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Kaylie Showering at My House

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I have to be one of the luckiest guys in the world. I have always been the laid-back type; I don't mind not having a girlfriend, since they only seem to get in the way. However, down the street, there lives one of the most drop-dead gorgeous girls ever to grace my eyes. At seventeen years old, she has a delicate frame, and is all-American with just the slightest flair of Japanese. From her beautifully curved thighs, to her supple breasts and face warming smile, there is nothing about this girl which is not amazing.

I would always see her at school, and would chat with her on occasion, enchanted by her blue eyed gaze. We never became much closer than this, until one summer day after school. We were walking along the side of the road together talking about teachers, homework, and other such topics, until she blushed a shade of rose and asked if it would be alright for her to come to my house to catch a shower, since her house was being remodeled. Was it okay with me? You have no idea how 'okay' that sounded to me.

When we got into my house, she dropped her bag and purse off in the hallway and I showed her to the bathroom. She thanked me and closed the door. I wandered off into my room, my mind drifting off, imagining her washing her body in the very same place I did everyday. Lost in this state of illusion, my hand wandered down to my boxers, and I began to massage my growing cock. After what I'm sure was only a few minutes, she had finished her shower, but oblivious as I was, I didn't realize this until my door swung open, and the object of my fantasy was staring at me with wide eyes and deeply blushing behind a beach towel.

'Dustin, I- I-, I didn't know you were in here. I don't mean to interrupt your fun, there.' Snapping out of my trance, I managed a 'Uh, it's okay!' before my mouth pretty much locked up. But by this time, her attitude had changed from one of surprise to one of devilish interest. She leaned forward, the beach towel dropping a few inches. 'Do you always do that when you think of me?'

Astonished, I tried to spew out a few words to explain myself, but she wasn't letting me get around the question. 'It's hard not to...' I said. My voice was beginning to return. Without another word, she sat down beside me and let her towel slide off her chest, and placed my left hand on her left breast. This was one girl who would never have needed a bra, if you know what I mean. She reached down to my boxers and began to gently squeeze my hardon. I softly pinched her nipple, and she gasped softly. With one hand, she was jerking me off, and with the other hand, she was teasing her clit and rubbing her pussy in a way very unlike her personality. No words were being said at this point. I was beginning to lose control as this angel of a girl was masturbating both of us.

About thirty seconds later, she began to orgasm and was moaning louder than she had been throughout the entire few minutes. My bed was soaking wet from her pussy. That was it for me. Still holding her breast, I started to cum more intensely than ever in my life, coating her hand and tummy, and holding my breath. When the room had stopped spinning, I looked into her eyes and she just gave me a kiss on the lips, and then asked me to help her get dressed. After cleaning up, I happily (but sadly) obliged, and she blew a kiss to me as she walked out the door, but not after telling me she'd be back later that night. But I'll leave that story for another time...



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