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Kate Watching Me

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Kate is planning to move out soon, I hope she will let me watch her before she goes.


I have a cousin Kate, who is two years younger than I am. Our parents would always send us to my Grandmothers farmhouse for the summer. As Kate's family lived far away from mine, this was the only time I ever had a chance to see her. When we were kids, we were very close; kindred spirits as they say, but this changed when I hit puberty. I wanted to hang out with the older kids and she wanted to do other things.

The summer I was 15 and Kate was 13 was a different story. She had begun to develop and I was very turned on by her, although I knew it was wrong. The distance between us seemed to have dissipated and we were back to being best friends again.

I spent many nights at the farm masturbating thinking about her in the next room. As there were many people at the farm most days, I had learned to masturbate very slowly as not to make any noise or cause the old iron bunk bed to shake. I rest the head of my dick in the palm of my right hand and slowly stroke the skin up and down the shaft of my penis with my left hand. The trick for me is to keep the cadence constant and I can have a very prolonged and strong orgasm.

One day we had been running around in our bathing suits, washing a car or something I remember Kate was wearing a one-piece, dark red bathing suit. She did not realize it but it became see-through when it was wet. I squirted her with the hose directly in the crotch so I could get a look at her pussy. Afterwards, we went inside to watch TV. We started wrestling over something and I, purely by accident, slid my hand up between her legs, under her bathing suit and stuck a finger into her vagina. I remember feeling the resistance from her lips before it was in a warm, wet place. I quickly pulled my hand back and Kate gave me a strange look but pretended it did not happen. That was the first time I ever touched a woman's vagina and it provided much masturbation fantasy material over the years.

That was over 25 years ago. I have recently gone through a divorce that caused me much pain. Kate never married and had been somewhat unhappy in her personal life. After having almost no communication for most of that time we started e-mailing each other every week.

Most recently, she has been employed as a public health worker, creating sexual education programs for schools in Alaska but the funding for her projects has been cut. I offered her the chance to come and live with me in Texas as she wanted to work on a book project and I was lonely in my now empty home.

Kate is a completely different person from what I expected. She is a large woman, tall at 5'11', but well proportioned, with wide hips and full breasts; far from the skinny girl in the red bathing suit I remember.

Living alone and not having a girlfriend means I masturbate. One Sunday morning, after Kate had been living with me for about three weeks, I was masturbating in my room with the TV on. I was not paying any attention to the Weather Channel as I had my penis well lubed and was getting close to orgasm when Kate knocked on the door, hearing the TV and thinking I was awake. Startled, I said 'hang on' or something but she believed I said 'come in' and she walked in on me before I had a chance to cover up.

I was nude, sitting up in the center of the bed, with the sheets and covers all pulled back as I did not want to get lube and semen on them. I just held my hand over my dick but there was no hiding the large purple bottle of lube beside me.

With a perfectly straight face, Kate said; 'I was going to ask if you wanted breakfast but I see you are busy'. She sat down on the edge of the bed and smiled.

'So what-ca doing?, Cuz'; was her next question.

'Masturbating'; was my lame reply.

'Don't let me stop you'

By now my erection had gone soft but my penis was still very sensitive. I put more lube on my hand and began to squeeze my foreskin over the head as this always gets me hard. Soon I was taking full strokes on my erect penis again.

The whole time, I looked at Kate, not at my dick as I normally do; she on the other hand never took her eyes off my penis.

I came very quickly and ejaculated a large amount of semen onto my belly and chest.

Kate let out a sigh and thanked me for sharing this with her as she said liked to watch her men masturbate. She told me that when she takes a lover, and she has had many, she always had him masturbate before making love to her. This way she can tell if he is in touch with his body. If he can't or won't; she will not have sex with him.

We have not shared any sexual experiences since that day but she always seems to know when I am masturbating and has asked 'was that a good one?, when I emerge from my room.

Having a woman I can't touch in the house has been a struggle for me. Each time she bends over to pick something up I see myself taking her from behind. I have sniffed her underwear many times and one day went through her things looking for dildos or something. I felt very guilty about this and have not done anything like that since. I believe she would watch me again if I asked but I have not done that.

I have started to go to a local massage parlor for stress relief but that is a story for another day.



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