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Just Looking

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Hi I'm James and 5'8', quite slim with short blonde hair and blue eyes and quite a slim, toned body. My friend Chris is a little shorter and slightly chubbier with longer brown hair. Yesterday he came over my house and my 'rents were out so we put on a porno, something we'd not really done but we'd found the vid in my bro's room and couldn't fight our urges!
After about five mins there was some girl-girl action and we instantly sprung up some hard-ons, six inches each. Well, we'd never actually done anything like masturbate in each other's company, but this time we felt more bold. Well, Chris did!
He unbuttoned his fly and pulled his pecker out as if he'd forgotten I was even there. He was stroking away and after a few minutes I saw him tense up and start to fluster. Then he realised I was there and watching him with amazement. He looked about to go, but he was at my house and didn't want to stain anything and looked as if he was trying to hold it in. This called for some quick thinking. All I could come up with was basically what made me get up and gently suck on his head with the result being an instantaneous mouth full of warm and bitter cum.
We were both shocked but both still horny. The video was still going, and there was more girl-girl action which was very erotic. After a bit of unsure look exchanging, we decided to just forget everything and just strip. Soon we were sitting next to each other naked with raging boners and grins on our faces.
In the end we decided to take turns one of us sitting slouched on the sofa, the other sitting on his lap with his penis between the one in front's butt cheeks while he rode up and down but not actually in the anus. The one behind would hold the one in front's penis so they could both get off.
We did that for about six orgasms after playing the video twice through. Then, whilst very tried, we heard mom's car pull into the drive. We grabbed the vid and our clothes quickly and sort of fell upstairs into the bathroom which was nearest. We slammed the door and locked it just as mom shut the front door. Whew that was close!
As far as mom knew, we were having a drink in the hot tub.
We actually switched on the bath tub and gave each other blow-jobs. Weird at first but then lovely. I had Chris sleep over and we tried anal but it hurt so we gave up and just masturbated each other into the small hours.



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