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Just Yesterday!!!

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I didn't think I'd be writing again this quickly.


I've written before about my experiences at school and didn't expect to have anything to say again this quickly!

Just yesterday I was sitting in my bedroom with my family downstairs. I was on my PC and looked over at my calendar. There was a picture some hot lass in a Jacuzzi, the bubbles rippling up her thighs, wetting her white top so it went transparent revealing her round pert breasts and erect nipples. She had one of those come hither looks on her face as she licked her lips.

I eventually turned my attention back to my game, but crashed and couldn't be bothered to start again. I sat and just stared at the calendar. Stuff it I thought to myself and I put a pillow in front of the door. Usually with pillows, if you try and open the door, they slide under the gap and stop it dead.

So I pulled the lever on the chair and the back rest went back. I went to some of my favourite sites this one included, and enjoyed. I started getting hard and took my officially eight inch dick out and began stroking the precum around the head of my dick.

My older brothers room is next to mine and I know he keeps a DVD hidden behind the radiator and gets it out with one of his bars for weight lifting that's hooked or something. I know he uses the porn because his beds against my wall and he's a bit careless with the knocking against my wall and the inevitable whimpers.

Anyway I hobbled into his room, my trousers round my knees, holding them up at the back with my hand. In there picked a bar up and fished this DVD out while holding my trousers up. He wasn't in so I wasn't worried and I would hear anyone coming. It took a while but I got it and hobbled back into my room.

I put the DVD in the PC and as it started, I played with what was now just a semi. The film began with all usual cheesy script that led to sex in a totally unconvincing way. Some guy got sprayed with 'loveness' and became instantly horny powerless to spurn the advances of six beautiful women. As they got naked I got hard and started stroking my head, I heard the front door click downstairs and I jumped, but whoever it was just went into the living room.

I carried on, the film carried on, there was a lesbian scene and an anal sex scene. I was long since rock hard and wanking hard. Wanking now days seems to take a lot out of me. I go really red in the face and I'm absolutely knackered afterwards.

Perhaps someone could help me in seeing if this is normal. Perhaps titling their story 'In response to Sam just yesterday!!!' or something like that. But anyway, when I get into wanking I become very tense and focused on the matter in hand. As I get more excited I get faster and writhe in pleasure, panting my breathing becomes erratic and loud so in attempts to keep from being heard I have to taking deep breaths in through my nose and then breath out through my mouth and try to control by pinning my lips together almost. I become very red in the face, warm all over, clench my teeth, stop breathing, lower my shin right down to my collar bone and tense every muscle in my body as I cum which takes seemingly forever.

The tingling sensations begin and all this warm feeling drops from my chest and neck into my stomach suddenly so I spasm and find myself arcing over my fist which would be going lighting fast. Once it's in my stomach it's like I have to push with my stomach muscles downwards as I writhe forcing the pleasure to intensify. The pleasure itself is so intense I'm scared to carry on but once I start, which I HAVE to by the way, I can't stop.

It's out of my hands so to speak. I find myself heaving involuntarily wanking as fast as I can, tensing EVERY muscle I poses, even thrusting my crotch back and forth and an attempt to push it out. Then When it does it's like this amazing release it just explodes in front of me as my dick twitches uncontrollably, if I'm standing up, my knees give way, but otherwise just turn to jelly. My legs still spasm and my entire chest and stomach tense up so hard I can't not give out a sudden involuntary call followed by the inevitable gasp as I can't open my eyes because they have been jammed shut since my stomach started twitching! Does anyone else find this or am I a freak for reacting so extremely?

Anyway I was tugging away and enjoying it stopping every now and then because I was waiting for my favourite part of the movie, which is second to last scene. The last scene is a kind of weak orgy where everybody comes in like two seconds. Just before it though, this woman walks over to this car mechanic who is under a car working on it. He doesn't know she's there until she slips her hands in his overalls and starts playing with his dick.

When I see this, I visualise that I am that guy. But anyway, her hand rummages and you see his face contort in pleasure as she undoes his overalls and jeans that he's wearing underneath and starts sucking his cock. This scene had just begun and my hand went insane as she sat on his cock and started bouncing up and down on it, this guy under the car going mad and his boss watches from his office having a tug.

IF THERE WAS A BAD TIME FOR MY BROTHERS MATE TO WALK IN IT WAS THEN!!! I HAD ONLY FORGOTTEN TO PUT THE PILLOW BACK IN FRONT OF THE DOOR HADN'T I?! Well the door swung open and standing in the doorway was my brother's mate. We can call him Tod. The porn played as everyone in it made noises of ecstasy over Tods gaping mouth and stark stare at me. My shocked bright red panting face leered back at his.

'UH Sam!' he started letting the door close though I could tell he was just standing outside the door. I took the opportunity to pull my jeans up and some of the loudest thudding came up the stairs so quickly I couldn't turn the porn off. My brother opens the door saying as he did, 'Lunch will be done in...'-he didn't finish his sentence.

