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Just Curious

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Story about me and my friend Paul's first gay experience at about age 26. It's all true!


Just to start because I think it's a valid point, I'm 33 and do think of myself as hetro, thats not a disclaimer by the way as I did enjoy what me and my friend Paul used to get up to.

We were both very close friends and I had began fantasizing about him about five months before the experience, before that I'd never had any gay thoughts.

I tried to imagine how to make something happen but I always felt too nervous even though I knew Paul wouldn't tell anyone else. One night he was staying later than usual and we were talking about sex and past experiences, I steered the subject towards masturbation and hinted I wasn't gay for sure[hmm] but I was curious about someone elses dick, he did seem shocked but I told him it was only him since I felt comfortable, he told me he was cool with that but it was something he couldn't do however...I did sense some weakness in his reply, I carried on trying to convince him until he suddenly agreed, this shocked me and I almost backed out but he said it was fine then the situation got uncomfortable.

I asked him if he wanted me to do it[take his dick out] but he said he would.

Well he just undid his fly, put his hand inside his boxer and pulled out his flacid dick, sounds funny but it being soft almost made things easier, I tried to talk naturally and relax him because I could feel I had a hard-on and I wanted more!

I asked to see more and he put his hand back inside his boxer and lifted his balls out too, his cock was quite hairy and looked the same size as mine when soft.I couldn't wait any more so I asked him if he could 'do anything else', he was coy and asked 'what' and all I could say was 'you know'. I remember all the dialogue of the episode as there was very little.

He said 'nothing will happen' and I said 'just try' he hesitated, I took my chance and said 'do you want me too?' he replied no he would try, better than nothing I figured.

He began to very slowly wank his soft cock, again the situation was tense, I couldn't back out so I said 'just go faster' he did, I was sat on the floor at this time, he was sat on a chair, his cock had definately got harder, I said to him 'anything yet?, it is getting hard' he replied 'yes a little but I don't think it'll work' I didn't know what to do so I said 'stop a second, take your hand off' it was the right thing to do because his cock stayed fully hard, fully upright and the end was glistening, his cock flexed, I wanted to do so many things to it, all new to me but I didn't dare push my luck so I told him to carry on but and urged him faster.

We were both staring at his cock now, I didn't know if he would blow or not though but then I got my answer, he just stopped wanking but held on to his cock so tight and said 'oh shit'. It was worth the wait, one drop of cum appeared on top of his cock, I remember thinking fuck! he has stopped it but then the rest came, my dick still has a full foreskin so when I come it dribbles and this was the first time I'd seen a shot! a thin spurt shot straight up and down on his leg then came three big powerful spurts straight to his nipple height then his cock pumped again and more cum oozed down his shaft and into his pubes, it was great, all I could do was ask him if he wanted some tissue! that was the first of many times and a few weeks later the favour was returned, we experimented in the future with other things but that was it.



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