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Just between Us

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This is my most favorite site about my most favorite subject. I've been a regular visiter here since 1998. I've finally taken the time to write about one of my experiences.


I had been friends with a young woman for a long time. There was never any spark there romantically or sexually for either of us, but we really enjoyed hanging out and had many mutual friends. We were also very open about sex and talked about it often and matter-of-factly. We were both in our early twenties and lived normal lives. I had begun casually dating a couple women at the time but hadn't gotten sexual with either of them yet. She was single at the time.

I am told I am an attractive guy, but don't think of myself as anything other than average. I am very active and in good shape; ripped from cycling but I'm not into big muscles. She wasn't genetically blessed with a great body or face but did a fantastic job of making herself attractive - great hair and make-up, dressed nice, fantastic personality. She looked good in and was comfortable in a bikini, but our other female friends were generally hot and would garner most of the attention at those times. She attracted her fair share of guys (and a few girls), though. We talked after what happened below and both of us said we hadn't had any desires for each other, though we thought the other to be attractive and had moments of checking the other out. She admitted looking at my butt and noticing the outline of my cock a few times after swimming or some such, and I, of course, couldn't help but enjoy peeks at her fabulous cleavage. That's as far as it ever went, though.

One evening we had been hanging out at her place, watching a movie. She told me that she had just bought a great porn video (not unusual for us to talk about that, but it was hot to know a girl who liked porn) and said I should borrow it. It was in her VCR and when she went to get it it started playing (auto play after turning on VCR). I noticed it was in the middle of a scene and asked her if this is where she got off, which she acknowledged with a sheepish smile and nod. I wanted to know what got her to cum so I asked her to let it play a bit. After a few minutes of us standing there and watching I was getting aroused and could feel the tension building in the room. She broke the silence by stating, 'God, that's so hot!' I replied, 'Yeah, that works for me.' She then asked, 'Fuck it, you want to get off together?'

My heart was already pounding through my chest and my mind raced with all sorts of thoughts: Was she coming on to me? Would this change our friendship? Is this a prank? etc. Being someone who likes to flirt with the edge on occasion I told her I would. Just having the chance to watch my friend experience pleasure was such a wonderful opportunity, as well as feeling connected to someone by sharing something that is normally kept private.

She dashed into another room and returned as quickly with a towel and started undressing, almost like it was a race. She must have been so horny. I immediately followed her lead. I finally got to see her wonderfully full breasts of which I had only gotten glimpses of before. Her body, while being a little less than athletic, was curvy with wonderfully smooth skin. She gave me an admiring smile after taking a good look at my hardening cock.

We both flopped on the couch together and, being a chilly night, she threw a blanket over us. Anyway, there we were, with only the TV lighting the room, a little buzzed and sitting under a blanket next to each other, slowly beginning to pleasure ourselves. We would occasionally glance over at each other and smile, or check out what the other person was doing. After the first few moments it began to feel so comfortable, like we did this all the time, like everyone did this, as common as sharing a meal. We both seemed to relax at the same time and started to really get into it. We were slumped down into the couch, her feet on the coffee table, legs spread, and rubbing her pussy slowly in different rhythms. Her other hand was holding one of her breasts. She looked so sexy. I imagined her to be a wonderful and fun lover and she seemed very comfortable with her body. My hand, wrapped around my stiff shaft, was slowly stroking up and down. The feeling was incredible, and my eyes were filled with all sorts of wonderful sexual images, both from the porn and with my friend openly enjoying herself. I noticed, too, that she was like me and liked to bring herself close to orgasm and back off a bit, really working up a good cum.

Both of us started breathing heavier and louder, completely allowing ourselves to get lost in the moment. During a particularly hot moment in the video one of us would comment on what we liked about it or how we were feeling: 'Look at that beautiful cock' 'Wow, he came hard!' 'I love doing that' 'I want to try that' 'She's really good at that', or 'This feels so good' 'I'm so wet'. It was getting really intense! I had to put my feet on the coffee table too, as I was dripping precum and didn't want to get the blanket wet. She looked over and told me how beautiful that looked. She then took some of the clear fluid with her finger and tasted it with an 'Mmmm'. This got me really going. We had been masturbating to each other and the video for about twenty minutes. My balls were aching and tight and I was harder than I could remember being. I could hear her wetness and her hips were moving rhythmically. She proclaimed that she needed to cum and immediately brought herself to the brink. She then said, 'Watch me, watch this' and, while focused on a scene of a woman jacking a guy off on her tits and mouth, went over the edge with a full-body orgasm. With a strong moan her body stiffened, the blanket dropping from her and exposing her now glistening body. I watched her shudder, her head thrown back. She was squeezing her breast so hard I thought it would pop! I had forgotten about my own pleasure as I was awestruck at how beautiful she looked and how powerful her orgasm was.

