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Jr. High Fun

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When I was 12 or 13 I think, I was in middle school going to 7th grade. Since we could play sports at the time, I got in football to play for the school. Since we had to practice and such, I got used to the part of taking showers in front of all other guys. One thing I always enjoyed was seeing my best friend Eric's cock in the shower. I never made it seem like I looked, but I did when I had the chance. He had the most perfect looking cock and had good size too. Anytime I got the chance in the restrooms or at home, I'd fantasize his cock in front of me and masturbate. I always wished to rub his cock like I did mine.

One Saturday night his parents were going out for the night and he was gonna be home alone, so he called me up to hang out at his place. So my parents dropped me off later on and we hung out for a bit watching TV and playing video games.

As we were watching TV, we turned it to a porn movie on Showtime. We looked at each other, but continued watching anyway. The scene ended with a guy cumming on a girl's body and then Eric asked if I had ever masturbated. I somehow said yes and he said he did as well, that we should go to his room. I followed him to his room where he locked the door and then just stood there. We were both hard from the porn when Eric asked if it would be ok if we showed our cocks to each other. I was ok with it so we both stripped down our clothes to reveal our hard cocks. I had finally been able to see his close up with a little hair on top just like mine.

We continued exammining each other's cocks when we decided to rub them against each other. Oh man, it felt so good that we decided to stoke each other's cocks. It felt so good as we did that for a few minutes.

Then, we both put our cocks against each other standing and started jacking off and eventually cumming on each other's cocks.

We both fell back on the bed and were rubbing each other's cocks for a while. We still had time before his parents were back so we got in the shower together to clean up and get the cum off of us. We got dressed afterwards and went back to the living room to watch more TV.

This was the first of many times we did this and other new things throughout jr high, I will never forget those good times.



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