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Junior & Nancy

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I am living with a 44-year-old divorced woman. She calls me Junior, despite my age, as I have far more sexual stamina than her 40-something husband ever showed. She has not yet gone through menopause and is quite anxious to avoid becoming pregnant. Mutual masturbation gives us a sexual outlet and we both feel that we have experienced the most unbelievable orgasms we have ever had.


Once darkness falls we seem to be in the mood right away. We have a bath or shower together and then dry each other.

We lie next to each other, me on my left side and her on her right. We begin to slowly touch each other. Her left hand strokes my member while my right hand caresses her neck and shoulders. I then caress her breasts, brushing her nipples, which harden at my touch.

My fingers trace the curve of her lower chest, then the small roundness right below her navel and then my fingertips brush lightly across her pubic hair. At this point her abdomen usually thrusts slightly toward me, so I extend my middle finger, probe her slit and then caress her clitoris. She is usually already wet by now, her juices flowing across her upper thighs and sometimes wetting the bed sheet.

I'm hard, not just from her gentle stroking, but from anticipating our mutual masturbation session. Our breathing deepens, as she moves her hips forward to meet my caress. She tells me that she can feel my heartbeat, that I'm throbbing in her hand and feeling me thick and hard in her palm helps her to cum.

Soon she shifts slightly toward lying on her back and opens her thighs more for me. Now I can press my middle finger into the opening of her vagina while my thumb takes over the task of rubbing her clitoris. For a moment she releases my throbbing cock and slides her hand down between her legs, spreading her lips, touching her clit. She takes my hand in hers, moving my hand to her breast and her nipple. I pinch the full disk of it gently, stimulating it deeply. This woman has breastfed 4 children, and I can feel the firm erectile tissue within the breast. It hardens under my touch.

She takes my other hand, shows me how she wants me to circle her clit, rub harder. She presses my fingers between her lips, pushing my hand inside her, then back to her clit. Her hand returns to stroke me. I'm very excited by the fact she has been touching herself. I put my left arm underneath her and reach around so I can caress her left nipple. I caress her right with my other hand and fingers. Her nipples are large, and very hard, erect from my handling. I have to be careful, stopping from time to time. From the age of 13 she has been able to cum just from nipple stimulation.

Her hips begin pushing her pussy upward and she's moaning loudly. I take my right hand and plunge it back into her engorged vulva. I am close to blowing my load myself. Her fingers are squeezing me hard, as her hand is a blur, flying up and down my long shaft. Now she's saying how wet her pussy is, how much she needs to cum, how good my fingers feel abusing her clitoris and yes, finally, she says that word clitoris.

She tells me how my swollen cock feels in her hand, how hard, how thick. I can barely hold off ejaculating now. By now her legs are spread wide, her ankles over three feet apart. I push my second and third fingers deep into her cunt, reaching for the G-spot on the front wall of her vagina. My thumb rubs her clit while my fingertips are stroking the front wall inches inside her vagina. Now she's moaning even louder, then whispering, 'I'm gonna cum soon!' Then suddenly she begins to climax. Her hips buck and then pause. There is a spurt of warm fluid, as she soaks my hand, her thighs, her pussy hair and the bed under her.

This brings on my own orgasm, knowing she is cumming. I pause in my head, but then I can't stop it, as I'm throbbing and her hand is flying along my cock, I feel the spurt of cum along my urethra. She moves her hand toward my root, down toward my belly, so fast that my cum shoots up and splashes across her white belly. I throb and throb, as the cum keeps on spurting through my pee-hole. The feeling is very intense and I cannot control my body. I'm shaking, almost convulsing.

She is in full orgasm mode now, panting, moaning, with her hips thrusting to meet my fingers. Her orgasm goes on forever. She shudders, then smiles and gives me that wily look. She's saying she wants her second orgasm of the night. This one comes very quickly and is more intense than her first one. She's moaning, crying, shaking as she sobs. After her last orgasmic ripple, her wracked body collapses, exhausted. She slowly moves my hand away from her slit. She rests her head on my chest and we both go off into dreamland. What a great night of mutual masturbation!



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