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Karen and I

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Last summer I started working part-time for a forty year old woman who had recently encountered some mobility problems due to a car accident. I was to work all of July and August. I came to her house four times a week for about three hours each day. My responsibilities were many and varied including doing the grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning etc.

On the third week Karen asked me to help her get in and out of the shower stall. She said she could do this herself but it took a lot of effort. It became real clear to me then that Karen had an outstanding figure. It was impossible not to take notice of her body and in particular her exceptionally thick and long nipples. Just guessing I would say her nipples projected out nearly an inch. Karen caught me several times looking at her tits or her hairless pussy. Truth be told, I was sexually aroused when I would look at Karen's body and quite often I would later masturbate with a vision of Karen in my minds eye.

Then it happened. As I helped her out of the shower stall Karen asked me if I would please dry her off. As I dried her with the towel I was getting aroused big time and I lingered a bit while towelling her tits. I could feel her long nipples even through the towel. Much to my amazement, they were very hard. I knew right then that she was aroused. At that moment Karen looked me right in the eye and said, 'Would you like to feel them?' A huge surge of excitement raced through my body and right down to my lower belly and my pussy. I most definitely wanted to touch them. I told her I did and she smiled and took the towel from me.

I stood there and squeezed her tits and played with her nipples. Karen told me to suck on them and I did. First one and then the other. I sucked hard and then I flicked the nipple with my tongue over and over. It was so very hard. Karen pulled my head away from her chest and asked me if I would like to do more. I just nodded. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was going to have sex with a grown woman. I was now way beyond excited. In her bedroom Karen told me to take off my clothes. She looked at my nipples and said, 'their cute.' She then said, 'I'm going to make you feel real good and then I'm going to make you cum. After that you will do the same to me and make me cum.' I said, 'OK.'

We got on her bed and Karen kissed me deeply on the mouth and then she began fondling my tits and my nipples. I was so physically and emotionally excited that a squirt of pee came out of me. Karen told me to get a towel from the bathroom and clean myself. I was so embarrassed. I got back onto the bed and Karen started to suck on my very hard nipples. She would suck on one and fondle the other. She started kissing me all over my chest and my belly and fingered my outer pussy lips.

By now I was bucking my hips as though I were having sex with the air. She then told me to turn over and she began kissing my rear. She spread my butt cheeks and used her finger to tease my hole. It sent shivers through my whole body each time her finger touched the hole. All of a sudden I felt something entering me and I realized Karen was putting her finger up my butt. She told me to try not to clench my hole. Slowly she moved her finger in and out of my hole and it felt wonderful. She finally pulled her finger out and I asked her to do it some more. She continued for at least another two minutes. (I later purchased a large dildo so I could do it to myself at home. I hid it in a real good place).

I thought I would now turn over onto my back but Karen wasn't done. She slapped my butt cheek quite hard and my rear tingled a little. She asked me if I had ever been spanked and I told her I hadn't. She said if I didn't like this then she would immediately stop. I was so aroused I probably would have said yes to anything. Each slap stung a little bit but I also felt tingly and invigorated if that makes any sense. the slaps were hard and loud with about ten seconds between each. I received twenty on each cheek. I then turned over and Karen told me to raise my knees and open my legs. She began to finger me and I could hear the wet noises as she went in and out. I could feel her adding another finger and then a third.

After about two minutes of this I had the most powerful orgasm ever. I just laid there panting. Now it was my turn to please Karen and I tried to do everything to her that she did to me. I couldn't get enough of those nipples. Even though she was flat on her back her nipples were pointing straight up at the ceiling. When I had her turn over I asked her if she wanted to be spanked and she said, 'most definitely.' She received a total of fifty slaps from me and I did it real hard. I continued to sexually stimulate Karen until she achieved an orgasm. There was lots of bodily fluid and Karen reached down and got quite a bit on her fingers. She put her fingers to my mouth and told me to suck it off which I did. I gagged a few times after swallowing it but I was OK. During the month of August Karen and I had sex about six more times. Each time I would shower before going home so that I didn't smell like sex. I could never explain that to mom.

The summer ended and I started college. Each time I came home for a visit I would visit with Karen and we continue to have sex to this day. Karen now uses a wooden ruler to spank me and I take fifty strokes. I totally love it. I'm not a lesbian but I can't imagine sex being any better with a guy. Time will tell I guess. As I write this I am sitting here at my computer and squeezing my nipples and wishing I were with Karen. OMG she makes me feel so so good.



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