After what seemed like five minutes she finally relaxed and came down from her blissful high. She lay back down with a sigh, panting slightly. She returned to consciousness and said, 'Whew! That was incredible! Wow, I feel wonderful. My head is spinning.' I replied, 'That was amazing! You looked so sexy!' Her hands were slowly caressing her body as she gathered back her wits and caught her breath. She then looked over at me and my cock and said, 'Now it's your turn!' with a big smile. 'I want you to cum on my tits like in the video. I love that.' I didn't need to respond. I returned my attention to stroking myself, watching the video and watching her as she returned her hands to her pussy and tits. She whispered encouragements like 'Stroke that beautiful cock' 'I want you to cum for me' 'I want to feel your cum on me'. In just a few minutes I was right back at the edge, my throbbing cock and aching balls begging for release. I began to feel it build and muttered 'Oh yeah, I'm close'. With that she eased herself on her knees in front of me, pushing the coffee table out of the way and pulling me up to stand in front of her. Her face was just above my dripping cock and she stared at it while she fondled and squeezed her breasts. I'm not sure if she was doing that for my viewing pleasure or for her pleasure, but I figure probably both. I was right on the edge but couldn't 'pop'. 'My god, I'm so close' I exclaimed. I had become too numb from my own stroking, I think. I was stroking faster and faster. She seized the moment and grabbed my hand, putting it on one of her breasts, which I immediately savored the full and warm feeling. In the same movement she took over stroking my cock. The feeling of her breast in my hand, the look of lust in her eyes, the newness of her hand stroking me perfectly and her softly saying 'Let it go, sweetie, cum for me' got me over the edge. My body convulsed as the first shot came out. I had a whole body orgasm, forcing shot after shot of really warm cum pulsating out of my throbbing dick. She aimed it all on her chest and breasts. I couldn't believe how much I came, and watched it slowly wander over and around her fullness, a stream forming in her cleavage. She was saying 'mmmm' and 'yes, feels so good' as I ejaculated as hard as I ever had. Her hand perfectly milked out all she could, her pace slowing as my orgasm subsided, her focus completely on the cock in her hand. My legs were shaky and I had to lean one hand on her should to keep my balance. She was in complete control of me and had helped me have one of my best orgasms ever. I sat down, her hand still very slowly stroking, making sure all of my cum was out. I finally got my vision back and saw her chest and breasts splattered with white cum and clear fluid. A stream of cum was now dribbling down her hand, a big smile on her face. She looked me in the eyes, said 'That was so awesome', 'Very nice' she said with a smile and a wink.

Letting go of my cock, she sat back, leaning on one hand, and began to rub her clit quickly. 'I love cum on my tits. I just need to get off on this real quick.' Within moments she shuddered with another orgasm. Not as powerful as the first, but relieving just the same. Cum was running down her belly as she rubbed some of it on one of her breasts. She came to pretty quick and grabbed the towel, wiping herself off. She then carefully wiped my now softening cock off. The tape had stopped and the room was quiet with a blue glow from the blank TV. You could smell the wonderful warm scent of sex in the room. I took a big swig of wine and sighed. She got up and cuddled next to me. We had cuddled before, but now her naked skin was against mine. After a couple minutes she broke the silence by saying, 'I wouldn't mind if we did that occasionally. It never occurred to me how amazing it could be to do that with someone just for fun. I don't want flowers and haven't fallen in love. Friends, like are, but now we can do this.' I smiled, hugged her and answered, 'I agree, that was fantastic! I would be cool with us doing this.' We then looked at each and said at the same time 'But just between us!' With a smile and a chuckle we got up, got dressed and said good-night.

I left a couple days later for a week-long trip and she met a guy in that time, so it never happened again. She eventually married him and they moved away. Before she left she told me that she wished we could have done it again and didn't regret it in the least, that it would remain one of her best memories. I feel the same way.



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