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Just a Normal Night

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Has happened before, but this was the best time.


A friend, we will call her Lucy in case she is on this site.

We have been friends for a while now. Almost six years. We decided to go to the movies one day. We saw the movie, and had a good time. We went back to her house, and hung out for a while. It was raining really hard that day, so we decided to stay inside. We had some dinner, and then her mom brought us to the store. We got some candy, and some drinks for later. We came back home, and set up blankets and pillows on her bedroom floor, like we always do.

A new movie was on t.v, so we decided to watch that. I had gotten some Skittles, and was about halfway done with the bag when she said 'I haven't had a skittle since almost a year ago.' I asked her, 'Do you want one?' 'Sure.' 'What color?' 'Red.' Being in the mood I was, horny, I stuck one between my lips and looked at her. I said 'Do you want it?' 'Yep.' We had made out before, so it wasn't a big deal. I kissed her and gave her the skittle.

The movie came back on, so we watched it. When a commercial came on she asked for another one. I did the same thing. Only this time neither of us pulled away. She ate the skittle, and things started getting heavy. We started making out, and rolling around. I love the way our tongues roll and move around together. I got on top of her, and she felt my breasts. We kept kissing, and then we licked one another's necks, and sucked, without giving hickey's of course.

I heard some moans coming from her mouth, so I kept kissing her all over. I pulled down her shirt to expose her breasts in her bra. I licked all around, but never sucked on her nipple. We took turns for a few moments.

The movie once again came on, but it was the last segment. It ended, and as soon as it did, we got back to work.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and we made out. We put our pussy's on each other's legs, and rode them. I almost cummed right there on her leg. We got off of one another, and continued kissing. We had a blanket one us, so we couldn't see anything. I looked over at her, and saw her hand moving quickly while in her pants. I followed suit, and we both got ourselves off while making out. The glimpse I saw of her masturbating made me so wet I thought I would explode. I could tell by the way her hand was moving that she was just doing it to her clit, and that is how I get off too. I was almost done, and she was pretty close. I cummed just in my pants, and then went back to kissing her neck and moaning. I could tell she was close and I put my hand over hers. She finally orgasmed and we layed there.

We have made out and kissed before, but neither one of us have masturbated while with each other. I can certainly say I hope this happens again, and it probably will.



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