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Judy and I

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The good ol' days!

I remember this to the detail! If I wrote it in quotes, it is EXACTLY what was said. Sorry it is so long!


I am a baby-boomer, having been born in 1948. My parents moved into a new post WW-II housing development just before I was born. Most of the families in this development were very similar, most of the fathers had served in the military during the war. Everyone became very close friends.

One of my many friends was Judy who lived right across the street. She was just a few months younger than me and we just grew up together, like so many others on the street and the neighborhood. It was very common for folks just to walk into each other's homes to visit or ask to borrow something. That is just the way it was in the 50's & 60's. We had done many things together, gone to the beach, taken family vacations, even taken baths together as very young children. There was no mystery to me about the difference in little boys and girls.

I don't remember when I discovered masturbation, I just recall always having it feel good when I played with my little penis. However I DO remember the first time I had an orgasm with ejaculation! It was near the end of my fifth grade year. At first I thought I had 'broken' something, but realized that I had actually cum. I was now really hooked! By the start of seventh grade I was doing it a couple of times a day, usually right when I got home from school and again when I went to bed.

Late in the year while I was in seventh grade, I had gotten home and was in my bedroom (my father had died a few years prior and my mother was now working)and really working on a good cum. I had not heard Judy enter the house (it had happened before and I always got my pants up before being caught. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and just as my dick blew its load, Judy walked in and saw what was going on. Her gasp got my attention.

I was mortified!

I started to pull my pants up, but I had semen all over my hand. What to do??? This was the most embarrassing moment of my life!

'Sorry' was all I could mutter.

'So that is what it looks like!' was Judy's reply. 'I've wanted to see what sperm looked like and how it comes out. Now I know.'

I was starting to relax and so was mister Happy.

'Wow, you have grown since the last time I saw your thingy' said Judy. I had matured and was about the size I am now, 6.5 inches and had developed a good amount of pubic hair.

'What do you expect, I am not going to stay a kid all my life?'

'I've developed too,' replied Judy. Like I hadn't noticed her growing boobs? They had sometimes come into play in my masturbation fantasies. 'I've got hair down there too.'

Now my mind was coming up with an idea. 'I don't believe it'

'Do too, wanna see it? It's only fair since I saw yours.'

She lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties, exposing her little hair covered mound. Mr. Happy immediately sprang to life again!

'It is getting big again! Are you going to make it shoot again?'

I don't recall exactly what I said, but I told her I wanted to really see her naked again. I thought I had gone to heaven when she complied and took off her dress, her bra, panties, shoes and socks and sat on my bed totally naked. It took her about 15 seconds to get naked!

'Make it squirt again! But first, you have to take all your clothes off too.'

We sat on the edge of my bed and I began to jack off again. I noticed Judy was rubbing her fingers around the top of her mound. I knew nothing about a clitoris then. All I remember is that I had my eyes fixed on her fingers on her pussy and then on her boobs, then pussy then...You get the idea.

It seemed like only seconds, but I know it must have been several minutes passed and my hand was jacking faster and I began to tense up with my approaching orgasm. Suddenly Judy was whimpering and moaning a bit. She came before me! Of course, at that moment I did not even know girls could orgasm. A few seconds later Mr. Happy gave forth with another few shots of cum.

We both cleaned up quickly. I recall Judy using her panties to wipe her pussy, before putting them on.

We began a regular time of masturbating together by summer, nearly every day. One of us would visit the other and we would get totally naked and masturbate, sometimes for several orgasms for me, almost always MANY orgasms for her. Judy explained to me about her special spot (clitoris). We continued our mutual masturbation times through high school. Our last episode took place over 40 years ago, just before we both left for college. Other than a few times (maybe 5 at the most)when we would share a little mutual feel we never touched each other.

I wonder what ever happened to Judy? Now that my wife is dead, I would love to re-live those times with her!



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