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Kelvins First Time

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Hi all, I submitted a story on 2 May 2005 titled 'The Cleaner' see the link below. This coming story happened on May 9, 2005.


It was about 9:00 pm when I received a call from Kelvin while I was at home alone watching some TV. He said he found out that his girlfriend was seeing another man recently and he was feeling very very down. He asked me if I was free to talk and I said that he can come to my place as it will be more comfortable rather than meeting somewhere else. He said fine, and said he would reach my house in about an hour.

I have known Kelvin for about ten years, but we are not really close to each other. We bumped into each other many times when we did not plan to meet. He is the same age as me, slightly shorter, about 1.70 metre and has a very good body shape. He has a pair of single eyelips and making his eyes quite small, but very oriental (we are asians!)

So, Kelvin reached my place at about 10:00 pm and I brought him to my bedroom as it has air-conditioning. We sat on the bed and the conversation began. He told me that he was feeling down, sad and also very frustrated about what the g/f had done. I asked him if he had been having fun with other girls while he is having this current g/f and he said he did, but as long as the g/f didn't find out, everything would be fine. I told him to talk to the g/f about this matter the next day as I didn't think I could help much with it.

After about twenty minutes, I was changing channels on the TV as there wasn't a good program to watch. Kelvin asked me if I have hardcore movies to watch. I said yes and took out a few discs for him to choose. He chose a Japanese one and I played it in a VCD player. Soon, while watching a cute Japanese lady jacking the man's dick in the movie, my dick was so hard, even though I have watched the movie so many times. I didn't know about Kelvin as I didn't see a big bulge on his crotch when I turned my head to have a quick look on his crotch.

Actually, to be frank, I didn't expect anything to happen with Kelvin when we were having the conversation. But since I was getting so horny and my eight inch dick was throbbing to explosion, I suddenly wanted to feel Kelvin's dick or have a mutual wanking session with him. So, I asked him if he minded me masturbating as I couldn't hold on anymore. He said by all means, as he sure wanted to cum also. So, I pulled down my shorts and Kelvin pulled down his. I was surprised to see that Kelvin's cock was very thin with a diameter of an inch at the most. Length was about five inches. When he saw mine, he was quite shocked! He said he has seen some guys having hardons in the public swimming pool toilet, but none as big as mine. I told him that mine was slightly bigger than the average asian's dick.

So, we started stroking our own dicks slowly. I asked Kelvin if he was feeling good and he said he would feel better if his girlfriend was there to play with his nipples. I said I could help and used my right hand to play with his left nipple (he was sitting on my right on the bed). Immediately, he closed his eyes and moaned. I knew that he was feeling good, then stopped my own left hand wanking and pushed his hand away from his dick. I started masturbating for him. I was quite surprised that he did not stop me from that.

I got more and more bold since Kelvin did not reject my actions at all. I moved to his front and started licking his nipples. He moaned even louder. During this, he was oozing lots of precum. About two minutes later, he cummed and shot loads onto my hand. As I was so horny then, I didn't care much. He told me that he had never done anything with a guy before in his whole life and he really had a good time.

Since my dick was still hard, Kelvin said he would do me the favor by masturbating for me. I think he really did a wonderful handjob as I cummed in less than a minute.

After we cleaned up, Kelvin said he had to leave and wanted to borrow some XXX discs from me. He said he will return them to me in about two weeks time, AT MY PLACE. I guess I will have a good time again when Kelvin brings the discs back to me. Looking forward to that...



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