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As a teenager I was lucky that my parents were able to afford a property with a pool in the back yard. Often during the summer we would take a dip along with my sister Julie who was four years younger than me. The summer I turned eighteen was a hot one and having no job before going off to university, I spent most days with friends or hanging by the pool. The first real hot day I decided to catch some rays and settled into the sun lounger. I didn't want white legs half way down my thighs, so l put my Speedos on. The soft, stretchy lycra hugged my cock nicely and it felt warm in the sun. With both parents at work and my sister at her friends house, I was looking forward to a relaxing day.

Half an hour on, the silence was rudely interrupted by Julie and her friend Kayleigh (we always called her K). They announced they were going for a dip and went inside to change. Several minutes later they emerged. Julie had her one-piece on but K had a white bikini. It showed all her growing curves in the right places and she looked damn hot! They splashed about in the pool for a while before Julie announced they were going to sunbathe. I looked up just as K came out of the pool. Her little white bikini had turned virtually transparent and I could see the dark area around her nipples which were like little bullets now. Her bikini bottoms didn't hide much either and I could see the cleft of her pussy with a few wisps of hair above it. They lay on some towels a short way from me and looking through the bottom of my sunglasses I managed to steal a few glances at K. By now my cock was rock hard and I made a subtle adjustment as it lay flat on my stomach threatening to poke through the waisband of my Speedos.

Eventually Julie said she was going to the local store for some cans of drink, but K decided she would stay. A few minutes after Julie left I felt the sun being blocked from me. I looked up to see K standing next to me. 'Watcha doing?' she asked. 'I'm trying to get some rays' I answered. With that, she straddled my legs and sat astride my thighs, her hands on my shoulders. 'What do you want?' I asked her. She replied 'I'm bored', at which point she leant forward and kissed me. 'Whoa', I said, 'You're my sisters friend'. K replied 'Don't you think I'm attractive then?'. 'Well, yes of course' I said. 'I saw you looking at me' K said as she shuffled forward and her bikini clad pussy settled on my hard cock.

'This feels nice' K said as she began to rock forwards and backwards, her pussy cleft now rubbing against the hard underside of my cock. 'Do you know what you're doing?' I asked K. She replied 'Oh, yes' and carried on grinding her pussy against my cock. I reached up and held her breasts whilst running my thumb across her hard little nipples. 'Oh that feels good' said K as she closed her eyes and continued forcing her pussy upon my cock. I slid her bikini top up and began rubbing her young breasts. She looked down at me with half closed eyes as her grinding became vigorous. I was softly pinching her little nipples as her motions upon my cock became faster. Suddenly she threw her head back, tensed her leg muscles and began shuddering into orgasm. Letting out a low moan she flopped against my bare chest, her breast against me.

After a minute or so she leant back up, repositioned her bikini top and began to climb off. 'Wait' I said, 'What about me'. K looked down at my Speedos which were now damp with her juices. She grabbed them on each side and slid them down my thighs freeing my hard cock. Holding my cock just under the head she began jerking me off. I grabbed her breasts again, my cock now leaking pre-cum. 'Cum for me' she said, 'Cum for little Kayleigh'. My groin was now tingling and I could feel myself about to orgasm. Suddenly several ropes of cum spewed from my cock just missing my face and landing on the sun chair next to my head. 'Oh my God' said K, 'I've never seen cum fly like that'. She looked surprised, but I felt drained. We both stood up and she kissed me again saying 'Thanks'. We had several more episodes like that and we started dating a few years later.



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