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Judith's Improved Secret Tool

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Judith shares the experience of her first taste of a dildo made from a life cast of my own erection.


Judith and I shared with you our experience called 'Judith's Secret Tool', which was posted here on December 12, 2002. In that entry Judith is satisfying my all-consuming curiosity about how she pleasures herself and the way she masturbated with a wooden spatula handle which she called her 'tool'. After she confessed this private delight to me she revealed every intimate detail. At once I began thinking of ways I could offer a better tool, something that might make her feel a little closer to me. Having a theater tech background, I knew of some materials that would be gentler than that maple handle. With alginate, a dental mold-making material, I made a mold of my erection. Then I poured a two part silicone prosthetic material into it and made a life cast of the entire length of my cock. When it was finished, I mailed it to her and waited. After getting over the shock, she indulged and masturbated with it. Judith sent the following email to me which we share with you now:

'I open the box and the Pink Thing springs forth. Seems like 'Pink Things' were some frozen, sweet pink confection at amusement parks long ago. This, however, is more than sweet. It is pink potential energy-it is a potent symbol that triggers floods of memories, emotions, and a storm surge of sensuality. In my hands it seems amazingly large, so much larger than my maple tool or my fingers. But then I remember being startled each time I have seen you naked by the contrast of your small, tight hips, your overall spare frame, and this robust cockiness! Nothing matches the warmth of our love when together, the sound of your breathing, and tender words murmured against my face. My arms need to hold YOU more than anything. There is no way to duplicate the fineness and beauty of the original-He broke that mold. But you have made a beautiful and useful object.

'The 'sprue' works as both a handle and a flat base allowing for many variations in my movements. The amount of detail is marvelous from the delicate shielded head to the coursing veins. I imagine your blood heating your passions and I trace each vein with my tongue, I suck lightly on the head, caressing its shield shape with my tongue. It is quite a mouthful in silicone, but in person I never felt overwhelmed. My thoughts were of you smiling down at me while I kissed and tasted (slightly play-dough!) and I saw that I had made the surface wet and shiny. I was sitting, leaning against the wall and opened my legs. It is both soft and firm against my mound. I parted my labia and watched my dark purpley brown petals open and spread around this pink surrogate. It was a strange sight, so familiar and yet...

'And so I went to stand before the mirror to see if you would stand behind me and if you did could you take me as I leaned slightly forward. Yes. I felt your hands clutching my hips and caressing my bony ribcage and very happy little breasts. So it handles and corners well. I wanted to open it up and let it pump hard. So I stretched out and raised my hips to the blue sky eye. I was feeling the generosity of your love and trying to see your face above me. Holding it by the sprue I placed the firm tip between my lips and pressed till you began to enter me. It slides in and I don't have to worry about anything, I know it is a perfect fit, as if I were the mold in which it was formed. As I begin to move it in and out I imagine that my hands are playing over your back, gripping your tight little bottom as I raise my hips to your pounding rhythm, each stroke deeper. I was laying naked on the carpet under the skylight, raising my hips and hungrily fucking myself with the perfect feeling of your raging hardness driving deep inside me. I imagine looking up into your face, you are smiling back, then I see you slightly bite your lip, your eyes are flashing like a very bright ocean, and I feel the sustained thrust as you explode within me. My muscles ripple and squeeze your penis in responding bursts. It feels strong and when I come, shivering and twisting my hips, I can feel my pulses hugging tight. Then I am able to be still and enjoy this release without feeling so empty, leaving you inside and hugging you gently with my tender little contractions.

'Thank you, Thomas.

'Loving you, as always...




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