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Just Friends

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I had only known Stacey for about a year, but that didn't lessen our friendship. In fact, we were the best of friends and hung out together during all our spare time. Often we would go for coffee together and walk around town ending up in the same playground lying in the field, looking up at the stars.

It was on one of those outings we both had our first lesbian experience. We had finished our coffee and made our way to the play ground where she sat cross legged on the grass and I rested my head in her lap. I don't know what it was that made me feel the way I did, but for some reason I wanted her to kiss me. As I looked up at her all I could imagine were her lips pressing down on mine. I started to feel wet but I didn't care. I couldn't stop thinking about her. She stopped talking and looked down at me and it was like she knew what I was thinking but she just blushed and turned away and so did I.

It was quiet for awhile but not awkward, calming. Soon I felt her hand brushing my hair but also her other one as it slipped into her pants. She sat there combing my hair and fingering herself. It was driving me crazy, I was so turned on and if I didn't do anything about it I was going to go insane. I looked up at her again to see that her face had become flushed and shiny with sweat. Stacey...? was all I said and all I need to say.

She leaned down and eagerly placed her mouth on mine. In no time our tongues were exploring each others mouths, her moans were barley audible above my own. When we broke apart for air she had shifted her position so her legs where now straddling my hips and her arms were placed by my head. Slowly she unzipped my sweater and slid her hand up my t-shirt and under my bra. I gasped as her soft fingers played with my sensitive nipple. She just giggled and did the same with her other hand. Again, we started kissing and I could feel her hips begin to move, so I in turn began to move in the slow rhythmic motion. Our kiss deepened and we began to move faster, grinding against each other. Both of us where moaning and sweating as well as incredibly wet. Stacey pulled away breathing deeply begging me to put my fingers inside of her. 'I need you now, I can't take it any longer', she implored. 'I want you inside of me!, please put your fingers inside of me',she begged. I sat up, panting as well. I wanted to do this for her, she wanted me to. I undid her pants and gently placed my hand on her bushy mound. I slid my finger between her already parted lips and my hand became instantly moist with her juices. She moaned and continued playing with my breasts. I then slid two of my fingers inside of her as my thumb gently massaged her throbbing clit. I moved my fingers in and out, faster and faster. Her body began to tremble and my hand was soon covered in her cum. I felt like I was going to explode. I then took my hand, still coved in Stacey's juices and reached down into my own pants and began to finger myself. She soon stopped me and pulled my pants right off. As she was returning the favour, she slipped her hand into my panties and started fingering me. It was amazing to have another woman's fingers caress me, touch me, pleasure me in such a way. It wasn't long that I had reached my climax, so we laid there in the grass, catching our breathes. I know that Stacey and I will never forget that night. It was incredible and we plan on getting together again, but this time in a more, sheltered area.



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