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Just Old Parents.....

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What an enlightening site this is!


When I was 12 and an only child, my father was an 'old' 62. Mother was 50 and had crying spells going through menopause.
So to speak, I was on my own sexually. It was that year that my father asked me, at mother's behest, 'You do know everything you want to know about sex? You don't have any questions?' as he leaned against the bedroom door, and I was there for some reason.
I replied, 'No,' unwilling to display my ignorance to my Father. The problem was that I didn't know that I didn't know a darn thing. When I had my first wet dream that year, I went on to faint at the toilet, and hit my head on the floor. I thought this was the end of me. A few days later, I said to Mother that I woke up the other day and had sticky stuff all over my belly after a dream. I think she sensed my worry. She told me that it was just a natural thing; a part of growing up for a boy. I went away satisfied that I was not going to die.
The thing was, and remains egregious to me today, that I had a hundred friends in a close-knit neighborhood; two absolutely best friends; and no one ever ever mentioned sex or masturbation for all of the 18 years I lived among them. So I call them a month ago and give them hell for not letting me in on their 'secret' when we were kids and together all the time. Yeah, both had older brothers and younger parents, but my parents were Victorians to the n-th degree.
Let me run by you a few instances of supreme horniness that were a part of my totally uninformed life, from ages 13 to 19. First, my cousin Liz comes over the house with her father for the first time ever. She knew me from the country club to which much of the family belonged. I knew I was a pretty hot item among the girls there...at least at 13. So, Liz comes into the den where I am sitting at my father's desk, and says (roughly), 'Want to have some sex?' This girl was a few months younger than me but a well-developed 'easy' gal with quite prominent bosoms. I say easy because I had heard that. She sauntered over to the front of the desk and began to take her blouse off, while at the same time, reaching out to me as if she really wanted me to get up and passionately make love to her right there on the floor. She just scared the daylights out of me. Once she has said, 'Let's have some sex,' the only thing on my mind was escape from this tauntress who was really quite attractive in every way. If I had had time to think, maybe I would have just left it all in her hands. But, I didn't leave anything in her hands, and a week later I was pissed. I could imagine what she must have said to her friends about, 'Mr. Hunk.'
Second, I was out at the Club for the evening movie that was shown in the summer time, and had Ellie, another admirer, next to me. I had made the date because of the way she got out of the pool, sort of staying half out and half in for minutes at a time to show me (and others) her beautiful breasts that were fully visible as she laid them flat against the deck, popping out of her tiny suit top. She'd shift around as she maintained this position, lifting 'em up and down, swinging them left and right; totally lifting usually more than just my cock to new daily heights.
That evening the movie was a Rock Hudson-Doris Day Italian Riviera type movie. We sat side by side in separate chairs watching all of our friends come into the main dining room which doubled as a theatre in summer. Our thighs were touching right off...a new experience for me that set my heart to pounding. She was wearing a sort of see-through blouse with no sleeves, and her bathing suit top as a bra. Her shorts meant nothing to me and left no impression. They were kind of short-shorts like my own, and left about a foot of thigh exposed, also like mine.
The movie starts and her hand comes over to my left thigh and rests there; occasionally moving back and forth in a stroking motion which was all new to me. With her finger tips she'd lightly go over to the far side of my thigh, my inner thigh, and continue to occasionally stroke there with her nails. She was getting closer and closer to my penis, which was not watching the movie. In about an hour I looked down and saw quite a development. The head of my penis had extended itself to just a tiny bit out of the right leg of my shorts. I was hard as they come. Pre-cum has dripped down my right inner thigh. Ellie just kept stroking. Maybe I was just one of fifty to have enjoyed her touch right here in the dining room. I dunno. Ellie and I separated after the show. If I had known about masturbation, you can bet your privates, I would have. I hear she's married now and rich as Creses from an inheritance.
