although I wasn't in full view she knew what I was doing and didn't object at all. I asked her if there was a spa in the hotel where I could get a massage (knowing full well that there wasn't) and she said 'sorry there isn't. Why, are you sore'? 'No' I replied 'but I could do with getting rid of some stiffness'. That made her give a loud laugh and she said, 'well there's nothing like that here'.

I then asked her if she knew of anyone who did massages and could help me out. She knew of no one who did massages so I then asked her 'well do you do massages then'? Again she laughed and said, 'I have too much work to do and I'm on my own'. All this time I was stroking my cock which was as hard as iron and dripping precum and I really wanted to just stand right in front of her and wank to completion but decided that that was probably going a bit too far. I told her that once she had finished she could come back and give me a massage but she didn't answer that and instead reached out her hand for the wet towel I was still holding by my side saying 'can I take that dirty towel'. I said, 'OK, but I won't have anything to cover myself up then' and this brought another laugh and she replied that the wet one wasn't covering me much anyway!

She then said she had finished and I again took the opportunity to stand naked directly in front of her whilst I gave her a good tip. My dick stood out from my body, pointing upwards as I gave her the money and I again told her that if she could think of anyone who gave massages that she should let me know. She thanked me for the tip and said goodbye before leaving and I went straight into the bathroom and relieved my stiffness without a massage!

Final part to follow!



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