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Just Good Adult Fun

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One from the still single guy.


Six years ago I was divorced & on my own at the age of 30. I didn't want a relationship but I craved sex & the sight of a beautiful woman's naked body.

I spent a lot of time at the same gym I had attended for years. I couldn't keep my mind off all the beautiful ladies working out all around me. Their sexy bodies, tight lean muscles flexing under sweating skin, I could go on but I think you get the idea.

When I was married I had quite a few women come on to me & as flattered as I was, I always told them I was happily married, or so I thought.

One day I was driving past a video store with a going out of business sale sign out front. I stopped & bought a load of porn DVD's & since it was the first day of the sale I had a lot to choose from. I took them home & began an endless love of masturbating to porn. I spent all my spare time with the windows closed, naked in front of my TV with a large tub of Vaseline. It wasn't long before I learned to hold back my orgasm time after time to keep that great feeling of sexual desire inside while keeping a rock hard erection. Some nights I jerked for hours before allowing my orgasm to go through to the end. When I did finally cum, what a huge orgasm it was! I thought at the time that I may never marry again. I had a great new sexual release & it was any time I wanted. I did miss having the warm hot body to love but I was still not ready.

A short time later I met the girl next door & I mean just that. She lived in the basement apartment of the house beside me. Tara was a beautiful young lady, 26 years old going back to school for nursing. I soon realized she was one of the hot girls from my gym.

Tara & I hit it off really well. She came over one night for drinks & dinner on my deck. Over dinner she told me how much she enjoyed my company but said she could not get into a relationship or even dating until she finished her nurses training. She knew my situation & I told her I too was not ready although her beauty really attracted me.

That is when the conversation turned sexual. Tara joked with me that all a girl needs is a big box of fresh batteries if she doesn't have a man. We laughed about her comment then the conversation slowly went deeper into how single people need sexual stimulation. Tara mentioned porn movies in one of her comments & it was not long before I had the courage to tell her about my drive by find. A whole new conversation began & Tara became very interested in my movies. I told her she could borrow some any time & she asked if she could see them.

I felt a lot more comfortable than I thought I would taking Tara in to go through my masturbation material. Tara sat on the floor making a small pile off to one side that she wanted to borrow. I was turned on so much by this woman knowing she loved masturbating & was not shy to tell me even though we had just met. I sat with her & I thought I must ask. If I don't I could regret it forever. I just blurted it out, asking her if she wanted to watch her choices there with me. Tara laughed hard & long before turning me down. She stood up with the discs in hand & said she was going to go & would bring them back when she was done.

I walked her home & she left me at the door holding up the discs & said thanks. I went home feeling very odd like I was punched in the stomach. I went inside & stood in the dark looking out the window to Tara's window in her apartment. I waited for a while then saw the lights go out & the glow from the TV go on. I knew she was about to make good use of my movies. I stood watching for a while then decided I would do then same.

I was about a half hour into the first movie, as usual sitting naked with a Vaseline covered penis when I heard the doorbell ring. Startled, I quickly shut off the TV & toweled off my hand & penis. I crept upstairs & peeked though the curtain & saw Tara standing there. I yelled 'just a minute' & ran to get pants. I came back & opened the door to see Tara standing with a long coat on. All she said was 'I changed my mind' & held out a DVD. Tara came inside & followed me to the TV room. I pointed to the sofa asking her to please sit down & she handed me the DVD then dropped her coat. She took off the only other piece of clothing which was a tiny pair of panties.

What a truly beautiful body she has I thought. I popped in the movie & sat down on the other end on the sofa. Tara reached over & into her coat pocket & pulled out a long red vibrator & turned it on. She then asked what I was waiting for & pressed it to her clitoris. My jaw almost hit the floor! I pulled off my jeans & out popped my very hard erect penis. Tara had one long leg over the sofa arm & the other open & tucked back by her shaved pussy. She pointed to the jar of Vaseline & told me with a big smile to get busy.

Tara & I masturbated together for the first time for maybe twenty minutes before I just couldn't hold back any longer. I erupted like a volcano squirting huge long ropes of sperm while Tara watched. She had already had orgasm after orgasm. She was more orgasmic that any woman I had met before. Her orgasms were not loud but her body made up for it with the bucking & heavy twitching during orgasm. She commented on how loud I was when I came & I told her I never had kids to worry about & I was by myself now so why hold back. She said she learned to be quiet living at home & now in a basement apartment. I told her to try just one more & let loose to see if she liked it. I really just wanted to see her orgasm one more time. Tara was seconds before the vibrator was back on her clitoris & I watched from beginning to end. When she came she squealed loud & I mean loud! When she was done she laid quiet while her body kept jerking just slightly, She opened her eyes & said ' wheeeuh, that was a good one' then closed her eyes again until her body calmed down.

Tara & I kept up our little masturbation affair without anything else. No kissing nothing! Just great fun masturbating with each other for the thrill of it. It went on for about eight months before Tara had to move on. We met up after a few times but the drive was almost two hours for me.

Tara became a nurse & got engaged to a nice guy about a year later. She kept in touch & invited me to visit for dinner introducing me as her old neighbor & friend. I went to her wedding with my girlfriend at the time. It was weird to watch her with this guy & all I could think about was watching her masturbate while she watched me so many times before. I have never talked to her again since the wedding.



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