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Kathy Shows Us

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I had just got back from summer camp a few years ago. I had a wonderful time for a whole month. Although we did lots of neat things I had one experience that my older sister Charlotte(20) said I should share with Solo Touch. It was she who showed me this site.

There were eight of us girls assigned to one cabin. Each night before lights out we would all talk about a bunch of stuff but sooner or later the talk would get to sex stuff and boys. I learned that three of the girls masturbated and five of us had yet to try it. One night we were again talking about jilling and one of the three girls offered to show the rest of us how to jill. I couldn't believe this girl (Kathy) was actually going to do something like that in front of us.

We got real quiet at that point and Kathy began to remove all of her clothes. She had a great body for a fourteen year old girl. Her tits were fairly small and so were her areolas but her nips were real thick. Kathy lay on her back on the bunk and spread her legs and lifted up her knees. The inside of her pussy was reddish. She let one of the girls touch her and feel her wetness. She said that was because she was sexually excited.

Kathy then showed us her clit which was also red and looked kind of swollen. She said that by rubbing her clit over and over she could make herself feel real good. She said that was what cumming was about. We watched her rubbing her clit for over five minutes. All of a sudden her body got real tense and she arched her back. You could easily tell that something was happening to her. She made a little grunting sound and then totally calmed down. She was panting. Kathy then asked us if any of us wanted to try it. I've never been shy and at this point I was so aroused by what I had just seen that I immediately volunteered.

I have a good body so I didn't mind other girls seeing me naked. I took off my bra but I don't know why. I guess because Kathy did. I laid on my back with my legs up and spread apart. I put my fingers between my legs. Not only was I wet but the wetness was sticky. I slowly pulled my hand away and strings of clear goo were between my pussy and my fingers. Yuck!! The other girls eyes were totally focused on my puss as I rubbed my clit after I found it. All of a sudden I felt this intense feeling between my legs and in the pit of my stomach. It very rapidly got stonger and I thought I was going to pee myself. It felt terrific. I had achieved my very first orgasm.

You can be sure that I wasn't the only one who enjoyed their first orgasm that night.

The next day Kathy pulled me aside and told me I had a great body. I thanked her and returned the compliment. She then asked if I would like her to jill me. I didn't hesitate and told her I would like that.

I'll save that for another story but I will tell you that that's all I thought about the next day.

Since I let Kathy do it to me later I thought maybe I was a lesbian but my sister said I probably wasn't and that she does it with girls/women also and she's not a lesbian. I've never yet let a boy touch me though.



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