He just looked at me, with my trousers up to my relief, and then my PC screen. I just about died as the woman said to the guy in the office, 'get over here and fuck me!' Then my brother looked back at me, and I think at my bulging crotch. How my erection had remained through all that I don't know. My brother, we can call him Bill, looked back at Tod and grinned then at me. Believe it or not this only took a minute or so, though it felt like years to me.

As he grinned at me I looked at the floor, 'Isn't that my porno for me wank off to?' he laughed. I nodded taking him seriously, and I heard Tod laughing and my door closing so I looked up. The woman was being two wayed now and Tod and Bill were watching it. I noticed Tod came in and closed the door. 'So this turns you on then does it.' Bill smiled, I didn't know what to do so I just nodded and Bill looked as if he could barely contain his laughter.

'Aren't you a bit young for this Sam?' Tod struggled to say through his laughter that he was trying to keep quiet. 'I'm 17' I replied as if it made a difference. 'Exactly, underage' he replied, 'And...' I said defiantly, but looking back at the floor immediately. I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed.

Bill sat behind me on my bed and Tod pulled a stool up while I was looking at the floor. I could tell they were moving about. Eventually I raised my head as the boss man came all over the woman's breasts. I looked from the screen to Tod who was fixated on the screen. When he realised I was looking at him he just said 'What, there isn't nothing wrong with pussy' he grinned.

I looked at Bill who was sitting on my bed leaning forward, 'It's mine, I can watch it if I want.' he said indignantly. I had no idea what to do so I just sat and watched the porn, fearful of whatever Bill and Tod were going to do. As the orgy scene started my erection was going slightly but with all those beautiful women on screen, I couldn't have lost it properly.

The scene had just got underway as the main characters started at it, and the room was beginning to full up with all these people who had been sprayed with 'loveness'.

'Mum said to tell you she was putting lunch on, and it'd be done at about half one, so that's three quarters of an hour?' Bill said from behind. I looked back at him. I had slid my knee up over my crotch in an attempt to look as if I was crossing my legs. He winked at me, 'Hey I saw your bulge when I walked in and you're not fooling me crossing your legs.' I didn't know what to do. 'You can put your leg down' Tod chirped. I looked at him. He was sitting with his legs open leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. From the angle I was at, I could see plainly his shockingly large erection in his jeans that looked uncomfortably trapped down his trouser leg.

I looked over at Bill in disgust, 'It's nothing to be ashamed of' he said leaning back revealing his erection similar to mine. 'Do you mind?' he said opening his trousers and taking his dick out. Still not knowing what to do, I just shook my head terrified. Tod, without my permission, did the same, and his was a little longer and far, far thicker than mine and Bill's, though Bill didn't seem to care.

'Hey we're not stopping you, it's natural.' Bill said from behind me in a huffy breath. He was going red like I do. So I guess it's genetic because Tod simply got a little breathless. For those who want to know, they're both jocks, completely ripped and twice as wide as me, though I'm taller than them both! I started fumbling underneath my jeans but it was painful, 'Oh just take it out!' Tod huffed in uncontrollable breath as he tugged away. I did and started going at it.

I became VERY excited, quicker than ever before, so I didn't notice what they were doing, but I accidentally came all over the monitor and keyboard. 'Uhh that's disgusting.' Tod grimaced as he slip one of MY socks off of his cock, it barely fit around his cock and was absolutely full of cum the thing was soaked and grey and still stinks now. I daren't take it to be washed. I looked over at Bill who was still at it, then back at Tod who just raised his eyebrows. When I looked back at Bill he had both hands on his dick and pumped until he came. The first squirt shot a little into the air and then fell to the carpet while the other squirts just ran down his knuckles.

He looked at his hand with a contented face, took a breath and looked around, saw my waste paper basket, and flicked his cum into it. Tod laughed, 'We've got some right cleaning up to do.'

Bill nodded, 'Sam, get some tissue paper will ya?' he said, so it was left to me to walk down the hall with my jelly knees and semi boner bulging in my tight jeans, hand covered in cum and to fetch some toilet paper from the toilet. I did and only narrowly dodged my mother who for whatever reason was coming out of her room.

I got back in there and handed out clumps of toilet paper. Bill and I cleaned up fully dressed, but Todd who had taken his jeans off was cleaning with his dick swinging annoyingly low between his legs. We were all half laughing, as we cleaned and my brother and I have a better understanding of each other now I think.

This morning I was in bed having my usual tug with usual creaking bed springs and knocking on the wall from the next room when I heard mums bedroom door click. Next thing I know I hear Bills voice in the hall saying, 'Sam's already up and ready.' and as I walked to the toilet I saw him and he winked at me saying, 'I thought you'd need a little extra time.' He folded his arms making sure I noticed his hand covered in cum, and then I noticed him taking a look at my hand.

We both were hiding bulges as usual but made less effort to hide them with it just being the two of us there. Well I'm not shy anymore.



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