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Just Ducky

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I live in south Florida where there are lots of gated communities with clubhouses and pools. One day I was hangin' at the pool catchin' some rays just enjoying the peace and quiet. I had just jumped into the pool to cool off when I noticed this really geeky kid opening the gate. He was about 5'5', skinny as could be, braces, with a mop of brown hair. I paid him no never mind and just kept swimming. He jumps into the pool, still wearing his white t-shirt, and swims right over to me.

'Hi I'm Ducky.'

'I'm Dustin. What kind of name is Ducky?' I ask coolly.

'It's a nickname. My real name is Jamie. Wanna throw the football with me?'

With that he throws his football my way. I pick it up and throw it back. While we are tossing the football Ducky proceeds to tell me way more about himself than I really wanted to know. He had just moved here from Ohio because his mom found a good job, he is 13 but has a sister who is 25, he has had his braces for about 2 months, never been to a beach before.... You get the idea. So we just keep tossing the ball until it falls in between the two of us and we both race to get it. We both start grabbing for it and start wrestling over it. He grabs a hold of me and I just toss him off. He comes back a grabs me again-I toss him off. Again he comes-this time I grabbed his shirt and pulled it right off totally exposing his very pale torso to the Florida sunshine. I start swinging it above my head-taunting him. He pounces on me trying to get it back. I tell him he can't get it back because he needs to work on his tan! We keep wrestling but both are getting tired. He is holding me around my neck and shoulders and I have his legs wrapped in my arms. We are just standing in the water like that when he says to me 'Dude, I got more hair under my arms than you do!' I could feel my face turning red because it was true!!! You see I am a naturally smooth blond-not much hair under the arms or on the legs which can be kind of embarrassing at times. I do have a nice bush but Ducky didn't know that YET! Guess I should tell you about the rest of me. I am 5'11', average build, long sun bleached hair, blue eyes, and, I have been told, a very cute face. So anyway, back to the story. We keep goofing around in the pool for the rest of the afternoon until we have to go home for dinner.

Over the next few days Ducky is always around me whether at the pool or skateboarding or whatever. No matter what we did, Ducky was always finding a reason to grab me or wrestle with me. I guess you could say we were becoming friends. One day he invited me to his house to play video games. When his mom got home she invited me to stay for dinner. She must have liked me OK because she said it would be OK if I took Ducky to the beach for the day. We made arrangements to go to the beach then Ducky and his mom were invited to my house for a grill out. One of those welcome to the neighborhood things. Everyone had a good time and I think Ducky's mom was happy that they had made some new friends.

A couple of weeks later the phone rings. It was Ducky's mom asking if I could stay at their house with Ducky for a few days because she had been called out of town for her job. She figured Ducky liked me and that I could use the money since I wasn't working this summer. I asked my mom and she said OK. The next day when I saw him he was all excited that I was going to be staying with him while his mom was out of town.

So the day arrived. I threw some things in a duffel bag and headed over to their house. Ducky was waiting at the door and once inside quickly showed me where my room was. His mom gave us the lecture-emergency numbers, insurance information, house rules blah blah blah. We drove her to the airport, dropped her off and said our goodbyes. The whole ride back Ducky just kept talking-he would not shut up. I found myself becoming annoyed and wondering what I had gotten myself into!

Once back at the house, we ordered a pizza and settled in to watch a movie. All during the movie Ducky was sitting very close to me and kind of grabbing me. I swear if it had been my jack off buddy, who had just move away, I would have thought he was horny-but this was just Ducky! After the movie it was quite late so I told Ducky it was time for bed. He protested so I just scooped him up and took him into his room where I threw him down on his bed. I closed his door and went to my room.

As I stripped out of my clothes and climbed into bed under the covers I could feel my dick getting harder and harder by the second. I had not jerked off all day long and desperately needed some relief. Just as I was about to turn out the light and get started the door opens and in comes Ducky wearing the dorkiest star wars pyjamas.

'Dude! What do you need NOW?!' I sharply ask.

'Nothing. I just wanna sleep with you.' Ducky sheepishly replies.

'No way! Now go back to your room!'

But he did not listen. Instead he just jumps on the bed and me. Thank God my boner went down the second he walked into the room! I just tossed him off to the other side of the and he proceeds to climb under the covers. Can you say awkward?

'So lil' dude what's up with those PJs?'

'My mom bought them for me because she thought they were cute. What do you wear to bed?' He innocently asks.

'Nothin'' I reply as I feel my face turning red.

'Cool' Is all he says as he takes off his pyjama top.

'What are you doing?'

'I want to sleep naked too.' He excitedly says as he takes off his bottoms and tosses them to the side of the bed.

Then he gets this grin on his face and says 'Bet I got more hair down there than you do!'

With that he throws back the covers exposing us to each other. 'Dude yours is huge and a lot hairier than mine!' He stammers.

I glance over knowing full well that mine is indeed bigger and hairier than his. 'Dude remember I am older than you, so of course mine is bigger and hairier than yours.' I tell him reassuringly. 'yours is quite nice sized for someone your age and you got the start of a great bush. I guarantee you yours will get bigger and hairier over the next couple of years!'

Ducky just keeps staring at me for what seems like an eternity. I could tell there was something on his mind so I ask 'You got something you want to ask me?'

His face reddens and he turns away finally mumbling 'Do you know what jacking off is?'

