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Just Recalled

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I have so many stories about jacking off its hard to single out just one but this should do.


I was trying to think of a memorable story and this one is good, and short.

In LA there was a modeling studio, actually I guess it was Hollywood. You go in pick a girl and get a private modeling room. At that time I liked blondes but the blonde gal was taken so I chose a petite latina girl. I have a seat and the gal takes off all her clothes and spreads her legs and shows me her pussy. All the time she's telling me to put my hand in my pants and rub my cock.

I don't know why but at that time I was modest and didn't want her to see my dick. Now, I'd just pull it out and start stroking it, I couldn't care less if the gal called for the police.

As I was watching her she started to rub her cunt like there was no tomorrow. And more than a few times she said how much she liked sex and how horny she was. I didn't have the heart to tell her what she was doing wasn't sex.

Now she says she's going to cum and for me to watch. Now I was pretty naive back then but I wasn't stupid. I figured she'd tell every guy that so they'd shoot a load and go. I wasn't having any of it.

The next thing I know she squirts out a gusher of cum, it must have squirted six inches, straight up. She pulls her shorts off and mops up her pussy.

Here is the memorable part, she didn't just do that once, she did it over six times! Each time there was less cum shooting from her pussy but each and every time she squirted!

The only reason she stopped was the manager yelled through the curtain the time was up. I guess it was half hour. So she had to come at least once every five minutes.

At the end she does one more quick rub for the finale and then stands up, walks over to me, puts her cunt at eye level and tells me to feel it. I dabble her clit for a minute and she then puts her shorts back on.

The rug under her, I'm sure needed to be replaced once a week, either that or a good steam vac.

Later that day, like all days, I'm sure I jacked off at least once.

Oh, and for all the guys out there that don't squirt out ropes of cum, for all the dribblers out there I'll give you some pointers. First thing store some up for a few days. Then jack it until you're just about to shoot. Then stop and start all over again. Do that until you can't stop it even after you try. Just lightly tease the head until the fuse is lit and there's no way to put it out. Then give it a few good strokes and watch the fireworks.

I did this today. I had sperm stored up for more than a week. The girl I was with at the end I titty fucked her after a good five minutes if teasing it, all the while she watched and shielded her face with one hand. She pushed her 38's around my cock and I let loose some cannon fire. The first rope of cum hit her in her neck and right ear. Then another across her neck, just under her chin. Two more gobs shot out and then one last stream a good foot long that hit her right eye and the cheek below it. I just love surprising new gals that don't know what my cock is capable of.

When I was eighteen I could shoot a two foot rope of cum that landed over six feet away. If I was on a bus I could shoot it on the girl across the way from me. Not that I ever did, just that it would have been possible.

I once saw a porno where Vicca got it in the face from a guy across the room. That could have been me. Just do what I told you. First jack off every day for a couple of months so your body gets used to replenishing your cowpers gland with semen. Once you stop jerking off your body won't know what to do but keep on making more of it. After four days you should have a great big load to shoot. Girls love watching guys shoot. All of them.



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