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Just a Guy Wanting to Get Off

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Just a Guy Wanting to Get off
About a year or so back, i did some things i will never regret. I was 15 then, and was always trying to jack off, or get some girl to give me a blow job.
Well, one night i went to a big birthday party for this popular guy at school. A lot of people would be there i heard. So i went.I was surprised to find no girls there, just 20 or so guys. We ate, watched movies and tv, and stuff.
Then we were all talking, when someone turned the lights off. Then some one said 'everyone, grab a dick and jack it off, and then find another, and keep going.'
i thought it was a joke. But i heard pants being unbuckled, and in a few seconds i heard the sound of many hands rapidly jacking dicks off, and moans. I took my clothes off, and didnt know what to do. Suddenly a warm, wet sticky hand grabbed my dick. I was totally hard, but it was kind of weird. This guy was good though, and i layed back, and couldnt help but to groan.
Then a cock was pushed in my mouth so i was being jacked off, and giving blow jobs. i reached my hand out and felt a dick and i jacked it off, and his cum splashed on me. I neared my orgasm, and the guy shot a load into my mouth. I thrusted my hips one last time, and shot a big stream of hot, white cum. The boy who jacked me off licked it up, and by now everywhere i went i bumped into people on the floor.
I was hard again in minutes, and i listened and i heard people ass fucking. i had never done anything with a guy, but i wanted to fuck some kid's ass, thats all i knew. I jacked some guys off, and got some blow jobs. I wouldnt be doing any of it if the lights were on. It was totally dark. The noise was getting louder, and i wondered how long this was going to go on. i hoped all night. The taste of salty cum on my tounge and lips was a sweet taste, and i was hungry for more. I dont remember the specifics after that, i just kept jacking people off and giving blow jobs. But i remember eventually i stuck my cock up some ones ass, and fucked them with all my heart. I was satisfied to hear them grunt, and yell to keep fucking them harder and faster. I knew , as my balls slapped their ass with each thrust, that i would do this again.
Then that boy turned around and gave me a brutal fucking, that left me walking a little differently that night, as his cum dripped from me, down my leg. I looked at my watch, it read 4 A.M. Then we gathered toghether, and some one spoke up: " Now we're all gonna jack off into a cup, and put it all in a big container. whoever drinks it all gets a little reward."
So we did that. and i put my hand in the container we put all our cum in, and it was a deep load. I said i wanted to do it. i knew i could. so i put it to my mouth, and they all yelled 'chug!' 'chug!'
So i poured it down my throat, and kept drinking and drinking. When you are horny, nothing taste like fresh semen. I finished it, and layed down, full with the cun. Quickly i was surrounded, and a mouth sucked on my cock, and i felt my ass being fucked, and atleast two dicks being put in my mouth. i heard people jacking off next to me, letting their load land on me. It was quite a reward. A little later it all ended, and we put out clothes on and turned the light on. The floor was covered in pools of creamy semen. I looked around, seeing clothes dripping with semen, and peoples faces and hair also covered. We went to sleep, and that was it.
A few weeks later i got a girlfriend finally, and promised no more jack off parties. But as i finally got to fuck my first girl, and she gave me blow jobs and jacked me off, i kept thinking how much better the guys there were and sucking and jacking me off. So i decided to have it all. Pussy, and dicks.



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