'Of course I do.' I reply matter of factly.

Even softer now he asks 'Do you do it?'

'Ya every boy does. It's natural. Nothing to be ashamed of. Just don't let mom catch you!' I tell him with a bit of a giggle. The whole time I am trying not to pop a bone since neither of us are covered and I am kind of getting aroused.

'I don't' He says very very softly.

'C'mon admit it- you do!' I say sarcastically. I glance down toward his groin and notice he has a semi which starts mine growing too.

'I don't know how. Nobody has ever shown me how to do it. I don't have a big brother. You are like the closest thing to a big brother I have. Will you show me how to do it?' Ducky pleads.

Ducky is still looking away from me as I steal yet another glance. I could not believe my eyes. His young dick was standing at full attention. Granted it was only about 4.5' long and as skinny as the rest of him and framed by his little brown bush but still very respectable for a 13 year old! Nature takes over and mine swells to a nice thick 6.5'. Finally I say to him 'OK. But this stays between us- brother to brother!'

'Cool! Than... Whoa yours is really huge now' Ducky exclaims as he rolls over and sees my dick at full attention for the first time.

'Thanks. Your's ain't so bad either boy! Now here is what you do. Just kind of start rubbing it. Like this.' I tell him in a teaching kind of tone as I slowly start stroking my rock hard cock. Ducky follows my lead but doesn't seem to be enjoying it that much.

'Feel good bro?' I ask.

'No. Don't really feel anything.' Ducky responds disappointedly.

'Let me show you how to do it and what it feels like then!' I say as I reach over and really start giving his little dick it's first real work out. I slowly stoke every inch of that boy's cock paying special attention to his head and that special little area just below the back of the head. While doing that, I also start to pet his pubic hair and caress his nice hairless ball sac with my other hand. I look up at his angelic face and I can tell he is feeling it now!

'How's it feelin' now lil' bro?' I knowingly ask.

'Uh OH This feels too great!! How long does it last?' Ducky moans.

'Until your finished!' I half answer not wanting to spoil the suprise of the big finish.

'Uh Uh how will I know when I'm finished?' Ducky squeeks out.

'Trust me you will just know!' I reassure him.

I keep gently stroking his young hard on knowing full well I am introducing him to something very special that he will enjoy for the rest of his life! I found myself getting extremely turned on as I watched this skinny geeky boy enjoy his first handjob. I wish I would have had a camera to catch the look on his face as I hit each and every sensitive spot on his rock hard dick. I could tell by his expression and movements that he was getting really close. Honestly, I could not believe how long he lasted for his first time!!

'DUDE STOP! I GOTTA UH UH TO PEE!!' Ducky half screams/half moans.

'Go with it bro!! You are gonna....' Before I could finish my sentence Ducky starts blasting stream after stream of hot boy cum from his cum slit. That boy really shot for his first time. It landed everywhere-the sheets, his chest, his eye, and even a couple of squirts onto my face! I continued to stroke him until he could take no more and pushed my hand away even though he was still rock hard! I just layed there and looked at him while he relished in the extasy of his first orgasm.

Finally after he had regained his composer I asked 'Well.....'

'Dude that was awesome. Best feeling ever! Ducky exclaims befor noticing the white sticky blobs everywhere. 'What's this?' He asks cautiously.

'That lil' dude is your cum and a lot of it I might add! I tell him proudly.

'What's cum?'

'It's the stuff that helps a girl make babies. But don't worry about that now. I'll explain later. I need to finish myself off now. Watch and learn lil' bro!' I say as I go to start stroking my now oozing hardon.

'Wait!! Let me do it to you like you did it to me!' With that Ducky starts awkwardly stroking my dick. After just a few minutes he has a nice rhythm going and is making my cock feel so so good!

'Am I doing OK? Does it feel good? Can I make you cum too?' Ducky inquires.

'Feels uh oh oh uh GREAT buddy!! Keep doing what you are doing and I uh uh oh will cum!!' I moan loudly.

Ducky keeps stroking me and I begin to thrust my hips for added pleasure. Thank goodness I was able to hold out longer than him. How embarassing it would have been if I came quicker than he did!! But all good things must come to an end and I could feel my orgasm starting.

'Uh OH Ducky keep going uh uh don't stop!! Little faster OHHHH ya that's it!! Watch I'm uhh CUMM...' I grunted as my cum erupted from my twitching cock. Ducky watched in amazement as rope after rope of hot steamy boy juice gushed from my cock. Some even landed on his lips and he tasted it for the first time.

'Did I do good?' Ducky asked.

'You did better than good lil' dude! I haven't cum like that since my buddy and I used to do it to each other!! I tell him proudly. 'C'mon let's go shower.'

With that we go take a shower together. In the shower Ducky wraps his arms around me a presses his skinny naked body against mine. 'Thanks big bro!' He softly whispers into my ear. 'No prob lil bro' I whisper back into his ear.

'So you still want to sleep with me or did you just say that so I would teach you how to jerk off?' I lovingly ask.

'I want to sleep with you more than ever now!'

That night we slept naked in the bed together. Ducky kept touching me, grabbing me, and rubbing against me but somehow it did not bother me anymore. As a matter of fact I instigated a naked wrestling match that led to both of us having awesome orgasms again. The rest of the time his mom was gone we spent every night naked-jerking each other to orgasm time and time again.

I think I have found myself a new jack off buddy!!



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