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Josh and Me

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That summer was one that I sure would never forget. I knew Josh, we were in the same grade and all, but were never really close. Let me explain what we looked like. I was 5'10', 160lbs., not real built, broad sholders and 6.5 in. cut. Josh was 6',150lbs., muscular and 6.5in. cut too. It was the first day of spring break and he stopped by my house out of the blue. We got to talking and I had to get some gas in my car because everyone was going out that night and I was driving. So I asked Josh along.

I drive to a gas station and filled my tank. It was only around four so I asked if he wanted to drive around. Like most 17 yr old guys we started talking about sex. We were taling about who we would bang and who we thought was hot and then the subject turned to masterbation. Now the few times we had hung out we had discussed beating off so it was not uncharted waters. Another thing I knew was that Josh was one of the horniest guys I knew and always had no shame in talking about anything. We were talking about how often we did and what we liked to do to oursleves while wanking. Then out of the blue Josh said if I knew a place we could go because he had some new technique to show me. I knew my parents had a dinner for my dads work that night and they were leaving early so I said we should drive past my house and see if they left yet.

We were lucky, they were gone. So we got into the house and headed to my room. Now I had seen Josh naked in the showers at school so I just started to strip with no hesitation as did he. Now I had an attraction to Josh and had even told my girlfriend I did. When we got down to our boxers we both were sticking straight out of the flies. We then just dropped them to the floor. Since we never had seen each other hard we started to stare at each other. Then we decided to measure. It was then I found out that he was just a little longer than me. He was thick but his head was small, where I was thinner with a large head. I had never jacked with anyone else before so I asked what to do since he had with his bro before. So he said for us to lay on the bed. We both laid down and I asked what was this technique he had to show me. He asked if I had any lube and I said in the drawer next to my bed. By this time I was getting really excited and my voice was showing it. Josh told me to calm down. He told me not to worry we were just doing what we do naturally. We poured some lube in our hands and started to stroke. He told me to take it slow and then asked if he could touch me so he could show me. I hesitated for a minute and then thought why not. He told me to bend my legs up and I did. He then started to massage my taint and push on it a bit. It felt great and I got harder than ever before. He then asked if I ever fingered my ass before and I told him I had not. So he said it would make it even better and with his lubed finger started to finger me. This felt amazing and I told him to keep it up! I was going crazy, my legs tensing and me riding his finger. Then it happen, I tried to warn him but it was too late and I shot all over his chest and even hit his chin. It was all too much and I leaned forward and gave him a kiss more passionate than I ever even gave my girl, and he didn't stop me.

I pulled away from his lips and told him how amazing that was. He smiled and I grabbed my t-shirt to clean us up. I told him it was his turn. So I made him lay down and put his legs up. He started to stroke and I was rubbing him and started to finger him back. I was getting me hard again. I could see his toes curling and his balls pulling into his body and knew he was cumming, and he shot a huge load on my stomach and then pulled his dick towards him and shot on his chest and stomach! He then leaned in and kissed me just as I had him. As he fell back on the bed I moved next to him and asked if he was up for a shower, he agreed. Knowing it would be hours before my parents got back we went to take one. We got in and started to kiss more, the feel of our bodies all wer rubbing together was amazing. I grabbed my shampoo, squirted it on my hand and started to stroke us together. We stood their grinding our bodies and kissing, I was in ecstacy! We both came at the same time and looked at each other and smiled. We got out and dried off then went to my room and sat on my bed. We started talking about what we did. Neither of us had any guilt and decided that we would do this again. We then started getting dressed since we had to meet ourr friends. The next morning Josh called and said his bro had booked him a room for two nights as a birthday gift. His bro worked for a chain and got the room in a town about two hours from us. He asked if I wanted to go and I said sure. He said if I thought the day before was fun, just wait. We wouldn't be leaving until Monday and it was Thursday. I thought the anticipation would kill me but then Josh said his parents would be at work all day and asked if I wanted to come by. I was on my way over in no time. What happened on our trip is in my next submission!



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