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Keeping Quiet

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I'm a virgin, but not at all a prude. I try my best every night to make time to take care of myself. But it's never as intense as I'd like it to be. My younger brother is in the room adjacent to mine, and I'm a loud moaner, when I cum, a screamer. As you can imagine this makes it very difficult to get serious. But sometimes, well sometimes I can manage.

Tonight was one of those times.

After tapping into my personal rum supply I was naturally very horny. I stripped down to my underwear as I watched myself in the mirror. I recently gained a few pounds, but I carry my weight in my butt and thighs. They looked fuller. I gave myself a nice hard smack on the ass and grabbed hold of it, yup definitely fuller.

After peeling off my wet panties, I laid down in my bed. Usually I pull the covers over myself, but I was just too hot in this premature summer weather, I was already beginning to sweat. I felt down my waist to my thighs. I pulled them apart and traced my fingers back up to my nipples. As I flicked and tugged on them, my breathing got heavier, my pussy was drenched and aching to be touched. I couldn't wait anymore. My hand made its way down to my clit and two fingers rubbed it softly, slowly in circles. I let out a sigh, usually the loudest I get on a night when everyone is home. Well, like I said, tonight was different.

I took out my vibrator. It's not very big, 7 in long and 1 in diameter, but that was on purpose. I didn't want my pussy to be stretched out before I lost my virginity, because, well wheres the fun in that? I turned it on full speed and placed it on the left side of my clit, The sensitive side. I sighed a little louder this time. I pushed the vibrator on my clit, then released. Push, release, push, release. I pulsed on like that forever, imagining it was my boyfriend's tongue driving me over the edge. And over I went, I let out a moan against my will as I came, squirting on my sheets. Damn.I just washed them. Oh, but by no means was I done.

Now I just ached to have something inside of me. I slipped the tip of my vibrator down my slit, now soaked with my own cum. I teased myself like that for a minute before pushing the toy inside me. After a few days without any personal action, I was tight. I had to shove a bit to get it inside of myself, even though it's so small. It went a little bit deeper than I anticipated, I gasped. Then moaned. It felt so fucking good that I just stopped caring who would hear me. I fucked myself as hard as I could. Fuck, I never felt anything so good in my life. I moaned louder. Fucked harder. I was suddenly scared my brother would walk in, but I couldn't stop. The pressure was building, and I found myself closer and closer to cumming again. I pulled out the vibrator. It was coated in my juices, white and creamy this time. I wasn't about to let that go to waste.

I licked up the side of it, and back down the other, then shoved it back inside of myself. Still moaning, now writhing and bucking, I fucked myself so hard that it hurt. I like it when it hurts. I fantasied about my ass getting smacked and my hair getting pulled as I was being fucked from behind, and that was it. Screaming all the while,I went over the edge, one of the most powerful orgasms of my sexual lifetime.

After being unable to move for about 15 minutes, I got up and checked to see if my brother woke up.

He was sound asleep.



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