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Ken - My 'little Brother' Surrogate

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My search for a 'little brother' continues...


I first noticed Ken one break-time in the boys' washroom below the classrooms in the subsidiary block. I was 15 and permanently horny. I watched him and several of his pals squealing with delight as they made a grab for each other's testicles. It would seem that this was a time-honoured sport at schools generally. This was where I was first captivated by Ken's enchanting smile. He only had to look at me with that smile and I turned to jelly. Eros was again at my elbow. I was in love - again! I would sometimes spot him in the school corridors at lesson changeover time. Surreptitiously, I would work my way through the milling masses to emerge close to Ken or sometimes Brian H. to feel their genitals. This was invariably reciprocated. Occasionally Ken might get to me unobserved and I would be the one pleasantly surprised. Such happy days!

I occasionally went out for an exploratory bike ride in the new neighbourhood, and one Friday evening I cycled past Baz's house to the end of the road, where there was a small roundabout. I rode round the island and carried on down the road opposite. As I approached the end of the road, I saw a slim figure by a gateway. As I came closer, I thought I recognised the figure; a little closer and there was no mistaking Ken. I slowed down, and once more beheld that enchanting smile. I dismounted and leaned my bike against the hedge.

We chatted animatedly in the front garden. I was thrilled to learn that he lived so near to me. Ken had some friends round but they were out in the back garden. We started horsing around, which, as seemed the norm, turned to wrestling on the ground. Ken was considerably smaller than I, but I allowed him to overpower me. He pushed me to the ground, pinioning my arms, and I fully expected him to take up the traditional victory pose, i.e. sit across my chest with his knees pinning my biceps to the ground. Imagine, therefore, my amazement, and I need hardly say, my excitement, when instead of this traditional move, Ken stretched himself out on top of me and gently began grinding and thrusting his hips against me! He gyrated and heaved against me, giving me an almost immediate erection. Through just two layers of thin flannel school trousers there was no mistaking his excitement also - and all this in the front garden. Having done this for several seconds, he rolled off me in silence and, lying on his back with legs apart he whispered invitingly,

'Your turn.'

I needed no second bidding. Gently I lowered myself onto his diminutive form prostrate on the evening grass. The spring aroma mingled with the fragrant scent of this gorgeous sexy boy, driving me wild with desire. I knew in that one sweet moment that I had found my next 'little brother'. I was inwardly on fire as I continued to rub against him. A noise along the side path brought me out of my reverie and I quickly resumed the wrestling pose, as Ken's two friends, Mick M and Ian R. came into view. I got up and Ken introduced us. Ian and Mick were also at the Grammar school. A third pal then emerged from the back. He had flame-red hair and was perhaps Ken's best friend. This was Charlie R. We all agreed to go to our respective homes for tea and return later for a game of what turned out to be a glorified version of hide and seek. We called it 'tracking'!

At the appointed hour, we duly met up and made our way by bicycle to the large wooded area that backed on to the estate. We parked our bikes and went into the wild area, which included several copses. It was agreed that Ken, Charlie and I would go off and find a suitable hiding place and Ian and Mick would track us. The three of us set off. We'd walked a couple of hundred yards or so over heather and bracken when Charlie stopped for a pee. Ken and I stood back a little. When Charlie turned to face us, his penis was still out and now perpendicular.

'Get yours out,' he suggested to Ken.

'I will, I will - later,' Ken responded.

I could hardly wait! Charlie zipped himself up and we trudged onwards. Within a few minutes, we found just the place. I surmised Ken and Charlie had been here before and I wondered how many more pairs of boys had secret hideouts used for clandestine liaisons; I was reminded of Martin's and John's tree-house. This little niche amongst the undergrowth and trees, afforded us virtually impenetrable cover. We had no intention of being found, and unless Ian and Mick had been blessed with second sight, they were going to have their work cut out to discover our location. Once we ensconced ourselves in our little 'hide', Charlie, who had taken up the position of lookout, lost no time in once more unzipping his trousers. Ken followed suit and snuggled up close to me. I put my left arm round him, as I too exposed myself. Charlie seemed engrossed in his own pleasure so, with little hesitation I reached over and took Ken's penis in my hand. He repaid the complement, and we sat there dreamily pleasuring each other. There was a perfumed fragrance about Ken but It wasn't artificial. Ken smelled nice without any additives, and his scent excited me. Whenever our eyes met, I beheld that captivating smile, which again made me go weak at the knees. Yep, I was in love yet again! Charlie, whilst ostensibly keeping watch, was also preoccupied with his own enjoyment.

