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Just Another Pantylover's First Time

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Unlike some of the things you read on this site this one is 100% true. Names have been changed to protect the privacy.


My name is John and I'm a pantylover. *Whew* They say admitting it is the hardest part, and I guess they're right. I'd been denying this little secret for quite some time, until last year. It all happened during a mid-week stay in a small bungalow park. My parents and my sisters'-best-friend's parents had decided that it would be fun to go to a bungalow park together, in one of those two-family houses. No problem with me there, since that girl (let's call her Emily) was (or rather: is) dropdead gorgeous. She's got brown hair that seems to always be shiny, cute freckles, a radiant smile and the most warm and caring personality I've ever seen in a girl. Too bad she's my sister's Best Friend.
Sorry, I'm rambling a bit. Anyway, we went on this holiday together and the first two days were pretty normal. The first day was mostly settling in, exploring the area, figuring out what to do. Being a 3-times-a-day wanker normally I had a bit of a problem and since being around this girls all the time made didn't make it any easier. During the night (we 'kids' were all sleeping in the same room.. well, not really sleeping, more talking 'till the break of dawn) so there wasn't a chance in hell I was goign to be able to get my rocks off with them around...
The next day I was slightly agitated because of this. All the adults wanted to go see some kind of attraction (I think it was a museum of sorts), and we weren't very interested in going. My sis and her friend wanted to go shopping, which I really can't say I enjoy, so I just said I'd be taking a hike through the forest there. They accompanied me for the first few hundred meters until our paths split. All kinds of wicked thoughts crossed my mind, involving jacking off in the forest. The only thing that held me back was the fact that due to the touristique location there were many people walking about the forest, so chances of getting caught were too high. After hiking for an hour or two I got back to our little bungalow, and decided to wank in the bedroom before the others came back.
That's when I noticed a transparant plastic bag stuffed in Emily's traveling bag. I went over and took it out, and just as I suspected it was where she put her laundry in. The first thing I noticed was her panties. They were pink with a slightly stretched elastic wasteband.. as I took them out of the bag I realized I had stumbled upon a tiny treasure here, and lay back on my bed, my cock suddenly far harder than it was before. I sniffed them and although I didn't like the smell much (a bit sour-ish, not pleasant) it did get me very excited. Then I got a nasty idea, and wrapped the area where her crotch is over my dick and wanked off with them.. it felt incredibly good, so soft and silky... I quickly rushed into the bathroom with her panties still wrapped around my dick, and squirted a HUGE load into the sink (about 5 large wads, plus a whole load of smaller shots).
During that week I got to do this several times.. ever since I've been hooked. From time to time I manage to get my hands on one of my sister's panties, but somehow that pales in comparison to that first time.



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