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John's Massage Cabin

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It was Saturday night, I was thirty years old, single, and I wanted some person to person sex, leading to an orgasm. The easiest way to that would be by a paid for massage. I looked through the ads in the local adult newspaper, selecting telephone numbers that seemed to promise the most erotic female massage. After calling several numbers, however, I realized that I was in trouble. It was too late - all of the women were booked up for the night. Then my eye caught a different kind of ad - 'John's Massage Cabin, man to man massage'. At first, I rejected the idea completely, but when I thought a little longer, I decided - why not, after all a man would know exactly what felt best to another man. This idea caused a pleasurable stirring in my penis, so I called the number. John answered, yes he was free, we made an appointment, and he gave me directions to his place.
I knocked on the door and John opened it, inviting me in. He was about my age, medium height, slender but muscular and tanned, wearing white long pants and a white tee shirt. He handed me a 'menu' listing various kinds of massages such as french, greek, roman, and 'my choice'. I had no idea what to expect, so I told him that I would select his choice. All right he said, then he surprised me by asking if I preferred him to be in the nude. Whatever you want, I answered. Then he told me to take off my clothes and lie face down on his massage table. I took off my clothes quickly, placing them on a chair, then climbed up on the table, face down as he had instructed. I noticed then that he was taking his clothes off too, standing nude at the head of the table. Being face down, I couldn't really see his body, but I was acutely aware that he was a naked man, and that he was very close to me. This made me much more nervous than excited, and by then my penis had shrunk right down, entirely limp. Then, John started his massage.
John began to massage my head, neck, and upper back, working from the head of the table over me, and I began to relax. It felt good, but not really sexual in any way, and I began to wonder if anything erotic would be happening. Then John moved down to my feet, and my question was answered. First he rubbed both of my feet, relaxing them and warming them up. Then, he pulled my legs apart and began to rub up the length of each leg, with each stroke reaching higher and higher until his finger began to brush lightly on my balls. This was a tingling, teasing sensation that caused my penis to stiffen right up against the table. Almost instinctively I raised up my hips and spread my legs wider apart, inviting more contact. John moved to the middle of the table and began to touch me on the hard, swollen ridge between the base of my penis and my anus, lightly at first, then with increasing pressure. The pleasure from this was so intense that I raised and opened my legs and buttocks even more, and I felt one of John's fingers slipping into my anus, only a little at first but very slowly further and further in until the sensation was so high that I felt that I might come. But, then he pulled his finger slowly out, telling me to turn over on my back.
I turned over and John again moved to the head of the table, standing at my head behind me. By then my penis was no longer stiff and erect, it had fallen to one side but it was still thick and swollen. John reached down to my chest and began to roll my nipples between his fingers, causing them to stand up hard and erect, and along with them my penis. At the same time I could see that his penis was erect too, standing out just above my eyes where I could see the little valley on the underside of his glans, just above the hanging foreskin. I was fascinated by this, and I had the strongest urge to touch him, but my arms were down by my side and I didn't know quite what to do.
Then, John moved to the middle of the table, standing there above my erect penis, his own penis standing out next to mine. Seeing our two cocks standing up together, I couldn't help myself - I took his cock in my left hand, and my own cock in my right hand, and began to rub the two heads together. They were burning hot and slippery as both of us were now leaking out quite a bit of clear liquid, coating our cock heads. I knew that I would come if I kept rubbing, and I could see that he would too. I wanted to stop and prolong the intense pleasure, but I couldn't help myself - I had to finish. I stopped rubbing our cocks together, pulling them apart so that I had a cock firmly encircled in each hand, pumping up and down, concentrating on the upper ends on the glans. We both began to repeat 'yes', 'yes'...at about the same time and I could feel both cocks beginning to pulsate into hugh orgasms at the same time, milky come spurting out of both cock holes far into the air. We did not move for some time - we were finished and we had nothing to say. John handed me a wet towel and he took one too. We wiped ourselves clean and put on our clothes. When I was dressed, I pulled out my wallet, opened it and asked how much I owed him. 'Nothing,' he said, 'Forget it, my choice, just like the massage'. Truly, a Saturday night that I could not forget.



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