Suddenly, a noise in the surrounding bushes snapped all three of us out of our reverie. We heard voices approaching, and whilst there was still little chance of our pursuers actually discovering our retreat, their proximity precluded any satisfactory conclusion to our private business, so we decided to zip up and reveal ourselves. Concentration having been lost, we adjusted our dress and crept out into the open.

'Took you long enough!' Ken shouted.

Mick and Ian spun round.

'Where were you?' he asked. 'We looked everywhere.'

It was getting late and we decided to call it a day. Before we split up and bade each other farewell, Ken and I made arrangements to go swimming the next day.

Ken was due to call at my house so that we could travel together. As the appointed time for his arrival approached, I became tense and anxious. Would he remember? Would he find my house? My heart was thumping and the butterflies in my tummy were fluttering constantly. When I wasn't pacing up and down in my bedroom, I was staring out of the window. When I heard the knock on the door, I flew downstairs. I opened the door, and there stood Ken, beaming broadly. All anxiety, tenseness and butterflies disappeared in a flash and I was walking on air. I grabbed my towel and we left. I don't recall whether we went down to the swimming pool on the 'bus or on our bikes, but I do remember that we shared a cubicle. The baths were of the old-fashioned variety, cubicles forming lines on either side of the pool edge; boys' one side, girls' the other. The doors - front and back - and intervening walls stopped short of the floor by some twelve inches and there was duck boarding over the tiled floor. The cubicles themselves were really designed for one person, but it was not unusual to witness sharing.

We both wore our trunks under our clothes to speed up the changing process (underpants were in our rolled-up towels). During this, we said very little but communicated much. The atmosphere was electric and we seemed to know what the other was thinking.

After about half an hour's splashing, diving and ducking, we returned to our cubicle exhausted. I dried Ken's hair and back - isn't this the sort of thing 'big brothers' did for their 'little brothers'? - and we began to dress. Ken put on his vest and slipped his sopping wet trunks off. He wrung them out on the floor and the excess water ran away down the communal gully. The next few minutes will be forever indelibly emblazoned on my mind. Ken put down his damp trunks and turned to face me. I enfolded him in my arms and hugged him to me. His arms snaked around my waist. We stood there for a few seconds, locked in the tight embrace, that soft, scented fragrance that was peculiar to Ken, filling my nostrils and inflaming my passions once more. Ken looked up into my eyes, with a wicked gleam in his, and smiling that radiant smile. He said simply,

'I wasn't satisfied yesterday.' His meaning was clear and as he stepped away slightly, I could see his erection protruding from beneath his short white vest. I was still naked, and I too had become aroused. For the second time in sixteen hours I put my left arm round Ken and took hold of him with my right. I reached down and took his stiff little uncircumcised nob in my hand. God, it was so hard! I wanked him slowly. As I gripped his stiffy, he let out an evocative sigh and thrust his little hips forward. I saw to it that he had full satisfaction as he stood there - isn't this the sort of thing 'big brothers' did for their 'little brothers'?

After that, we saw each other frequently. Sometimes we'd go down to the woods together - occasionally with Charlie - or we'd just sit at his house when his parents were out, just masturbating. On one occasion when the three of us were in the woods, cocks out as usual, I was sitting next to Charlie on a low-slung tree branch. I glanced around, and there was Ken, erection in hand. There was a bead of transparent, sticky fluid glistening at the tip, and Ken was about to press it against my bum!

Ken took to visiting me regularly for 'help with his homework' and many were the times we were up in my bedroom doing it! As he was now a little older, both our 'homeworks' required a handkerchief! We never experimented with oral sex - I don't know why.

On one such occasion, I recall Ken saying,

'You know Mick, I don't do this with anyone else. Only...when I'm with you, I can't resist.'

Once, when we were lying next to each other on my bed, I kissed him on the cheek, but although he reciprocated, he didn't like it. Later, that day we were out on our bikes. Ken looked at me and said,

'I thought you'd gone soft back there when you snogged me.'

'Well, you snogged me back,' I responded defensively.

'Yeah...well...' he was lost for words.

Life with Ken was great. I'd found my 'little brother'. I told Fr Tony about my newfound love, and he was pleased for me but as Ken was not a Catholic, I never introduced him to the Boys' Club.

However, the course of true love never runs smooth. Ken's and my relationship was less than a year old, when he broke some shattering news to me. His family was moving to Essex, where his parents were taking a job as house-parents at a children's home. I was devastated. We stayed in touch and shortly after I left school, I took a job in London's East End. Whilst there, Ken visited me and we again 'did our homework' at least once more - for old times sake! Neither of us could resist.

I remained in touch with Ken for a long time, but lost contact towards the end of the 60s.

Over forty years elapsed before I was to be in touch with him again; I renewed communication with him via a social website. Whole lifetimes had passed by in the interim.



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