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Ken and My Nipples

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In the spring after my 15th birthday, the hormones raging through my puberty ridden body had caused me to develop what I now know is gynecomastia..or puffy nipples. I was completely embarrassed by my new large girly like nipples, and shunned anything that might require me to go shirtless.

I was at my best friends house one warm Saturday, and he was excited because his Dad had opened their pool. He suggested we go for a swim, and I declined. When he pressed me, I finally admitted I was embarrassed to take me shirt off. Ken was very puzzled, and told me he had seen my shirtless hundreds of times, that it wasnt a big deal, but I still declined. He pulled his shirt off, and I noticed his body had changed too over the winter, he was more muscular, and his nipples were larger, but not nearly the size of mine, nor puffy. He reached over to my T-shirt, and started to pull it up, telling me to show him. I stopped him at first, but finally relented. I sat on his bed, shirtless and ashamed, as he stared at my large puffy pink nipples.

Wow ... they are big, they are big, he said. I closed my eyes wanting to die. I felt him touch my left nipple with his fingertip, and he said, Do they hurt? I shook my head as he traced his finger around it. I told him to stop that they were really sensitive. As I was reaching over to grab my shirt, he whispered I think they look really hot and then he leaned into me, and licked my nipple. I felt a bolt go down my spine, and he pulled back slightly, I could feel his warm breath on my chest. He leaned in again and put my entire nipple into his mouth and gently sucked it. I had never felt such a great sensation in my life. And leaned back onto his bed as he sucked first one then the other nipple. I placed my hand on his head, and directed him back and forth, as I rubbed my hard dick through my shorts. I felt his hand run down my stomach, and onto the bulge in my shorts. As he felt my crotch, I glanced over at his shorts, and so he was hard too. I reached over and rubbed it, and he looked up at me, didnt say anything, unbuttoned his shorts quickly pulled them down, then went back to gently sucking my nipples. I squirmed, because it felt so good, I could barely stand it. I pulled my shorts down onto my thighs, and he grabbed my dick and started to slowly jerk me off. It was less than 30 seconds when I knew I was going to cum, and with one last slurping sound, it took me over, and I had the strongest orgasm of my life. I dont normally shoot, just seep out, but not that time. I sent volley after volley up to my chest, and the side of his face, as he kept sucking my nipples. I pulled his lips off me, I couldn't stand it anymore, and he leaned back and started to jerk off. I leaned over and licked his nipple, repeating what he did for me, and he too came quickly, his sperm pooled on his stomach.

He smiled at me, told me he loved my nipples, then said lets clean up and go swim.

It was the first time I had ever done anything with a guy, (or a girl for that matter), and I was surprised I didnt feel any guilt about what had happened. In fact I felt good about it. Ken and I swam for a while, then he gave me an evil look, whispered he wanted to do it again, and left the pool for his room. After a bathroom trip, I went in his room, and he was butt naked sprawled on his bed. His dick was hard, and bounced up and down gently just below his navel as he breathed. I pulled my wet shorts off, hard from the sight in front of me, and slide in next to Ken. I held the back of his neck as he slobbered on my nipples, and rubbed his chest and groin with my other hand. I jerked him off, feeling the wetness of his precum, he moaned he was close, and I picked up the pace, when he yelped, gently bit down on my hard nipple and came into my fist. Feeling his cum, and the last nip, sent me into orgasm, without even touching myself. We laid there catching our breath, and Ken dipped his finger into my cum, then rubbed it into my nipple.

While that was the only time I came without being touched, Ken and I did it countless times that summer. I swear he was obsessed by my nipples. Fortunately for me, bad for him, by the end of the summer the lumps were gone, and my nipples while still large, were finally flat again. We never jerked off again after that.



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