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Jonny & Me

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A new school year was about to begin. I was really dreading it. The only thing I was looking forward to was gym class. Actually I hate gym class. What I was really looking forward to was looking at all the boys in the showers after gym class! I love checking out the other boys packages. This year was going to be extra special because Jonny was going to be in my class and had been my primary jackoff fantasy and best friend for the past year or so. Despite having slept over at each other's houses several times, I had never seen him naked nor him me. But in gym class there was no way to avoid it because we are required to take showers!

Jonny's family had moved here from Thailand about 2 years but he spoke English very well. Everyone calls him Jonny because we can't pronounce his Thai name. Jonny is about 5'5', very skinny, with jet black hair and beautiful smooth brown skin. He is also very cute and has a smile that makes me melt. What's not to love?! Me? I am about 5'10', shaggy blond hair, medium build, and a killer tan. OK now on with the story.

Day one of gym class was uneventful. We just got our uniforms and locker assignments stuff like that. The cool thing is Jonny's locker was right next to mine!! So the second day of gym class we were changing and just kind of talking. I could not take my eyes off him as he stripped in front of me. As he was taking off his underwear he sort of turned away from me-giving me an awesome view of his tight little brown ass! I kept on making small talk with him so he wouldn't know I was totally checking him out. I was also stripping, making sure he saw all of me too. He turns to grab his towel giving me my first view of his beautiful dick. Now it wasn't the biggest I had ever seen but was very hot-just hanging there against his low hanging ball sack framed by his wirey black pubes! I was struggling not to pop a bone right then and there. I also noticed that he was sneaking peeks at my larger hairier dick. So we go to the showers, dry off, dress, and leave. Thank God it was the last class of the day because I needed to jerk off really bad. 'I'll stop by later.' Jonny says and we leave school. I didn't really hear him because my mind was racing with other thoughts!

I literally ran home knowing full well that no one else would be there. I unlocked the door and ran up the stairs. Once in my room I grabbed my lube and stripped out of my clothes. My dick was already rock hard and demanding attention. I lay down on the bed a slowly start working my 6.5' boner. At this point I am just teasing it enough to provide that good feeling without making me cum. I am thinking about Jonny and his beautiful dick completely unaware of anything else. All of the sudden I hear 'Whoa sorry man!'

My eyes open only to see Jonny standing there with a big grin on his face! I grab for the sheets to cover up as my dick goes limp and my face reddens. 'It's all good man. Can I do it with ya?' Jonny questions.

Oh my God my dream come true! 'Uhh sure.' I stutter.

'You know you really should lock the door if you don't want to get caught. What if it would have been somebody besides be?' Jonny says as he starts taking off his clothes.

'I guess I forgot because I was so horny.' I tell him as I throw back the sheets once again exposing my hardening dick.

'Ya I was pretty horny after gym class too especially seeing you naked!' Jonny says sexily as he removes his underwear freeing his 5.5' uncut dick.

He walks over to the bed and climbs in next to me. I could not take my eyes off this beautiful boy and he couldn't take his eyes off me. He climbs into the bed close so that our bodies are touching. Then he reaches over me to grab the lube. As he did that I could feel his hard dick rubbing against my bare skin. I felt like I was going to cum even befor anything happened. 'Let me show you how we do this in Thailand.' Jonny purrs.

With that he grabs my cock and really starts playing with it. I take the lube and start in on him. We just laid there exploring each other-taking in the moment. Neither of us was in any hurry to cum. We talked and admitted to each other that we had wanted this for a long time. Then I lean in and kiss him. We continued to stroke and kiss for a few minutes until neither of us could take anymore. We stopped kissing and stared at each other's hard dicks watching as they erupted at the same time. Cum flew everywhere and we both had the best orgasms ever!

We laid there for a few minutes but soon realized we needed to shower and dress before my mom got home.



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