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Ken and I Show Off

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Ken if you ever reads this, I'd love to hear the story from your perspective...


I went to an all-boys school and although many of us (myself included) had girlfriends from neighbouring schools in our senior years, there was a widespread and somewhat competitive interest in each other's bodies. So of course I'd heard about the new boy, Ken, and his allegedly prodigious endowment. But as he stepped into the shower beside me after sports, I had my first chance to check him out with my own eyes. Long and thick, his flaccid penis swayed heavily between his thighs. Shit! I'd just gotten to the age where instead of being teased for the size of my dick, I was envied for it. But now, looking at the donger on Ken, I realised that here was someone who was at least as big as me - maybe even bigger!

It was obvious as we soaped up that we were both checking each other out. In the weeks that followed, we often ended up standing next to each other in the showers (other guys were usually reluctant to). We would openly look at each other, even making comments about each other's relative sizes, which seemed to change week by week, although his usually looked bigger to me.

One day, I gave myself a little tug and turned round to him to say, 'Hey, check this out.'

'Ha ha - you cheat!' he laughed, and started to stroke himself a little bit so that he'd measure up. But I guess he overdid it because within a few seconds he was sporting an enormous erection that pointed out straight and horizontal like a signpost.

'Jesus Christ, Ken!' I blurted, and he rushed out of the shower in embarrassment, but not quickly enough to stop everyone noticing.

Within days word had spread and Ken was being nick-named the 'Dirk Diggler of the shower room.' I caught up with him after school one day and we went round to his place. We had a laugh about what had happened and he said, 'You got me into all this trouble you bastard,'

I just replied, 'Rubbish - you love it 'Dirk'!'

Then I said, 'You made your point though; I'm not sure I can compete with that.'

'Well,' he said, 'I don't know about that. I bet you've got a pretty massive hard-on'. I was already getting excited so I stood up and showed him the outline of my hardening cock through the material of my trousers.

'Oh come on Jamie,' he protested, and unzipped himself right there and then. 'Look at this,' he said proudly as he released his cock, making it grow with a few strokes of his hand until it was fully hard.

'Fucking hell!' I thought. It was so long that when he lifted his shirt, I saw that it extended above his navel! I immediately dropped my trousers and revealed my own erection, which was so hard that it looked bigger than its normal eight inches, and very fat.

'You're one hung son-of-a-bitch,' he grinned. 'No wonder you've got such a fit girlfriend. I bet Karen loves that!'

'Ooo yeah,' I replied, and we spent nearly an hour comparing our sizes and wanking techniques while swapping stories of our sexual experiences.

We started doing this quite regularly, usually once a week. As I had always suspected, Ken's cock was a bit bigger than mine overall, mainly because of his superior length. There wasn't much to choose between us in width, but I consistently measured more than six inches in circumference and just about had an edge on him except for those occasions when he was maximally hard. Sometimes, we even satisfied our mutual curiosity about what it would be like to hold each other's big cocks and stroke them till we both shot our loads, though it never went further than that.

We became good friends for a year or so, but we stopped hanging out when he bedded Karen just after she and I had split up. At the time, I was broken-hearted and resented him expanding our competition in this way. Afterall, he had a wide choice of girls after the 'Dirk Diggler in the shower' story spread to all the local girls' schools.

I even avoided standing next to him in the showers because my imagination ran wild with graphic images of him, and the woman I still loved, being naked together and fucking like mad. As well as making me insanely jealous, I found it gave me an embarrassing stiffy.

Now of course, I wish I'd been more grown-up about it and exploited the obvious opportunities the situation presented. Ken and I lost touch, but I still fantasize about wanking off with him and imagining all the girls we could have shared.



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