When I was sixteen, and still just having wet dreams, I met Sue. I'd never seen this girl before in my life as she strolled to the pool with a grey two-piece on, and white towel wrapped like a turban around her head. My best friend at the pool was the swimming instructor, a good looking, well tanned guy who now runs the state of Alaska. He paid some attention to the new girl; enough to go over to her and ask for her pool-pass. He took her out soon after. He invited her in again for a Hopkins football weekend. It turned out that she lived in New York City and was visiting family that past summer. That was one nutty gal...that Sue. She had spent most of a weekend with John, when I came over to his apartment in the afternoon on a November weekend to play football with John and his college mates. It was a ritual. When we got back, Sue was all over ME. Did she not get along with John. Or was it me at age 16 who attracted her? I know only that I liked her pressing her breasts into my back and forcing her lips onto mine, as she actually chased me around this large apartment for three room mates. This stuff, all right in front of John, three years my senior, didn't seem to phase him a bit. Guess he thought it was time I got a little. As I left she pressed a piece of paper with her phone number on it and whispered, 'call tonite' in my ear. This gal, with ultra long dark brown hair, was the darn sexiest, aggressive female I could ever imagine. I called her, and we went to the movies...'Gypsy' I think. Did I see much of that movie? I don't think so. Sue's hands were all over my body, exploring every secret I had kept from the world thus far. Her tongue explored my mouth like a dentist, as she rubbed my tented pants to near ejaculation. Three hours of that, and I was ready for a bit of enlightenment from her in the front seat of my car. We parked in front of her uncle's house, and I laid on top of her, rubbing her pussy and sucking tits for an hour. Who broke it off at 3AM, I forget. But, I had gone further than ever before. Before parting, she told me to call her for the next night. It was the next day that I called. I had been fully ready to take it to the rightful end, and excitedly contemplated what that end was going to be and how it might feel. I still had no idea where I was going to find the hole that was mine to enter; and that scared me. Cumming wasn't even in my vocabulary... thanks to parents and friends.
That night, as a typical teenager with a moderate acne problem, I picked myself towards grotesqueness; and the next day called the date off. I was beside myself with anger at myself. This gal was a sure thing, fully experienced at least, and I blew it. My face had so many big red welts that eye-contact with my parents was difficult. Disappointed...the worst. Depressed, you cannot even know.
Finally, in college at age 20, I lost my virginity to another Susan; a townie by reputation. My first conscious ejaculation came as she climbed on top of me and put my stiff penis into a very wet, warm hole between her legs. She just rocked back and forth for a few minutes and I began to feel a totally unfamiliar excitement in my gut as my penis stiffened even more. I told her what I was feeling, and she told me to just lay back and let it happen.
I did, and I blasted hard into her as she began to rub herself against my pubic bone. She was off too, before I even finished my initiation. From then on I became a confirmed masturbator at least once a day.
When I was 21, my first wife-to-be took me out into a vacant field for a seduction scene that she would initiate. She was well-built, pretty, and packaged with very sexy, perfect 34C's. She also told me to lay down in the grass ass she took off her top and let her breasts sway before my eyes. They were quite perfect, as I reached up to take them in hand and feel their intricacy. Fibrous with nipples that reacted to my every tug and lick. We went together for three years before getting married, but she never had an orgasm in all that time. I tried everything, but she would not even try to masturbate. Finally we called it quits and she went to live with her doctor-sister and her husband-doctor. Sister carol taught her how to masturbate in a month. Though separated, she ran back to me announcing loudly as she threw the front door open,'I can cum. I can cum.' And we had one more go of it as she seduced me my removing her clothes in the kitchen to show me her lost 25 pounds. She wouldn't masturbate for me, as her sister had taught her. We just did the same old thing...and it was fruitless.
So at 24 I was single, and set about making up for lost time. Three years passed before my second wife. During that time I made up for a lot of lost ground. Still it was only three years, and at 26 I had a nervous breakdown. Never again was it as hard and anxious...except when one fine lady-friend put her finger to my prostate. That was new for me at 26, and helped immensely.
Hope you all make sure that your children know the score on sex...the ultra-fine particulars. If one doesn't know, one can't ask. But maybe that was just a symptom of the time when I was young. It takes smart parents to intuitively know what a child needs to know; right down to the detailed particulars.
[I agree and don't forget to tell them to wear a condom during sex! -WM]
I enjoy this site immensely.



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