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Journaling Articles From Hs Class

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Sharing stories is fun! I didn't know I'd have this many to share! Thanks, Chris, for doing such a great favor for us all!


Some years ago, my wife's counsin's ex-wife came over to me as my wife and I were getting ready to leave their son's wedding reception. Being a shorter than I am, she kind of jumped into my arms, bringing back old memories of when she and my wife's cousin were still married. When we'd visit my in-laws and her cousin and his wife would come visit, there were always quick hugs when they'd drop in. Then, at the end of the visit when everybody was hugging, she'd again jump into my arms and spend extra time giving me a tight passionate embrace! Because my wife is very reserved (as you can tell by my previous contributions and experiences posted in the last month and a half), I was always wanting more from this passionate young gal!
Wanting more meant that I'd wanted to slide my hand up her bare back and feel whether she was wearing a bra. If she'd had one on, I could have slid my hand underneath and if not, I could have cupped her soft/firm breasts in my hands lovingly and squeeze them gently while smiling into her eyes! Wanting more meant that I also wanted to slide my hand down her elastic waist pants and feel whether whe was wearing panties. If she'd had some on, I could have slipped my hand inside and stroked her smooth, soft, bare buttocks and slid my hand around the front to feel her fuzzy 'Love Nest' and slipped a finger between her vaginal lips to touch her clit and love it up quickly before anybody else would notice! While smiling at her, I could have stuck my tongue out just a half inch to suggestively let her know that if I licked her clit and sucked it while licking it for her, I could have caused it to ENGORGE exquisitely far beyond what it does while simply tickling it by hand or with other paraphernalia!
Well, guess what?! Wanting more, I called the city where she currently lived and asked for a phone number, giving her full name. Nothing. So I asked for her first initial and last name, and presto, the operator gave it to me. To make a long story short, I called her and surprised her and said I'd write if she'd tell me her address. As one who enjoys sex but had never had anyone to share my feelings with before, I wrote avidly for a couple of years after my wife went to bed or if I had the day off and even went several hundred miles to her town once to visit, but got interrupted when her newly married son and son-in-law dropped in about the time I was getting ready to leave. They were quite surprised to see me there.
I had taken along some hot dogs, catsup, and buns which we ate after she opened the bun and held it while I suggestively laid in the hotdog and spurted catsup up and down on it. I'm hoping your catching the symbolism! I'd also gotten some donuts and a banana to share with her suggestively, hoping to slide a donut over the banana and then squire some whipped topping from a pressurized can on it, but the phone rang. It was her mom and like I alread said the newly weds dropped in, so I cut up the donuts and banana and shared them before leaving. I don't remember whether or not I also bought strawberries to be suggestive of her clit and a purple plum to be suggestive of my purple head. I would have sucked on the tip of the strawberry, etc.!
As time went along, I got bolder in my writing, sharing of my feelings because I knew that her former husband had treated her with little sexual attention like mine does. I knew because as we sat on the front porch alone one evening at my in-laws before their divorce while the rest were inside, she had told me that he avoided her except when he was hurting for sex or needed something to put him to sleep. So she felt used and I ached for her. Now it was a dozen years later and I still ached for her and wrote her telling her so. In the several years I wrote, she only replied half a dozen times and then quit completely after I sent her birthday greetings with some very explicit experiences I had and suggested that while tickling herself she just keep on tickling if some family member interrupted because they also needed to learn if they didn't know how. I must have been too explicit for her as I've never gotten another reply.
So I quit writing also and have had absolutely NOBODY to share feelings, thoughts, and experiences with until I found Proaxis last year, which is now Solotouch, and I am so thankful for this site! I've submitted more stories and comments than I ever thought I would. I guess, no, I know I've submitted so much because experiencing pleasures and orgasms are very important to me as a healthy male! I don't want to lose the ability. I've heard the phrase 'Use it or lose it' and am sure it also applies to one's manhood as well. Before he died at age 75, our neighbor once complained how his penis was shriveling away and his wife confirmed it by saying, 'It's just about shrunk completely.'
I guess the best way to describe my letters to the passionate female would be called 'journaling' and called her my 'long lost cousin' or signed my name as her 'long lost cousin.' I asked her to write me her daily life also, but she didn't. She just kept everything general. Since I'm not aware that the Human Sexuality class has submitted any experiences to date as I requested March 19 in my 'Applauding Human Sexuality Professor,' I have a question. Knowing that your professor did a survey about what you fantasize about while self-pleasuring, did Professor Barb ask you to submit journals of your sexual activities during the course? If not, Barb, what do you think of the suggestion?! Whether or not you journaled for her, you could submit SOMETHING to this site, seeing how your professor recommended it to you to read. Please send something and sign HS by your initials. In addition to stimulating our excitement while reading your contributions, your classmates and professor can get to know you better and maybe have some steamy conversations over coffee or over a soda in the student center or at a donut shop downtown! How about it class, it's your turn.
Sure, I've been a college student and grad student also and know you're busy with school work, but don't consider writing for us as just extra-curricular. Consider it vital to happy, healthy sex lives for all of us as well as yourself! You may be surprised how exciting your journaling for us can also be for you! It was exciting to write my 'long lost cousin' and it's exciting to write as well as read Solotouch! Thanks in advance and thanks to everybody else who also wishes like I do that I'd been privileged to enroll in a Human Sexuality class with Barb for our teacher! Oh, I missed a lot! Thanks, Barb for the little tidbit you shared! May you find many happy times self-pleasuring also as you read student papers as well as stories on Solotouch! Your telling us about your class has certainly opened up another great topic! Please tell us more about your personal intimate times also! Happy self-pleasuring to you all! RC



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