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Julie's New Tastes

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A few years ago I was fortunate to work for a company that required me to travel overseas on a regular basis. I used to go out with a girl named Julie who also worked for the same company and was now based in Penang, Malaysia. Although we'd had a fairly intense relationship, it had ended as soon as she left Australia.

I received word that my next trip would be to Malaysia and I wasted no time in ringing Julie and letting her know. Our relationship had ended in acrimonious circumstances but somehow we managed to stay in touch despite that and the distance.

I had a few days off in Penang after I had finished my work and Julie offered me a place in her spare room. She lived in a large apartment complex near the centre of Penang and I was pleased to accept as my hotel was miles from the centre of the city.

On the first afternoon we had a few drinks around the pool and then moved up to her balcony. A few drinks led to quite a few more and before long, the conversation became more relaxed with lots of sly innuendo and teasing.

Seven or eight Bacardi and lemonades began to place unreasonable pressure on my bladder and so I excused myself and went into Julie's bathroom. I finished peeing and as I was washing up, I noticed a copy of an Australian women's magazine lying on the edge of Julie's bath. Picking it up, I flicked through it until it fell open at the 'sealed section'. I began to read a story about a couple who were making love in their spa. Written from the woman's perspective, she described how her boyfriend gently playing with her arse hole drove her nuts.

Julie came in and looked at what I was reading. She sat down on the toilet and began to pee.

'you know, I like that sort of thing now' she smiled.

I was surprised. Julie didn't even like to touch herself during sex when I was going out with her. We were both a bit younger then though and Julie had obviously gotten more adventurous in the years since we had broken up.

A couple of hours later we were laying on her bed watching a video when Julie asked if I could rub some moisturiser in to her back and legs 'just for old times sake'. I readily agreed and she rolled over on the bed. She was dressed in her bikini top and a pair of loose shorts over her bikini bottoms.

I started at the top and slowly poured the moisturiser onto her back, making her shiver as the cold liquid splashed onto her back. Slowly, with long languorous stokes, I massaged her shoulders and neck, pausing only to undo the string of her bikini. After ten or so minutes Julie was breathing smoothly and was almost asleep.

Pouring some more moisturiser into my hands I took her feet and massaged them, paying attention to each toe and the arch of her foot. Moving up, I ran my hands over her tanned calve muscles, pushing deeply with my thumbs. As I moved up to her thighs, Julie moved her legs apart ever so slightly to allow me to get my thumbs into the top of her thighs where her cute arse started. As I massaged her thighs I let my strokes get deeper and higher so that soon I was massaging the muscles in her arse.

Julie was offering a little moan every now and then as her bikini bottoms got pushed further and further into her crotch by my strokes. I began to concentrate on her left arse cheek and using my right hand, I slowly pulled her bikini bottoms out of her arse crack and over to the right, exposing Julies dripping pussy and a perfectly pink little puckered arse hole.

'stop' she almost yelled.

I was worried that I had gone too far but Julie lifted up her bum and she slid off her panties and shorts down to thigh level for me. I slid them off the rest of the way and then slowly pushed her legs apart. Taking more moisturiser, I worked on both of her arse cheeks, occasionally teasing her arse hole by running my ringer across it or letting the moisturiser drip slowly across it.

After five minutes of this treatment, Julie was moaning loudly and begging me to put a finger in her arse. She was laying on her hand and grinding against her fingers. I took my index finger and slowly inserted it into her arse, taking my time and watching the sphincter muscle expand around my finger.

'fuck yes' Julie moaned and she raised her hips off of the bed so that my finger pushed deep into her arse. I moved my finger in and out and loved the sound of the slurping of the moisturiser. Julie rolled over with my finger still inside of her and she placed one hand on her clit and played with her nipples with the other. With my other hand, I slid my fingers into her pussy and Julie writhed and moaned as her orgasm overtook her.

As we lay on her bad afterwards Julie smiled and said 'well, I guess I owe you a massage now'.



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